Pur Minerals -VS- L'oreal True Match + EOTD

First off, I want to address on something very quickly. A lot of people have gone all anal about it - especially on Youtube (LOL) and its quite simple really. I'm sure that all of you or most of you have heard of the new FTC (Federal Trade Commission) legislation which requires both bloggers and vloggers to mention whether or not they're given a free product or being paid to review a product as well as if its their honest opinion. -_-"  I would never lie about a product nor would I ever recommend a product that I didn't truly like. It goes against the integrity of my blog. Now, if you purchased the product with your own money, its not mandatory because you're in no affiliation with the brand. It is only if you are mentioning a product that's been given to you for free that you have to disclose information. Now since the FTC is based in the US, it only refers to us, but I'm assuming since international blogs/vlogs are being viewed by americans as well, this somewhat applies to you also. If you're already doing it, don't worry about it - nothing's going to change for you. Its just for those "gurus" that haven't been quite honest lately, lol. This has been effective since Dec. 1, 2009. If I did get anything wrong, I apologize, but you can learn more at British Beauty Blogger and watch this video by Gemma (Gemsmaquillage). Now on to my review.

I've finally hit pan on my Pur Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation, and honestly, I don't want to spend another 24-26USD again. Its a nice full coverage powder foundation - but no, lol. As being the Target junkie I am, I went to the beauty and makeup aisle and I spotted something very similar - L'Oreal's True Match Powder Foundation. Let's compare the two shall we?

You can see that both products have the same packaging. Each one has the product on top and when you flip it over you have another compartment with a mirror and a sponge applicator. The packaging on the Pur Minerals is much more sturdy than the L'Oreal. I do not use the sponge applicator, I use a duo fiber brush. Price Comparison - again Pur Minerals runs around 24-26USD and L'Oreal True Match runs for 8-12USD depending where you purchased it. I purchased mine at Target for 8.99USD and the shade I picked was W6 Sun Beige (I'm more of a W5, but I wanted to match my face with my neck). The color I have in Pur Minerals is Tan.

Okay, now the product itself. Coverage wise, Pur Minerals is slightly better. I feel that its a little more concentrated (if that makes sense), though the texture of the L'Oreal True match is much smoother. Remember my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder? My True Match powder is more velvety and softer than the Dream Matte Powder. The powder is very fine and doesn't appear cakey and powdery if I were to layer it on - unlike the Pur Minerals.

Without Flash

With Flash

Photography wise? Both look fine under natural lighting - in fact, Pur Minerals looks like its more blended into my skin. But with flash, L'oreal True Match looks the same while Pur Minerals gives off a slight cast. This is because Pur Minerals contains SPF and L'Oreal doesn't. So if you're looking for a good setting powder, or you're a camera whore (LOL) L'Oreal is the way to go. If you're looking for a mineral foundation, then do look into Pur Minerals - I like it way better than Bare Minerals. Warning though - I only like Pur Minerals foundations, stay clear from their blushes and brushes - especially their chisel brush, it sucks major balls. I have yet to try their skin care and correctors, so I can't say anything about that.

Good Coverage
Can Double As Concealer
Lasts all day
No Need To Re-Touch
Contains SPF 15

Color Range
Contains SPF
Can Look Cakey
Can Accentuate Fine Lines

Good Coverage
Color Range
Doesn't Look Cakey
Smooth Texture
Lasts All Day

Packaging Isn't As Sturdy As I Want



Quick EOTD - Soft orange & yellow look.
Just in case someone asks, no, I am not wearing false lashes. (:

RAWR. Wrinkles from insomnia, LMAO.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Banila Co. De La Couture Palette II
88 Matte Palette
Kleancolor Eyeliner
Majolica Lash Expander Frame Plus
ELF Treat & Tame in Dark

Thanks for reading everyone! ♥


  1. I want your eyes! and lashes!

  2. I actually have Loreal White Perfect LF. Pretty dry compared to Revlon's Colorstay so I rarely use it. Bought it for the pearl component lol

    You will love the LP I sent you, it's my HG ever since I used it the first time ^_^

    Love the ETOD. The color looks pinkish. BTW, I have orange nail polish on atm, we think alike ^^

  3. OMG so pretty eyes! hehe.. love it.. eyebrow so pretty too.. my not nice as I dont know how to trim

  4. Aww I didn't know about those law regulations or whatever. Interesting!
    I liked the reviews you do. :)
    Here's my email where you can always get at me: kyae_sunshine@o2.pl

  5. - nee ;
    PSSHHH..I want your eyes, lol!

    - AtelierGal ;
    LOL at the pearl comment. XD I felt it and it was so soft and silky! I can't wait to use it over my liquid foundation! Haha, great minds think alike <3

  6. - Sherry ;
    Thank you Sherry! Aww, just keep at it and you'll get the hang of trimming your brows! *HUGS*

    - Dina (XYYAN) ;
    Thanks you dear!<3

    - Kasia_B ;
    Thanks! I'm glad you like my reviews! Yup, they're new. I didn't care at first since I've been doing what they're saying, but I figured I'd post a little about it since there might be others that aren't sure about what it means. I'll be sure to email you soon!

  7. Your EOTD is very pretty! You have beautiful eyes.

  8. I love love ur eye looks. thanks to ur new camera, we can see how gorgeous ur eye makeup is!

  9. Thanks for bringing up about the FTC thingy, Dee! I've heard about it before but didnt really pay attention to it, until now. That's why I hate reading those overly-commercialized-looking blogs, coz I'm afraid that they're not being honest bout their reviews.

    Personally, I think it's awful for 'those people' to convince the public to buy products just coz they received 'em for free. It's no diff than looking at fancy ads on glossy magazine pages.

    Now I only have my own instinct (and sorry skin) to rely on when it comes to choosing products. Why should I trust bloggers who tested free products on the back of their hands? (Yes, I know of some who did that, and they're the so-called established beauty bloggers)

  10. - Gio ;
    Thank you so much Gio!

    - Blovet ;
    Thanks Lane dear! I'm so happy I can share my looks with everyone. So glad you like them!

    - Hanna ;
    On the back of their hands? That doesn't make sense. And they're established bloggers too? How sad to know that. Sometimes I read reviews, sometimes I don't. I kind of just go with my instincts, lol.