If you would like to see some swatches of the palettes I purchased, you can head on over to this post.

Hey lovlies! Ok, I was really excited a few days ago when I found out that NYX Cosmetics came out with some new palettes! I've seen all the swatches, and I must say, they're super pigmented! There are a total of three collections out - the Runway Collection, Caribbean and the For Your Eyes Only palettes. The palletes are said to be a combination of satin, matte, frost and shimmer colors - which is good because we all love variety of course! NYX has also stepped up their game and improved their packaging as you can see in the picture below.

So, let's start with the For Your Eyes Only Collection! So I was watching a video and it was said that NYX teamed up with makeup artists to custom pick colors that would make certain eye colors stand out.

There are four palettes in the For Your Eyes Only collection and there are ten eye shadows in each palette.

Next, we have the Caribbean collection. There are ten palettes in this collection.

This collection features original best-selling NYX shadows in a 5-color palette.

Lastly, we have the Runway collection. These are my favorite out of the bunch.

These feature 10 eye shadows like the For Your Eyes Only palettes.

Right now as we speak these are flying off the shelves, so do try to get them while they're still in stock. So hurry, they're going fast! Shopping wise, the NYX Cosmetics site sells these palettes for $9USD, while other places like Cherry Culture and BeautyShopOC sells them from $8-8.25USD. The cheapest price for these palettes I've seen so far is $6.75-7.99USD on EBay.

I'm definitely going to purchase these soon and do swatches and reviews! They look really promising! To view more swatches, please head on to Makeup By MommaGee(she's awesome!). I'm definitely going to feature one of these palettes in my giveaway - so stay tuned! I hope everyone has a great week!

Oh and Lane, I know how much you like NYX, so I have a surprise for you when your birthday comes around! You too Hanna! ♥ (;

Click for larger image

So, in an earlier post, I talked about getting a package that I would be doing a review later on. To start off, I have to admit that I'm not the type of person that does anything with my nails at all. I'm very low-maintence when it comes to nails - I like everything to be short and plain. So this is a major change from what I usually do with my own nails. So, I thought it was really awesome of Janet to offer me some samples to test out.

She was really nice to send me six different styles from this collection. She included 3 natural style nails and 3 dramatic style nails. Of course, I was more for the natural type nails. All of the nails were mid-length, which I think is a nice length for everyone. Anything longer than that would look too fake in my opinion. I was an idiot and wore this for a week and I forgot to take a picture of my nails, I realized this when I was taking these nails off, but here's a picture showing how natural it looks.

On my pinky, I am wearing #91097 Stella, which is similar to the third nail in the first picture above, but instead of black, its a light gray color so you can't see it in the picture. Now the glue that's provided with the nails, works really well. It dried literally in seconds and my word of advice, don't put so much - it'll get messy. If you get glue around your finger, it'll take a bit of patience to get it all off. I kind of underestimated the glue a bit so I had to deal with the consequence so to speak. The nails are of pretty good quality - it wasn't flimsy at all and sturdy. Usually, when it comes to nails like these, they never fit me since they're always so big in size. But it wasn't hard to find a nail that fit because there were so many sizes to choose from. These nails are very comfortable and feel like your own. Also, I had a problem with them alying flat on my nails. I pressed firmly and they still popped up a little and I had some bubbles and air pockets.

Now I'm quickly going to talk about their nail designs. The designs are very natural and aren't over the top. Even the more dramatic nails are still very subtle which is great for girls like me who are not into things that are too over-the-top. Plus for $8USD, you really can't go wrong with these. Would I recommend this product? Definitely. Would I buy personally buy it? No. Because I usually don't like doing anything with my nails.

PROS: Natural, Nice length, Great Designs, Affordable
CONS; Messy application (if you're clumsy like me), Takes a little long to remove

MY RATING: 3.5/5

Thanks Janet again for giving me this opportunity to try these out. And since she gave me a lot, I'll be giving some of these away in my future giveaway. So stay tuned!
Hey everyone, I'm still sick (my throat is killing me), but everything else seems to be getting better. I'm just coughing like an ugly cow. But I was looking up Japanese cosmetics yesterday and I came across this. I know I'm slow, but what the hell right? (: So I hear that Lavshuca's been coming out with boring collections lately, and to me, this collection is far from being boring. The packaging is beautiful and the colors are really nice.

Lavshuca's new collection is jam packed with:

  • Lavshuca Light Mix Eyes (5 Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Grade Color Eyes (1 New Shade Selection)

  • Lavshuca Dual Prism Eyes (2 New Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Full Baloon Rouge (15 Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Rouge Star Classics (2 New Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Power Memory Eyebrow (2 Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Power Memory Eyeliner (1 Shade Selection)

  • Lavshuca Pore Concealer Base

I'm eyeing me some BR-1 and GN-1 palettes. What about you?

Check out the line at :
Give it to Shiseido for wearable fall looks that aren't too dramatic for the weary. This collection gives sutble elegant colores and a sleek look that Maquillage always seem to pull off effortlessly. This collection was released since July I believe, but these images are really nice, so I figured I should post them up.

Designer : Alexander Wang

Instruction on how to apply the eyeshadows will be included in the box.

Collection Looks:
Cool Feminine Look on model Yuri Ebihara

Cool Noble Look on actress Ryoko Shinohara

Warm Active Look on actress Juri Ueno

Warm Stylish Look on singer Anna Tsuchiya

Warm Bright Look on model/actress Karina Nose
I've never done any kind of bold lip before and I thought that it would be fun to do this. Actually, I was supposed to post a Kim Kardashian inspired FOTD, but I wanted to do this first since its more simple. This look only focuses on the lip. Lip liner is a great way to even out your lip shape and make them more full and plump. Top it off with your favorite gloss, or lipstick and it could freshen up and change your look dramatically. I'm not a fan of lipstick, so I only used lip liner.

I kept my eyes au naturel - nothing is on or around my eyes besides a little concealer. Yes, I have dark circles. -_-" I look like I have no lashes in this picture, haha.

L'Oreal True Match in W7 Caramel Beige
Butae Oil Control Powder in Golden Beige
Cover Girl Perfect Blend in Charcoal (eyebrows)
I know my brows look a bit harsh, but I ran out of my favorite brow pencil. BOO.

Vaseline (to give a natural, soft sheen)
Rimmel 1000 Kisses Stay On Lipliner in 061 Wine
Unknown burgundy lipliner

I go back to school next week! College is a pain I tell you. The first day is hideous - I can never get a good parking spot because its always so packed! Then a month later, almost a third of the students drop their courses and all is good, lol. My boyfriend's pup is not feeling so well. She's so adorable and super playful. She's so cute when she's sleeping! I'm not that big of a fan of dogs in general, but she's just too cute for words.

My mom purchased the L'Oreal Extra Collagen mascara yesterday and I tried it. This mascara sucks ARSE! It clumps like there's no tomorrow and feels heavy - the brush sucks too. Don't waste your money on it.
I've been planning to do this post a while now, but I wanted to get better results before I posted anything. Anyway, I wanted to do an overview of how I got rid of my acne and my acne scars for anyone that may be in a rut right now.

Laneige has come out with a Fall collection full with the color plum being the main focus. Its very sophisticated and Song Hye Kyo wears the color beautifully. Facial Shop has already put the liquid liner and eye shadow quad on their site. I think they'll be adding the rest of the collection later and do check it out since this collection is limited edition. The packaging is quite lovely I must say!

On another note,

Aren't they cute together? I'm ecstatic that they're dating, HAHA.
I guess I should start where I left off. This is part two of my recent haul and its a swap package from my dear friend, Hanna. Most of you may know her and maybe read her blog. She's a real sweet girl and she was so nice to send me a ton of items! Sadly, she won't be blogging as much as she use to since she's been relocated due to her job and she's going to be quite busy. I miss you already Hanna!

I've sent you your items 2 days ago (about time, I know) since the items you ordered came pretty slow. And I forgot to add in one of your items because I misplaced it. Sorry! I'll send it to you ASAP, I promise. Ok, now onto all the wonderful items she's sent me.

When I first saw the package, I was a little surprised of how long the package was, considering the items I asked her to purchase me. As I opened the package, it was packed!

A bunch of extra goodies! I'll talk about the extras she gave me first.

She included a Malaysian version of Seventeen magazine featuring the Jonas Brothers. Now I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the Jonas Brothers at all, lol. Though inside had a ton of great stuff - fashion and beauty wise. Hanna also included four brochures which were two of ZA (supposedly a line that was known the US?), one of Maybelline's Cat Eyes Mascara and Gel Liner and one of SK-II. She was also awesome to include the Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara what's not available here in the US. It has real pretty packaging - its back with a metallic pink design. Hanna also included Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss - which was in my wishlist! I can't wait to try it! Those "Sotong" items are actually Honey Cuttlefish. I told her how much I like them when she sent me some last time and she gave me some more to grub on. They're seriously delish, I can't believe we don't have that in our local asian markets!

I mainly asked her for Skin Food items, specifically the Aloe Vera Cream & Foaming Cleansers since the samples worked so well for my skin. I haven't had a breakout since I've started using it, which is amazing. So now all I have to worry about are my remaining scars that still haven't faded yet. I'll be doing a post about how I cleared up my acne and ance scars in a later post. The samples you see in the picture are Herb Salad Masks, Aloe Vera BB Creams, a Mushroom BB Cream (my fav of all Skin Food BB creams) and a Rice Wash-Off Mask. I can hardly wait to try them all.