Maybelline Eyestudio & Revlon PhotoReady Now At Target!

I was suppose to post about my trip, but that can wait, lol. Anyway, I was lemming on these Maybelline Eyestudio babies after I saw the beautiful Nee (or bebexo on YT) reviewing them here and here. I was bummed that only Canada had these available and was so close to purchasing them on Ebay (they're too marked up!). But while I was looking for some XBox games yesterday, I saw these babies at a nearby stand and I knew I had to purchase!

The Maybelline plush quads had some really lovely colors, but when I looked at them, some of the quads had a little too much shimmer/glitter for my liking so I skipped those for now. I went ahead and only purchased one item just to see how I like it. This is from the Marbleized line. The color I got was 04 Mocha Mirage.

Mocha Mirage included a beautiful golden bronze color, and a lovely pink with bronze, peach, and champagne veinings running through. Its so pretty, I couldn't stop staring at them, ha! Yes, these are similar to MAC's mineralize eyeshadows, but honestly I prefer these over MACs. Mainly because MAC mineralize eyeshadows are too soft for my liking and a lot of them have chunky glitter - which I don't like. These Maybelline ones are harder and don't break or crumble as easily. I love how these don't have crazy shimmer in them, they're so subtle and soft!

They are medium pigmented, and yes, if you were to swatch them with your fingers, you get more pigment, so I advise using a flat brush are even foiling these eyeshadows to get better color. But I like how these shadows are cause I can build the color or sheer them out however I please. The golden bronze color is true in the pan. What you see is what you get and is my absolute favorite! Swatches below in natural lighting and flash.

Stupid flash washed out the color!

CG Tinted Moisturizer in Light to Medium 810
Maybelline Dream matte Powder in Honey Beige 3-4
MAC Mineralize Blush in Improvise

Maybelline Marbleized Eyeshadow 04 Mocha Mirage
Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara

Aquafina Hydrating Lip Balm
Jordana Juicy Tints in Watermelon Delight

A quick look I made yesterday using this. I was so exited with the bronze color because it looked close to MAC's Woodwinked! I'd say this could be another dupe for woodwinked alongside Milani's Golden Bronze. Here's a comparison swatch - Woodwinked has more of a metallic sheen to it, but honestly, they're so similar in person!

These run for 5.49USD at Target, I'm not sure if they'll be at Wal-Mart, CVS or Walgreens because I haven't checked it. My Target said that these are valid until February, so I think these babies are going to be limited edition. So grab them while you can ladies!

Last but not least, I'm going to talk quickly about Revlon's new foundation nicely named, "PhotoReady". Supposedly this is a dupe for MAKE UP FOREVER's HD foundation? I forgot what AtelierGal told me, and I was shocked to see it as she told me they were to be released early next year. It looks really nice, the packaging is a little wider and short, but what I liked about it is that it came with a foundation brush. I didn't purchase this as I still have to finish up my current HG Maybelline SuperStay foundation, so I might pick this up later this week to test out. The only bad thing I have to say about it as of right now is that the color selection isn't that great. BOO. Revlon's PhotoReady foundation runs for 9.99USD at Target. PhotoReady also has an HD powder as well. If you would like to read some reviews on this product, do visit Makeup Alley here.

DEAR FTC: All products mentioned I purchased myself and I am in no way affiliated with the companies mentioned nor am I being paid to endorse a product. All opinions expressed are my own and this is an honest, un-biased review.


  1. Those Maybelline eyeshadows look really nice!! Thanks for those nice reviews :)

    Thank you for being so kind and for looking for that nailpolish.
    I'll get you the things you asked for as well :) Vipera's eye pencils are nice. I was always happy with them, they are pigmented and they come out in very nice colors.
    Btw, I emaild you dear :) check it out

  2. No prob! I'm more than happy to help you look for something. Thank you so much for getting those Vipera pencils for me hun. I really appreciate it! I'll be checking my email soon!

  3. i saw Nee's review about this Eyestudio too! but too bad it's not available at here yet.
    LOL, i'm hungry for just looking at the pictures too :D

  4. LOVE the FOTD! And you're so right! It does look like a pretty good dupe for MAC's Woodwinked (which I must say is one of the best neutral-gold eyeshadows EVER)

    I've read a bit about PhotoReady, would love to try that one out but unfortunately it's not available here.

  5. $6 is ridiculous cheap! So is the PhotoReady, $10 only? The colorstay cost me almost $20, I think. Hope this gets over here SOON!

  6. owh i just love baked stuff!
    just visited target but so hard to pick a fave without swatches.

  7. It does look like a good dupe of Woodwinked!

    I want one of those Maybelline Eyestudio palettes too! But I can only get the Asian version =(

    Kate? I have never heard of Kate coming out with a lip concealer, but I might be wrong on that hahaa~ Yup, Coffret D'or has a lip concealer. It costs 2100 yen. Regrettably, I've never seen it in Malaysia.

    I'm totally with you on the price of JS's Mix Blush Compacts! I wouldn't mind buying them for retail but anything more than that is a no =(

    Didn't load? That's weird! I'll copy the pictures and send it to you through e-mail in a bit =)

  8. The FOTD is very pretty! Thanks for the review. I haven't seen this around yet but I can't to try it. The colors look beautiful.

  9. Like Dina said there, the maybelline quads are not available over here... which sucks 'cause i've read many good reviews of them already.

    The Revlon photoready sounds promising!

  10. - Dina ;
    Hopefully it'll reach there soon! It really a nice product.

    - ilyana ;
    Thank you! Yeah, it really is a good dupe! Now I don't have to spend 11-14 bucks on a MAC shadow, haha. I agree on Woodwinked is one of the nest neutral gold shades. Its one of my staple eyeshadows, haha. I hear it might hit in March too, so keep a look out!

  11. - AtelierGal ;
    Isn't it? I thought that the quad would be cheaper, not a baked eyeshadow, haha. Yup, PhotoReady is only 10USD. I hope you get more color selection when it reaches Singapore.

    - Blair ;
    Isn't the asian version the same? Almost? LOL. Maybe it was another brand, I wasn't too sure where I read about it either, lol. Yeah, I was going to buy JS e/s quads but for the colors I'm pretty sure I can find similar ones for much cheaper. Thanks for the email!

    - Lynn ;
    Pick it out! So I can send you one! LOL.

    - Gio ;
    Thank you! You must review it once you can get your hands on it. I know your EOTD are going to look marvelous!

  12. - Fifi ;
    Yup, the foundation sounds really promising but sadly the color range sucks! I hope they come out with more colors. Really? I thought these were in Asia before it hit the US?

  13. We only have 6 variations for the Eyestudio range whereas you guys have way more right? Awww... thank you so much but you don't have to! I'm very much satisfied with the one that I own (I snagged one yesterday night) hahaa~

    You should check out JS's new eyeshadow range. It looks mighty tempting! But I'm not crazy over glitters and I heard that their older eyeshadows are really glittery. Paying more than retail is not worth it IMO, but the thing is, it's nearly impossible to buy JS at retail lol! I've been thinking of getting Mix Blush Compact in #11 or #12 but I really shouldn't. I own way more blushers than I could ever need!

    Hmmm... I wanted to get the Coffret D'or lip concealer but the SA didn't even know what I was talking about. I even searched the counter but I couldn't find it =( It's safe to assume that Coffret didn't bring the lip concealer in.

  14. im between FROST and STARLET.
    what colour is STARLET exactly?
    btw are you looking for any funky coloured pencil eyeliners?
    there's a brand called secret here in malaysia which is quite famous for their pencil eyeliner and they come in many shades. now their on sale :P

  15. Hi, I just purchased Mocha Mirage and wanted a swatch picture for my blog. I put it up with a link to your blog, I hope that is okay. Looks great on you!