So I was interested in some skin care items Lane was selling on her blog. When she told me I had to wait 6-10 weeks for them to arrive since they were liquids, I was bummed. But they arrived on Saturday along with a birthday love package from the amazing Blovet Beauty! I was ecstatic! Singapore post is pretty quick! ♥
Somewhat overdue. This was requested by Blair a few posts back. Sorry I took a little long to do this review for you hun! I only purchased the eyeshadow palette since I'm really trying to restrain myself from purchasing items I don't need, ha! Plus, holiday season is coming up and I'm saving all I can for Black Friday, hahaha. Now on to the review. Dubbed the Korean version of Benefit, Banila Co. is a very sleek and chic brand with a nice range of products.

Its frustrating not being able to unleash some creativity behind the computer - well Photoshopping that is. I haven't made a manipulation or collage since my new layout and resources on Artificial Decay. School's sucked the fun out of me. I don't really feel like doing anything at all. I just want to come home, nap then read all your lovely blogs on all the new finds and new products that would make me go broke (LOL). Plus, every one's blogs really bring up my day. But of course life doesn't work that way as I'm stuck with chores, homework, and some drama in between. But hey, if I didn't have all that then life would probably be a bore.

New found love? No, I don't have a new BF (LOL). But I have found something that is superior to my current holy grail mascara - the Maybelline Hypercurl Cat Eyes. After trying different local mascaras - Rimmel Glam Eyes, Cover Girl Lash Exact, L'Oreal Voluminous, etc. - there is now a winner. *drum roll*

And the winner is......

So, I came back home and I saw a box near my computer. Turns out my Banila Co. order came yesterday. My mom told me that the stupid P.O guy knocked the door then just left my package out in the rain. WTF MAN, I know there was a storm yesterday, but couldn't he just wait a minute or two? It wasn't that bad really, just winds at 30MPH (maybe a little higher?) speeds, hahahaha. But luckily everything was in tact and wasn't damaged so I'm good. BOO to that lazy P.O though! But any way, I think I did something similar to this on my old blog, so I wanted to bring it back. But instead of writing about things I dislike, I'm listing my current favorites.

You like the new header? I made it in Photoshop yesterday using an old collage. I'm not one to watch animated movies, but my BF wanted to watch 9, so I thought might as well. Surprisingly enough, it was pretty interesting. Its such a dark movie - which I love, and the storyline's pretty cool - not to mention there's a good amount of action, haha. I can't really say much without revealing the story, so I guess I can let the pictures do the job.

Oh, and I love 7 - she's super athletic, lol.
Sources: Hamaraphotos & Teaser Trailer

Any body seen a new movie and has a recommendation? Next on my list is definitely G.I Joe. I saw Wolverine and I didn't like it much. Also, I'm a bit inspiration-less these days - so if there's anything you want to see me write about, do let me know. Any suggestions would help a lot! Or does anyone need a new header, banner, or anything? I've been in a photoshopping mood lately.
Just some old scans I've collected and they have some nice makeup techniques. I thought maybe someone could find some use with these. I wish I could translate these, but I'm still a noob with Japanese, lol. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I got these scans from a livejournal community, but the credit says Hudie, so I guess credit goes to that site.

Click thumbnail to view in full. Opens in new window. Enjoy!

I wanted to make a quick post about something that's non-beauty related. This is I guess kind of health related? I don't know, take it as you wish! I was supposed to make a post of this sooner, but it completely went out of my head and I just remembered now when I heard my neighbor telling his kid its important to drink 8 glasses of water every day. But is it true? So if a lot of you watch the Food Network, then you may have heard or watched Food Detectives. There was an episode discussing whether or not it was necessary to drink 8 glasses of water each day.

So I just finished reading my chapter for tomorrow and I have some free time so why not post tomorrow's post early. And yes, as the title says, I love Japanese sponge tip applicators. They're dense, soft and feels so nice! Much better than the crap we have here. I wish I could get a pack from Daiso or something because I haven't used brushes since I've got these palettes. Crazy huh? They make life so easy. (:
See how bad they make our sponge tip applicators look? LOL.

Okay so I'm not here to talk about the sponge tip applicators, I'm going to review one of the two Majolica Majorca palettes Lane sent me. I'm usually not a fan of green and blue eye shadows (they don't work for me), but for some reason this palette works. Compared to Lavshuca, MJ's packaging is much more sturdy, which is a definite plus.
I'm pretty relieved that I finished my exam for my Computer Science course yesterday, and don't you just hate it when you study for an exam and half the things you studied aren't on the test? I saw the exam questions and went "WHA?", ha! I hope I did ok since there were a few questions that got me stumbled so I had to guess on quite a few. But anywho, I've been trying out a new mascara since a few people had been talking about it and it was a good price (about $6USD) for it so I thought why not.

I've been trying Rimmel's Glam'eyes Lash Flirt Mascara for about 3 weeks now and I think I'm able to compare it to my current HG mascara, Maybelline's Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Mascara (Thanks Hanna!).

Okay, I've finally got the chance to review these awesome palettes I've received from the beautiful Lane of Blovet Beauty. This palette is from Lavshuca's recent fall collection and the color Lane got me was GN-1 - which is a green based palette.