Let It Snow, Oh Let It Snow!


I hope the new year will bring all of you joy, love, laughter, wealth and nothing but happiness! Let's hope for a wonderful 2010. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! ♥ Some of the pictures I said I would post! Do keep in mind that the car was always moving and I have extremely shaky hands. So I'm sorry if some of the pictures aren't so clear! Just a quick recap of what we all did.(:

I wish I snowboarded better, I hate the beginner's hill! LOL

A really nice, yet inexpensive hotel/casino to stay at.

The night life is definitely better!

We all need to play some games! HAHA.

I now leave you with some of my favorite songs in 2009. Of course there's more, but that would just flood this post, lol(:
Khalil Fong - Is This Enough?

Park Bom - You and I (Korean)

New & Jiew - Keep The Word Love On The Other Days (You Mean It) (Thai)

Tae Yang - Wedding Dress (Korean)

Drake - Forever FT. Eminem, Lil Wayne &Kanye (English)
I only like EMINEM'S part because he totally killed the song and blew everyone out of the water, so I only put up his snippet, lol. (;

And I have not forgotten those who have asked me to write about an updated skin care routine. I've been trying out some new products - all from the same line. Yes, from the same line. Shocker isn't it? HAHA. So that post will be coming up shortly.

Please be safe, have huge amounts of fun, and try not to get kissed by some creepy old drunk guy at midnight! LOL. HAPPY NEW YEARS! ♥


  1. Beautiful pics!

    Haha I love the note you left at the end :D

  2. lovin' the new look, hun!
    And I wanna see pix of your BF :)

  3. love your new layout! :) nice songs~
    Happy New Year!

  4. - Kasia_B ;
    But its true isn't? All the creepy men come out during new year's eve, lol. Glad you like the pics!

    - AtelierGal ;
    Thank you! Haha, He might just have a section on the sidebar, lol.<3

  5. - Dina ;
    Thank you dear! I'm glad you like the new look! Thank you and you have a happy new year too!

  6. The pictures are beautiful! Love the new layout too, it's pretty and neat!

    Happy new year and all the best for 2010. I hope you'll have a wonderful year!

  7. - Gio ;
    Thank you Gio! I hope its refreshing seeing this without all the black, lol. Thank you for the wishes! I wish you the best in 2010 as well<3

  8. Thank you! :) hope the best for you too!