How To: Soft Holiday Eyes

This is a little hard since I'm using MS PAINT to put everything together. LOL Anyway, this is a soft look I quickly did this morning because I wanted to test out this new cleansing milk I purchased and I wanted to see if it can do its job. So I hope you like this mini how to look using golds, reds, browns and greens! And don't mind the lashes, I was doing this slightly in the dark since its really cloudy and dark today, haha. Again, my camera washed out the colors a bit, sorry! Also, I want to apologize ahead of time for some of the pictures with my eyes slightly red. For some reason my eyes started to get really watery. I did this look having monolids and people who don't like flashy dramatic looks in mind. Enjoy!

Yes, I made a typo - SHAMPAGNE = CHAMPAGNE & MASHES = LASHES, HAHA! Also, here's a quick look at my future posts! There has been a lot of sales and discounts lately at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS and Target (from BOGO to 15% off and 50% off!) so I picked up quite a few items. You should check your local drugstores and see what's on sale!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. I do have some belated tags to do, so I'll get to those! Have a wonderful weekend everyone and an early MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! ♥


  1. What a beautiful look! Thanks for sharing (=

  2. What a gorgeous look! I'll try to do it.
    The shape of yoour eyes is so beautiful Dee!!!

  3. This looks so great! Your eyes are gorgeous :)

  4. gorgeous look, I love the color combo!

    those falsies look really natural on you

  5. gorgeous look, I love the color combo!

    those falsies look really natural on you

  6. I have the Cetaphil cleanser too!

    You can line your lower line with green halfway, then apply the other half with champagne shade.

  7. NICE HAUL! i see cetaphil and nivea and masks :) Babes, ur eyeshadow looks really fun & super pretty. Unfortunately for me, I can never seem to make the 88 color palette work for me. They look really flat on my eyes and dun photograph well. i dun know why?

  8. (In response to your last reply...)

    I couldn't find the SuperStay concealer at Walmart either! I went to 2 different drugstores in my area and they didn't have it. Same with the EcoTools mineral brush set. Canada sucks sometimes. I ended up getting the foundation though (for summer). Haha fail! :x Oh well, I'll get it in CA.

    That's good to hear you've been doing fine! I see you still want to be a graphic designer! That's awesome! (I switched my major so I'm starting from square one - sorta. *sigh*) I feel you about textbooks. It's insane how they jack the price on a book you're only going to use for 4-5 months and then not use after. -___-

    I haven't been PSing in awhile either. Just now that holidays are near and I want to make some wps for people as Christmas gifts. I kind of lost my motivation to PS. :/ And ew, you still have my banners? I've been looking at the stuff I've made a year ago and I cringe. LOL.

    Okay now back to topic! I loveee your eyes. O_O They're sooo big and dreamy. :x I'm jealous. And I love the colors you used for the eye makeup! Especially that "shampagne" (hehe, ;D) color for the lower lashline. I think it goes well with the reddish/copper on the lid. Prettyyy! :D

    Lastly, Merry Christmas Dee! ♥ (I might not be able to log on since I'm not bringing my laptop on this trip so I'm saying it now in case.)

    P.S. I might be heading to NorCal sometime next week! :D
    P.P.S. If you want PS back, I can zip and send it to you, just say the word! :)
    P.P.S.S. Sorry for the longgg reply, I mean spam. :x

  9. love it! love your eyes and lashes and brows! they are sooo perfect!

  10. - Gaby ;
    Thank you! *HUGS*

    - Kasia_B. ;
    Thanks dear, and you must do a post if you recreate the look!

    - Girl With Glasses ;
    Thank you sweety!

    - Caitlin ;
    Thank you so much!

    - amynaree ;
    Thank you Amy dear! They're the main reason why I adore those falsies so much!

  11. - Blovet Beauty ;
    Really? Hmm, maybe use a dark base or a white base for the colors to show? All I know is that the 88 palette doesn't work too well with shimmer cream bases/shadows. Its better to use a flat base with them. That's why now I just use foundation/concealer.

    - nee ;
    Not as perfect as your cute eyes! I love how shadows look on you!

  12. - Iris ;
    Ohh Norcal?! We're somewhat close! I'm in the valley, LMAO. Haha, yeah I'm tring to stick with Graphic Design, cause honestly, I don't think I can do anything else, haha.

    Yeah, it totally sucks. I feel like money's been sucked into books more than paying for courses each semester, lol. Hey, I LOVE your banners okay? They're hot<3 Don't worry, I've lsot my inspiration to PS way before mine crashed. I've been super lazy updating Artificial Decay and LJ with textures.

    Thank you dear! Girl, my eyes are too big. I don't even look asian. People always say I'm Filipino or Mexican, its so annoying lmao!

    AND OMG YES! I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU SENT ME PS! I hate calling Adobe and dealing with them. Sometimes they speak as if they don't want to help you fix yoru issue, haha. Email me at with a D/L link? I'd be so grateful and love you so much more, lol ♥

    Merry Christmas to you too and have a blast in Cali!

  13. - Ateliergal ;
    Actually I did do that, just the camera didn't catch the highlight. LOL. I got the lotion from Cetaphil and so far I like it!

  14. oh nice, i don't like too dramatic e/s either and i am fascinated with falsies atm. Your falsies looks great too and natural.

  15. That's wearable and do-able. Maybe I shall try this look someday, though I always stay away from red shades. Thanks for the tutorial Dee!

  16. - Miu ;
    I think that every girl needs to get some falsies, it just changes the look so dramatically its amazing, lol. Thank you for the comment Miu!

    - Hanna ;
    You can try the look with colors you're more comfortable with Hanna! I think purples look fab on you<3