What's In My (Travel) Makeup Bag (:

Hello everyone! I'm back from my little trip! I went to Reno, NV to have fun in the snow and get some bear prizes at Circus Circus, lol. I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) with your family an friends. I was tagged to do a "What's In My Makeup Bag" post by AtelierGal about 2 weeks ago, and honestly, I don't really carry a makeup bag around with me. I never touch my makeup either. My makeup lasts pretty much all day and plus, I don't wear much makeup in the day anyway. And since my travel bag hasn't been unpacked yet, I figured I would share the makeup items I took with me on my trip.

I'm very anal about what I take with me on a trip because I have a knack for losing items (and yes, I did lose something on this trip. It was small, but I was still upset - LOL). So, I brought items with me that I knew I could easily obtain once I get back home if I were to lose anything. Since this was a short trip, I didn't bring much. This was the makeup bag they're stored in (courtesy of miss Anjalee for my birthday, thanks hun!).

This bag is from Soap & Glory (found in the UK & at Target), and features a nice vintage photograph of a woman in her bathing suit. Soap & Glory has similar packaging as TheBalm - meaning they include vintage pictures mixed with a little pop art. I LOVE IT.

Duo Fiber brush
Crease/Blending brush
Small E/S brush
Small Blush/Highlighter brush

CG Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisture SPF15 in 810 Light-Medium
Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer in Medium
CG TruBlend Whipped Foundation in 445 Warm Beige
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Honey Beige
Blistex Slik N' Shine Lip Balm
Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze
NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder
ELF Treat & Tame in Dark
Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara
Wet N' Wild Arch Envy in Ash Brown
Jordana Color XTend Eyeliner in Black Out
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Jordana E/S Quad in 01 Golden Era
Jordana Lip Jelly Juicy Tints in Watermelon Delight

Now, I have a product rave and mini review for you all. Its about the Jordana Quad in 01 Golden Era. I personally like Jordana's single eyeshadows in general because even though they're light to medium pigmented, so you can build up the pigmentation to your liking (which is what I prefer). The packaging of this quad is actually pretty sturdy - way better than Lavshuca's packaging. These eyeshadows have a nice soft, silky texture compared to most drugstore brands. So when I saw this quad, I knew I had to pick it up. Plus, Jordana is super inexpensive so you really are getting some bang for your buck. This quad is compact, portable so you can put them in your purse or makeup bag without the bulk. To me, Jordana is proof that you don't have to spend 14-30 dollars to get a good quality eyeshadow. Best of all, this was only 2USD! I recommend this quad to everyone.

Swatches were done without a base with one swipe. Like most drugstore shadows, they are a little powdery (not chalky), but nothing big. All the shadows have a fine shimmer and blend together real nicely. The highlight color reminds me of MAC's Ricepaper and the third swatch reminds me of MAC's Melon Pigment. I find that using a flat or a short bristled brush (like a MAC 214 or Studio Tools Smudge Brush) packs on the color much better. This is the look I did when I was on my trip. I used all of the colors.

CG Tinted Moisture 810 Light To Medium
REVLON Beyond Natural Concealer Medium
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Honey Beige
NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder Golden Bronze
Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze (highlight)

Jordana Quad 01 Golden Era
Jordana Color XTend Eyeliner Black Out (Tightline)
Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara
ELF Treat & Tame Dark

If you would like me to do a step-by-step picture how to on this look, please leave a comment below and I will do the post for you. To anyone who may be wondering, no I didn't curl my hair. I have naturally wavy/curly hair. And yes, I am asian, lol. A quick peak at my next post! I LOVE SNOW(:

Hope you all had a nice weekend and thanks for reading!

DEAR FTC: All products mentioned were purchased by myself. I am not affiliated with the companies mentioned, nor am I being paid to do a review. This is an honest, un-biased review.


  1. Hey Dee! You're back!!

    I like your makeup pouch! The pink stripes plus the lining is very very pretty =D

    I have seen Jordana in Malaysia... I'll have to check them out - the price is fantastic! hahaa~

  2. Nice review :) Btw, I did te review that you asked for, of Perfect cream. Anyways...
    Great pictures and very interesting post!

  3. hey hun
    nice post!
    btw is this good?
    NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder
    works for contouring? :)

  4. ZOINK! I thought you were going to Reno, it looks like Swiss Alps!

    Jordana es looks really beautiful, your EOTD looks perfect for this season.

  5. the makeup pouch is cute! i can see that it stores a lot of stuffs :D

  6. - Blair ;
    Thank you, haha the prices are a dream aren't they? LOL.

    - Kasia_B ;
    Oh, thanks for letting me know dear! I'll go read it right now!

    - AtelierGal ;
    We wanted to go to Tahoe, but my BF's cousin and her husband wanted to gamble, so Reno was a good choice, lol.

  7. - Lynn ;
    Hmm, I persoanlly purchased it because of the gold side, lol. But I did try to use it for contouring and it worked pretty well, though I do find it a little on the orange-peach side as you can see in the picture.

    - Dina ;
    Yup, I can fit a few more brushes in there too!

  8. Welcome back! The pix are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

    I love your makeup pouch, it is so pretty!

    I had never heard of Jordana before but I love how the shades look on you!

  9. - Gio ;
    Thank you dear! I believe Jordana is only in the US, but I hear its in Asia too? I think the site has international shipping though. They make some really good eyeliners!


    By the way, you can drop off my gift in my place whenever you want. I'm basically bored out of my mind here. Ha!

    I have noo idea how soon she wants this done. I currently have my eye out for this one particular dslr, and I'm saving up money for it ):

  11. Thank you for getting me mint juplep mask! :) I'm so sorry but we don't have LaCordi here :( Although look at this cosmetics:


    Vipera is a Polish brand and they have great eye pencils. At least they always worked well for me. If you want you can pick something from there and let me know. I have an easy access to their products.

    Also, would you like to try out that Perfecta cream?? I can get it for you :)

    I'd like to ask you for one more thing (sorry, I promise it's the last one). When you're in Sephora could you look for OPI's nailpolish in "Metro Chic". That color was released only in the US and it's unavaiable here. :/
    I don't wanna make you spend much money though, so I am sorry for that.

    Yeah, we're really so alike :D Too bad we live so far from each other and can't hang out together. When you're ever around let me know we'll go and pick up some green tea frap. ;)

  12. Omg I love your make-up bag! It's beautiful ;D Lol I'm pretty anal myself so I understand the need of bringing commonly-found make-up stuff.

    YAY for duo optic fiber brushes, that is one brush I'd bring everywhere!

    Thank you for reading tea noir <3

  13. Great look!! that quad looks great! I haven't paid attention to the Jordana stuff here before, but I suspect its quite marked up in terms of price.. lol.. I'll check it out when I'm in the states next month.. =)

  14. Deeee! Don't get EH's lip concealer! The more I use it, the more I dislike it. Coffret D'or has a lip concealer too, and I think that one should be way better.

    Hmmm... Expensive Pink and French Cuff should be quite different. From this swatch, EP looks more peach whilst FC resembles a dusty pink. What do you think?

  15. - anjalee ;
    I'll drop it off later this week, lol. She's willing to wait and omg, your new love looks so awesome!

    - Kasia_B ;
    No problem, I'll check that site and I'll tell you if I'm interested! I'm so up for a green tea frap! I'll call you when I go to Poland!<3

    - ilyana ;
    I agree, I'd bring my duo fiber brush anywhere, its one of my staples! No prob, I love your blog and thanks for visiting dear<3

  16. - Luna ;
    Omg you're coming to the states? What state are you going to?! We must meet up! LMAO. I think you'll like Jordana quads, they seem right up your alley babe<3

    - Blair ;
    Really? Ahh, ok I can try looking into Cofreet D'or. Though I didn't see that they had anything similar, on Ichibankao. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, haha.