Been a while! Hello to my new followers/friends! ♥ Hope everyone had a great weekend. By the title, I'm sure you know what I used for this look, haha. It took me ages to find this palette, and I'm so happy I finally got hold of it! Hope you like!
This is a scheduled post.

These babies sold out pretty quick when they first hit the shelves back in January. I totally understand why. The quality on these are so much better than the original Color Icon shadows. Whoever reformulated these deserves a bonus! I absolutely love them and I wish I was able to pick up everything - I had to restrain myself as I have to finish up swaps and work has pretty been slow that I nearly rip my hair out every time I see my check, lmao! These trios should be easier to find now (I can't say the same for the 8 pan palettes though!) so do give these palettes a look if you haven't yet! Wet N Wild is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brands alongside Sonia Kashuk, NYX and Hard Candy.

BRAND: Wet N Wild
PRODUCT: Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio
PROS: Price, Smooth & Creamy Texture, Pigmentation
CONS: Fragile

I seriously don't know how ladies use an angled liner brush. I've tried, and I still can't manage to get that clean, thin, crisp line I usually get with a fine point liner brush. Its really frustrating, but one day I will master the art of the angled liner, lol. I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day and though I didn't wear this look out, I think the colors fit the occasion. All I had on yesterday was a wash of gold all over my lids and double liner.

I was planning to do a few demos before Valentine's Day, but I didn't have the time to take step by step pictures, so make-up demos will be up later this week! Talk to you all soon! ♥

I finally got a hold of some of the new Wet N Wild trios, and I asked on twitter for some color combo suggestions and one of them was taupe & pink (suggestion by Ezzy, thanks girl!). Since this particular palette had similar colors, I decided to make a look. The pink is much more vibrant in real life. I need a better camera, lol.

Image Courtesy of iMomoko.Com
A lot of you know that I really love my L'egere BB Purifying Facial Peeling Gel to bits. I decided to try something else from this brand; their Whitening Solution™ serum. Apparently, this product was highly recommended by Queen TV Show in Taiwan.

BRAND: L'egere
PRODUCT: Whitening Solution™ Instant Whitening Serum Plus Gold
PRICE: 15.99USD (at iMomoko.Com)
EXTRA: Box contains two 30ML bottles for use
PROS: Price, Instant Brightening/Whitening Effect, Evens Skin Tone, Fades Most Acne Scarring, Skin Appears Smoother & Softer
CONS: Brightening Effect Seems To Be Temporary, Can Ball Up When Used With Certain Products, Not Effective In Whitening