Giveaways You Should Know About

Rawr! I've found some items I'm quite enjoying for my skin right now, so I'll be to post it later this week. I can't post until after Thursday as I have finals to study for. So please do check out some of these giveaways from some amazing ladies!

Blovet Beauty is giving away a full size bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion to one lucky winner. This lotion sounds like some awesome stuff especially now that its winter! Visit the post HERE!

Dina of XYYAN (Voyageur) is giving away some amazing items including Dior, Clinique and Etude House! Check out her post HERE!

AtelierGal is hosting her first blog giveaway and she's giving an awesome camellia balm from Julie Hewitt. She was talking about it in one of her earlier posts and it sounds really lovely! Go check her post out HERE!


Amy Naree is also giving away a bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. Check out her post HERE!

There are a few more giveaways, but I have to go recheck and update this.

Please show these girls some love and join their giveaways! You might just be the lucky one. ♥ A quickie look at how my current skin care rountine is doing for me. Ignore the baggy eyes - its genetics, LOL. All I have is CG tinted moisturizer and some MAC MSF blush on.


  1. Unrelated to your post but Dee! Long time no talk! Anyway, I've been catching up on your posts and I was wondering... is the Maybelline Mineral Power concealer any good at concealing undereye circles? (The Maybelline Superstay concealer isn't available in my country yet.) -__-

  2. Hi Dee, thanks for entering my giveaway and posting it! Good luck :)
    and also thanks for your sweet comment. it really makes my day! :D

  3. - Iris ;
    Really? Do you have the foundation available in Canada? Maybelline's Mineral Power concealer is good, but it creased on me a little. The reason why I like Superstay so much is because its a bit drier so it won't settle in my fine lines. Though if you don't have fine lines and if you blend well enough, I think you can go for Mineral Power Iris. And omg, long time no talk! I was wondering where the heck you were! Update your blog and/or text/call me sometime! LOL IMU and your amazing graphics!<3

    - Dina ;
    Thank you! But I usually have bad luck with giveaways, lol. Aww. no problem! You're such a sweet gal and you deserve it!

  4. hello Dee!! U look fantastic! ur skin is glowing :) I love it... U have to do a review on ur skincare routine asap!!! I love ur new camera too cause ur pics are amazing !!

    Thanks for promoting my mini giveaway!BIG HUGS BABES~~

  5. Oo wow your skin looks great! Could we get an update after finals?? xD

  6. Yes the foundation's available but I rounded the makeup aisle twice at Shoppers and didn't find the concealer. I might go check out Walmart/other drugstores for it. (Btw, I forgot to thank you. You've convinced me to buy the Ecotools mineral brush set. I was in dire need of a good concealer brush that's not of the typical shape. I was eyeing the fluffy brush in the set but I was hesitant because I thought it was too small. But yup, you've convinced me to get it!)

    Anyway, how are you? I've been around. I've literally detached my life from the internet (sort of) these past few months! Hope you've been well? I miss seeing your artwork too! xoxo

  7. Your skin looks flawless and oh so radiant!

    Imo US$ 32+ is not worth it! Mascaras have a short life span and you wouldn't bear to chuck it after three months =( On the other hand, it's perfectly fine if it's base makeup or even their decadent lippies hahaa~

    Like is so weak a word. I LOVE the colours that you mentioned!!! You have the best taste ever!

    I was looking at The Secret Highlighters from Banila Co and I got so dazzled when I saw that they have two choices. One is a pinkish one whilst the other is gold-ish. I I then stumbled upon Etude House Glow Base Sun Guard. I know it's a sunblock, but it's glowy haha. Do you think it'd work as a highlighter?

  8. hi dee! im a new follower of your blog :) i love looking at your EOTDs <3 hope you can visit my blog too, <3
    see you around!!

  9. - Blovet Beauty ;
    Thank you! The camera might be helping out a little, lol. No problem! <3

    - Linh ;
    I'll definitely start writing about what I've been doing for my skin!

    - Iris ;
    I think you might find it at Walmart, if not then you should check out the Age Rewind concealer. I hear that concealer is much better. I'm going to try it too once I'm done with my Superstay. HAHA, let me know what you think of that fluffy blender brush! I love it for mineral powder concealer too! You get less cake up.

    I'm doing ok. I have one more final tomorrow and I'm done with the semester. I'm a bit ticked though I spent almost $200 for a book and all I got back from the buyback was a measley $66! What a rip off right? LMAO. The only new thing I've made so far is my blog header. I lost my PS! I don't why I was updating it and then it crashed on me. So I've been PS-free for about 2 months now and I feel crippled, lol! I miss you banners! I still rotate them! HAHA. What about you babe?<3

  10. - Blair ;
    Thank you! Haha, I never throw away my mascaras after 3 months. I only throw it away after that "wet texture" isn't there anymore. I'm happy you like the colors! You must do a post on them if you get them!

    - oOchaOo ;
    Thank you for following me! I really appreciate it! I'm glad you like my EOTDs<3

  11. Hi Dee! Your skin looks flawless in the picture. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I will do swatches and review on Heavenly Naturals pigments I got. I love 'em so far! :)

  12. I think EH's Glow Base Sun Guard gives a pearly sheen? I want soooo many things! Trying to minimize my list unsuccessfully XD

    Hehehe I never chuck my mascaras at the 3 month mark either. Mine is more like the 6 month mark lol! I've never tried MJ or Kate's mascaras but I do have Kate's mascara base. I should be on my third tube?

    Yes!!! I'd love a tutorial. But if possible, can you do a detailed one? I'm not too good with quick ones haha~

  13. - Fifi ;
    Awesome, thanks! I can't wait to read your review on them!

    - Blair ;
    Haha, I wait about the same too! I figure if it's not drying out or making my lashes fall, then I'm good, haha! I'm trying to narrow down my list too! But its so hard when all the new collections are pretty and you want them all, lol.