Wet N' Wild Color Icon palettes have been receiving a ton of love through beauty blogs everywhere. These singles came out about the same time the quads did and I finally picked a few up during a BOGO sale and I must say, these shadows are lovely for the price you pay.

BRAND: Wet N' Wild
PRODUCT: Color Icon Eye Shadow Singles
PRICE: 1.99USD (cheaper when on BOGO!)
PROS: Pigmented, Price, Texture
CONS: Packaging, Limited Color Range

I haven't blogged in so long and I really miss it! As most of your know, I do inventory for various stores and the hours that I work are pretty random. I can work late nights for a few weeks then the schedule changes and I start working early mornings. I do get tired when I go to school in the mornings because I don't get enough sleep and I even miss lab. It gets pretty exhausting after some time, but work is work right? I'm trying to find another job with more stable hours so my internal clock isn't all whacked out. I feel like a crack head, lol.

On a better note, I finally got around to do a review. I've been using this for a few weeks now and it's definitely one of my favorite blushes at the moment. I purchased this back in August but never got around to play with until recently. If you're a fan of peachy pink blushes, keep on reading!

PRODUCT: HOT MAMA! Eye Shadow & Blush
PRICE: 19USD (Sephora.Com) 18USD (Apothica.Com)
PROS: Pigmented, Smooth & Silky Texture, Packaging
CONS: Not for those who don't appreciate shimmer blush
Would I Recommend? YES

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This month...

I like: That I've been getting love packages. It makes my day happier. ♥

I don't like: How my job is making me extremely tired, that I'm missing school & lab hours.

I want you to know: I have too much make-up that I rarely use and I'm going to have a blog sale soon. They need a good home.

I've planned: To post the giveaway winner this week as I know all of you who've entered have been waiting for a while, lol.