Etude Cute & Sexy Eyes in Coffee Khaki

Okay, so I lied when I said the last post would be the last post until I come back from vacation. Anywho, I was doing some clean up and I noticed that this quad has been untouched. I recieved this Etude quad from my lovely friend Hanna for my birthday, thanks again dear!

This comes in really nice packaging with a frosted cover. It has some nice delicate detailing around the edges. Now I'm not going to lie, I thought these wouldn't be pigmented much, but when I tested out the colors - boy was I wrong! These colors are medium pigmented and its real easy to build the intensity of the shadows. You can also sheer them out if you don't like the in-your-face shadow look. They're also extremely easy to blend, so if you're a beginner with blending, no need to worry!

I was a little iffy at first when I swatched the shadows as I didn't know how to coordinate them. All the shadows have a nice mettalic sheen to them and the charcoal-black shade has some mutli-colored micro-glitter in it. Though applied, you don't see much of the glitter. As with blue, green isn't my go-to color at all, and quite frank, I don't think its that flattering on me. Luckily, this green isn't bright - it has this smokey feel to it, so I was able to work with it. Here's a quick look I did using all the colors in this palette.

I would totally recommend this item to anyone as their shadows are extremely easy to work with. I believe there are 4 quads available in this line, so if you're not a fan of dark colors, there are 2 lighter quads to choose from. If you're not a big fan of shimmer, I'd say its better to steer clear.

I hope you all enjoyed the review and I hope this review helped some of you. I'm going off on a quick vacay tomorrow. We're off for some snow action and I'm going to try hard to force some people to snowboard with me, haha!

P.S. If any of you have not watched UP, you're seriously missing out, lol. This is one of my all-time favorite animation films. Check it out when you have time!

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  1. You're such a good make-up artist! I think greys look great on you :)

    I haven't seen "Up" yet :( I want to though. I need to rent it and watch it finally!

  2. wow didn't think these palettes would be pigmented but they are!

    gorgeous EOTD

  3. You do makeup so beautifully and flawlessly! :) Aww I loved UP, it made me cry because the elderly man was so lonely and their were parts shown about how wonderful his life was before. I love love that movie to pieces! :) Thank you so much for sharing! I really love your blog! :) I hope you post more and more and more and more! Hehehe!

  4. LOL!! I absolutely adore UP <3
    My favorite character is the dog :P

  5. hey hun
    i think this palette is currently on discount :P
    btw it looks gorgeous on you!!

  6. It looks great on you! I've skipped this soooo many times while I was in the Etude store.. just never caught my eye before.. lol..

    Have a Wonderful vacation and Holiday Season!!

  7. your eyes are so gorgeous!
    i've watched UP too, and it's really good :)

  8. You're a great writer. I enjoyed your review a lot :)
    I saw these palettes on Etude House, I thought they weren't pigmented at all but your swatches proved me wrong!

    I shed a tear the first 30 mins of Up. First time in my life a movie makes me cry that fast! Lol.

  9. I love this look! OMG i want you do make videos so badly! haha

    UP was such a sad movie! I saw it in 3D when it was in threatres. And I cried a lot even though it was a cartoon. We should all learn from this movie!

  10. That's a beautiful palette, the shades are so pigmented! Love the eye makeup, the colors look great on you!

  11. - Kasia_B ;
    Yes! You need to watch UP! You won't be disappointed Kasia! Thank you! Greys are really warming up to me.

    - amynaree ;
    Exactly what I thought, but they're lovely! Thank you for the comment!

    - April ;
    I was near crying too. Its so sad seeing how much he loved his wife. I'm so happy you like my blog! I adore yours too!<3

    - anjalee ;
    Haha, the dog was awesome. BF's fav character was the dodo bird, lmao.

  12. - LyNn ;
    Omg, awesome! I adore these palettes, I hope I can get another! Thank you so much!

    - Luna ;
    Thank you dear! Haha, you shoudl definitely go grab at least one palette!

    - Dina ;
    UP is great isn't it? Haha. Thank you for the comment!<3

  13. - Fifi ;
    Thanks, that really means a lot! I'm glad you do enjoy my reviews dear. I guess the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover, lol. Def. try it out. I think it'll look gorgeous on you hun. Yeah, the beginning of UP was so sad!

    - nee ;
    LOL. Once I get the hang of editing videos, I'll post one up dedicated to you! LOL. I wanted to watch it in 3D! But the closest IMAX theater was like 1 hour away, haha.

    - gio ;
    Thank you so much! *HUGS*

  14. Hey! I got your comment...

    Dunno if it was pimples. My friend said it could be a clogged pore or something.

    Cordero and I are going to watch Avatar this Wednesday. Rafi called and wants to hang out with me (not sure when though since he didn't specify -.-). When are you coming back? Don't forget, we need to eat out at Denny's lol!

    Anywho, I'm still up for the whole photo shoot thingy but I don't know how soon you guys want this done. I'm saving up for a dSLR... ):

    Merry Christmas!!! :D

  15. The green is surprisingly beautiful~

  16. - AtelierGal ;
    Yes, that green is quite pretty!

    - anjalee ;
    Avatar is over-rated! But do tell me what you think of the movie, LMAO. Rafi? Are you? LOL, after my trip I don't know if I'll still have money for Denny's! HA! Let's see when I get back first! I'll call you.

    I talked it out with her the other day. I might talk about it again with her a few times on Myspace and when I see her New Year's. She really wants to do it, but I need to get some face charts done and add a few things cause I want to do a few looks.

  17. Thanks! Have a Merry Christmas too :)

  18. I've heard that up is good but havent' had the chance to see it yet, I will soon though!! And that eye shadow palette is really pretty :D have a great holiday!

  19. I haven't watched UP dee! But I will soon cause u recommended it! I have the same EH palette and I love the pigmentation of it.ur eyes look so gorgeous and glamorous ~ luv it babes. Merry X'mas :)

  20. The EH palette looks good! Damnnnn you certainly know how to create lemmings =P

    Merry Christmas or should I say Happy New Year? Are you back from vacay yet?