This look was inspired by the talented Apropomakeup. I wish I had a third of her talent, she's such a sweetheart and you should definitely check out her tutorials!

During my one-month hiatus, I was lucky enough to score a wedding gig. It was a fun, learning experience. The bride was not use to getting dolled up, so she asked me to put emphasis on her eyes and kept everything else fairly natural. We originally agreed on a half-up half-down hair do, but in the end after I finished curling her hair, she decided to leave it down. Her hair is super long and thick! Took me forever to finish, haha. She loved the end result.

Her photographer took pictures of me applying her make-up, but I haven't had a chance to see them yet. So I had to use pictures taken by Eleigh's brother.

Back in June, I asked for a vote as to which look I should do a tutorial on in this post. Tutorials usually never come out correctly for me and I changed a few things around, but the original design is still pretty much the same. Not too satisfied with the outcome, but hope you enjoy! If there any tutorials you would like to see in the future, please let me know.

This look requires you to understand the pencil technique. To learn the basics, please refer to this and this.

Part two of my favorite blogger series! Hope you find more blogs to bookmark! Part three will be posted shortly.