Two posts in one day? I think I'm doing pretty good, yeah? Here's a look I did in the spur of the moment. The colors reminded me of a watermelon hence the name in the title.

Again, lines were done using the pencil technique. I used a black base to help amp up the green shades. The medium pink I believe I used a color from my BH Cosmetics 180 palette 2nd Edition. The lighter yellow-green shade around the edges is Gorgeous Gold by MAC (one of my favorites).

Its been so long since I've posted a review, so why not do a revisit to one of my favorite Korean shadow palettes? This lovely palette was gifted to me a while back through a swap done with the lovely Lane of Blovet Beauty - she's such a sweetheart and her blog is filled with lots on reviews on Korean makeup!  

If you're familiar with Korean makeup brands, you know that they're all about packaging. Its very pleasing to the eye, always endorsed by beautiful K-POP stars with amazing skin -  how can you NOT resist purchasing, right? 
Hey all! So Imageshack has already deleted my photos. All of my older posts no longer have any images. If there is a request to re-up, then I'll consider taking new images and re-uploading them. But as of right now, I have no time to do that as I have quite a bit on my plate. 

To celebrate me being able to access my camera's photos again, I've uploaded this lost EOTD. I didn't use many products besides a basic liner, MAC's Backtrack Fluidline and Maybelline's Color Tattoo.