EOTD - Extreme Neutral

Okay, I think I'm getting the hang of my new camera. I haven't played around with make up for quite some time now and this look took me a while, haha. I use the pencil technique here and I used some cool browns, black and orange. I then used a color from the Majolica palette to add a little shimmer since all the colors I used were matte.

Maybelline SuperStay Makeup in Natural Tan
88 Matte/Satin Palette
Nabi Brown Eyeliner
Majolica Majorca Trick On GR750 (Gold Shimmer)
Prestige Soft Minerals Eyeliner
Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara
Korean Brand Lashes (Outer Corner)

Nappy Curls Alert (LOL)

I also received something in the mail yesterday. Sadly there was a pretty big hole like someone was trying to pry open the box. I was a bit mad so when I was cutting it open, I tossed my scissors and I forgot my camera was on my bed. So there's a really light chip of the color - nothing big, but with my OCD kicking in its bugging the crap out of me, lol. I can't wait to do a post later this week!<3


  1. wow I really like this look on you! The white looks great. And sorry to see the dent in the box. The people at the post office just don't care sometimes.

  2. Ooh! You got it! 8 days, that was fast! At least the $20 postage wasn't wasted! Where is the hole? How's the damage? Hope nothing's missing!!!!!

  3. very pretty EOTD!
    that happened to me a few times, a hole on the box or torn package. but at least the stuffs in there are in good condition :D

  4. wow dee! ur eyes look mad amazing! the 88 palette looks really amazing on u.. too bad it doesnt really turn out this wat for me. really pretty, can't wait to see wat u got too:)

  5. Girl you got some raw talent. Love the look and you got a set of skills i envy!

  6. WOW~ so beautiful! you're really great with makeup dee!

  7. Love the EOTD, it's gorgeous!

    I'm sorry about the hole in the box but at least nothing's missing.

  8. - Pop Champagne ;
    Yup, the posts have been iffy these days, I don't know why. Usually all my packages are in tact. Thanks for the comment!

    - AtelierGal ;
    The picture doesn't do justice. There's a big hole and you can see right into it. I was pissed, lol. But everything is safe!<3

    - Dina (XYYAN) ;
    Thank you!<3 Yeah, everything in the box seems in tact. Just that I wonder how that big hole got there, lol.

  9. - Blovet Beauty ;
    Maybe pack on the color more or add a really good base? The 88 palette varies on me. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't, ha!

    - CHEECHUN ;
    Thanks so much babe!<3 But I'm really still amateur at makeup, LMAO.

  10. Very pretyy look dear! You're gorgeous! :)
    Tell me when you're ready to send our swap things to each other, cuz I basically got everything ready. :)

  11. it did taste yummy! the onion rigs look big because i took the pic really close. they're not that big actually :D

    i've only used Shu Uemura cleansing oil, it's pretty good and remove waterproof makeup quite well. maybe you should try it too :)

  12. - Becky ;
    Thanks a ton love!

    - Kasia B ;
    I need to get 2-3 more items for you and I should be finished! Hopefully your blog has your email so I can email you the details!

    - Dina (XYYAN) ;
    I heard about Shu and I hear Mac's pretty good too, but I've heard about about Sana. I think I'll do a price comparison and see which one I'd go for first, lol.