Wet N' Wild Santa Baby Kit

Hello my beauties! I hope your new year's eve was a blast and you all were safe and didn't get too tipsy. (; Did anyone happen to catch a glimpse of the moon on new year's eve? We had a full blue moon. If you didn't see it on new year's eve, you should see on new year's. It looked amazing, yet eerie at the same time. Apparently, this full blue moon appears every 19 years, so the next time it'll be seen again would be in the year 2028. Cool huh?

I figured that I should start off the new year with something that should have been reviewed during the holidays. I was in CVS to see if they carried Maybelline Eyestudio (which they did) and got side tracked by something shiny and gold. I usually don't pick up anything from this line, but I had an sudden urge! It was the Wet N' Wild Santa Baby Cosmetic Kit. Yes, I was attracted by the shiny, sleek packaging and gold embellishment. Can you blame me?

Wet N' Wild's known for their really affordable makeup. You might have heard or read about of their more popular products like the eye/lip pencils and the Ultimate Expressions palettes. I picked up this baby for only 6.99USD! The palette I grabbed was the "Nice" kit as they had warmer colors that would suit my skin tone.

This kit contains 12 eye shadows (coordinated into 4 sets), 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 1 lip gloss and 1 mascara. You also get a coupon for 1USD off a 2.99USD purchase or more and some brushes (which are useless to me). The eye shadows are nicely pigmented (aside from that light green) as you can see from the swatches above - all without a base! The blush and bronzer has slight shimmer, but you don't see it when you apply it on your cheeks. All of the shadows have slight shimmer as well and some have a bit of glitter. If you want the colors to really stand out, then using a good color base would help. If you're not that good with blending, then I would say maybe you shouldn't get this because its a little hard to blend some of the colors.

I find that the shadows are a bit hard so unless you like using sponge-tip applicators or your fingers to do your eye makeup, you should use a good dense brush to pack on the colors. Again, because they are harder in texture, blending requires a little more effort. The blush and bronzer are more dusty than the shadows, so I don't use much pressure. It doesn't bother me because they both show up quite nicely on my skin.

The packaging is nice, I love the gigantic mirror it has. The only thing I'm worried about is that it could easily break or become dented - like most WnW products. The mascara isn't as black as I want it to be, and I wouldn't recommend WnW mascaras in general anyway. The lip gloss is a nice sheer pink with some shimmers running through it. I think it would work on most skin tones, but for me, I'm not a fan of lip products with shimmer as it accentuates the fine lines on my lips and around my mouth.

A super neutral FOTD using the palette today. I used two colors from the top left and bottom right row and the blush. Of course the flash washed out a bit of the color, but I think it'll suffice. All in all, I like this palette and I think its a good buy for those who want to build their collection or even give as a gift. Do check out your local CVS if they still carry this item!

DEAR FTC: I purchased this product myself so obviously I'm not affiliated with Wet N' Wild or being paid to endorse the product. This is an honest, un-biased review. DUH(;


  1. the colors are very pigmented! I only have their blush and loving it so far :) very pretty EOTD!

  2. Dee! The shadows are so pigmented! The Nice palette is indeed a good buy!!

    Sweetie, Studio Sculpt is still in their site:

    The Pixi palette is very compact! I can't bear to mar it yet ahaha

    I think I might purchase another Maybelline Eyestudio palette or a Revlon Mineral Lipglaze or a pack of 10 My Beauty Diary masks. I received a voucher from my drugstore and I'm don't plan to waste it haha! Which one do you think I should get?

  3. there's really a blue moon? I thought it's just a phrase! Did you see Elliot & E.T. flying across? LOL

    The palette is nice but I probably won't look at it for a second time IF it were in stores. :<

  4. That's a pretty EOTD! I'm glad you're enjoying the palette. The eyeshadow look so pigmented and the packaging is beautiful.

  5. That blue moon thingy is awesome. You were lucky to see it!

    Those eyeshadows are so pigmented. And the price was great. :)

    Too bad they didnt have Metro Chic, but oh well... Thank you for getting me UDPP!! ;)

  6. what?! you did see that moon on new year's eve? I didn't see the moon at all...... :S

    you were lucky!

    happy new year

  7. wow... the colours look awsome! lucky you! :D

  8. - Dina ;
    This is the only thing I have from Wet N' Wild is years, lol. I'm surprised they totally upgraded!

    - Blair ;
    The Mac Site doesn't like me. I swear, last time I was on it I didn't see it, lol. Yup! I like that it so compact I can throw in my bag!

    - AtelierGal ;
    Haha, yeah its not just a phrase. I wish I saw E.T! but if I did, I'd probably run for my life anyway, lol. I was hesitant to pick it up, but I was curious about the blush and bronzer, haha!

  9. - Gio ;
    Thank you! I'm happy I got a good deal on a nice palette too. The packaging is beautiful isn't it?<3

    - Kasia ;
    Defintely a great find! Yeah, you should've been there. I was looking high and low and all I found were testers! I was so frustrated my BF had to calm me down. LOL.

  10. - Toothfairy ;
    Aww you didn't? US, Aussie, Canada and Europe can see it on NYE, but Asia should be able to see it on NY. Happy new year to you too hun!

    - Rita ;
    Thank you!

  11. I have never seen this wet n wild palette! it's a steal for under $7!The colors look really pigmented too!

  12. That's a gorgeous neutral FOTD Dee! I think you've got a great talent at making neutrals look good and not boring at all ;D

    I think the palette is an insanely good deal, it's such a shame we don't have Wet N' Wild here anymore. Looking forward to more looks from you this 2010 - I totally missed out on the blue moon tho!

  13. Happy New Year 2010, man..I didn't know about the blue moon , how could I miss that?lucky u*

    The eyeshadow colors look pretty and I love ur FOTD^^

  14. - Nee ;
    You should go check Wal-Mart or something to see if they have it!

    - ilyana ;
    Aww, hopefully we can see that moon in again and not have to wait another 19 years, lol. Thank you! I can't wait to see the rest of your looks this year too! I love your eyes<3

    - Zoe ;
    Thank you dear! Hope you have a great 2010 too<3