It's been about a week, and I've haven't been doing any make-up looks lately. I was playing with some colors and this is what I came up with. I used blue, copper, purple and a hint of green. Since it's technically fall and these are more like jewel tones, I named this look "Fallin' Jewels". Work and school is such a bummer right now. I'm always tired, ha! I think these colors look really nice on brown eyes. Look how bright my eyes are! (:

The camera washes out the color just slightly.
It's more vibrant in person!

*This is a scheduled post.*
Ignore my slightly uneven shaded brows. I'm testing some new eyebrow products and seeing which one I like more. So yeah. Now let's get on to the review, LOL.

This review was supposed to be done a while back, but I had a sty so it became difficult to do so. My right side of my face was puffed up like a blow fish! HAHA. But my eye's better and there's just some slight redness left, but its all good now and I can finally do a review. I apologize for lagging. I've been using this mascara base from Shiseido for a few months and I hear there's a new formulation now. I haven't tried the new formulation yet but I've read some bad reviews on it so I'm a bit hesitant to purchase.

BRAND: Shiseido
PRODUCT: Mascara Base
WHERE TO PURCHASE: Sephora & Shiseido Counters
PROS: Holds Curl, Thickens, Lengthens
CONS: Price, Brush, Product Can Goop Up
Would I Recommend? YES

*This is a scheduled post.*
I've never done a "celebrity inspired" look before, so I hope I did this justice? Chikako Watanabe is a ViVi Model, and I've always admired her amazing skin! She's one of the very few Japanese models I see that sport the sexy, bronze skin and smoky brown eyes. Her look is very simple, clean, yet seductive. Smoky bronze eyes, played down peachy-bronze cheeks and pinky-nude lips. I was looking through some of my make-up and found an inexpensive quad that can help you achieve this entire look. I added a gold eyeshadow as a blending and transition color, but you can definitely skip that if you'd like and just use the quad alone. I used Maybelline's Natural Smokes Quad for this look. The result.

DISCLAIMER! Of course Chikako's eyes and mine are NOTHING alike. I'm very aware of that, lol. My eyes are more round and slightly droop while hers are more of an almond shape. I like her eye make-up and just wanted to re-create it. That's all.

Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Liner in 02 Cocoa (as base)
Maybelline Natural Smokes Quad
MAC Woodwinked Eye Shadow
Wet N' Wild Creme Liner in Black (for waterline)
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing
Marcelle Mascara

*This is a scheduled post.*
I've been really caught up with work and school, so there are a few scheduled posts for this month. I'm not sure when I'll be posting regularly or when I'll announce the winner for my giveaway, but I will try to do so ASAP. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

You've probably heard of Lash Mantra on a few blogs like Viva Woman, Shanghainese Dumpling & Beauty And Fashion Tech. Lash Mantra is an all-natural eyelash growth serum. There are no side effects and doesn't irritate your eyes in any way unlike other growth serums out in the market today.

This was shown in the last post. I received this item from my friend Hanna in our swap (our third swap! =D), and I've been lemming this item since I saw it on Zoe's blog. Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base is similar to how Benefit's High Beam and Moon Beam work. They all give that dewy glow. I believe this is a dupe for Benefit's High Beam, but as I don't own High Beam, I can't compare the two.

BRAND: Skin Food
PRODUCT: Lime Secret Shine Base
SHADE: Lime Pearl Gold
PRICE: 9.99USD(+4USD shipping @skinfoodbestprice [eBay]) 19.99USD(free shipping+samples @rumistyle-shop [eBay])
PROS: Price, Pigmentation
CONS: Glitter Can Be A Bit Much, Packaging
Would I Recommend? Yes & No

There are 3 shades; Lime Pearl Peach, Lime Pearl Green and Lime Pearl Gold. Hanna got me Lime Pearl Gold. Lime Pearl Gold is basically that (LOL), a shiny, pearly gold liquid highlighter. You can mix it with your foundation, mix it with your moisturizer or use it alone. I know some people use this as a base for that extra luminous glow, but I personally think this product shouldn't be used all over the face. It's a bit too shimmery & glittery for my taste. The packaging is nice, its a glass bottle with kind of a cardboard type of cap. When you unscrew the cap, it's attached with a spatula. I find that the spatula applicator can be a bit messy. It grabs too much of the product at a time. It would be nice if it came with a pump or even a brush applicator like Benefit's High Beam. The pigmentation is awesome - a little bit goes a long way. One tiny dab and I can do each side of my face.

Not sure if you can see how much glitter it contains. You don't see the glitter until you start to spread out and blend the product into your skin. I have used this in the daytime before and I do like how luminous my skin looks, but I feel this product would be more suitable for a night look. Especially if you're going out and taking pictures. It really grabs the light and makes your skin look amazing. If you're a natural make-up type of gal and don't like your make-up looking too obvious, then this product might not be the one for you. If you're someone who doesn't mind the extra glitter or your day make-up is more heavy than others, than this is something you want to look into.

Also, thanks to those who joined my giveaway. I'm in the process of validating all the entries and will post the prize package soon when I have time. Please be patient!

DISCLAIMER: I received this item through a swap & I am not affiliated with the brands mentioned in this post. All opinions are based on my personal experiences with the product.
Hey everyone! If you follow me on twitter, then you know I've been busy with work & school. I was called last minute to go out of town to do inventory at a warehouse and that really got me beat because I didn't get any sleep, lol. It's been a bit since my last make-up post and I was wondering if anyone could guess which brand of eye shadows I'm wearing? I'm curious to see what you all think.

I'm only wearing one brand (excluding the other products I used!) and I haven't reviewed this product yet, so you won't be able to go through my posts to check, lol. I am using a fairly new palette from this brand & it can be found at many places like Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart. Very inexpensive yet pigmented and versatile. Here I show how soft and how intense these shadows can be.

**Pardon the brows, I'm trying to grow/re-shape them again. It's a weekly/monthly thing for me, lol.

First Look - A Soft Day Look

Second Look - More Intense, Club-esque Look

So here's what I wore...
NYX Nude Pearl Pigment (second look, right below the brow bone)
NYX White Shadow Base (second look)
MAC Motif (Just barely on brow bone in first look)
Beautique Black Liner (Sally's)
Marcelle Volume Precision Mascara

A quick view at some items my dear friend Hanna sent me for our swap! Do stay tuned for future reviews! (: