DIY Beauty: Uses of Aspirin


I'm back from my last final! This was computer science - I think I didn't do that great. I kept second guessing myself so let's hope the answers that I've changed last minute wasn't a bad choice, lol. So, holidays for me has officially arrived! I actually did a post on this in my old blog, but I'm just reposting this as I was inspired to do so by Dina's post on her blog here. I think some of you may benefit from this.

“Aspirin is actually a form of Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHA’s, which are found in many skin creams and work by exfoliating the dull, dead layers of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. Over time, BHA’s can help clarify skin tone and promote healing of blemishes.” – essentialdayspa

Uncoated aspirin is perferred since it doesn’t take long to dissolve. You can get generic Target or Walgreens brands. If you don’t like grainy textures, BC Powder aspirin is a good choice and is more gentle on skin.

You can make the aspirin mask several ways:
  • 2-4 uncoated aspirin
    1 teaspoon of warm water
    Leave it on for about a few minutes and rinse off with water
    *people have said that as the mask was drying, it irritated their nose.
  • alternative
  • 2-4 uncoated aspirin
    1 teaspoon/tablespoon of honey (manuka honey if possible)
    Leave it on for 5-10 mintues then rinse off with water
    *people have complained about the honey making the mask too “drippy”.
  • alternative
  • 2-4 uncoated aspirin
    1 tablespoon/tablespoon of plain yogurt
    *people have said using yogurt made their skin extra soft.
  • other alternatives You can try aloe vera, mix with honey & lemon, or anything that contains glycolic and lactic acids to mix with aspirin. Just experiment to your skin’s needs. Aspirin can be drying, so do opt for a good moisturizer and a good sunblock as aspirin can make your skin a little sensitive.

I usually use aspirin in conjunction with yogurt. Its works nicely for me and I'd recommend it for those who want an alternative to honey. Aloe Vera with aspirin feels a bit more soothing as the aloe vera helps cool the skin a bit.

Never use more than 5 or 6 aspirin tablets. People have reported dizziness and fainting after using about 6 aspirins. I personally use only 3 tablets depending on how big the tablets are. If you are allergic to aspirin, I do not recommend this mask. Please check with a professional to see if aspirin mask is right for you.


  1. I love aspirin masks!! :)
    I tagged you sweety!

  2. I'm always so lazy to do DIY stuff but aspirin and yogurt sounds nice, I think I like yogurt masks in general :) It seems to help with oil control.

  3. wow, i've never heard of this before! this is awesome!

  4. I only add honey, and sometimes aloe vera.

    You can also add Pearl powder, hun. *wink*

  5. thanks for the detailed review! :D i'm going to try it with yogurt soon.

    yeah, i got the pink pu pu cheek. i'll try to review them if i've used them :)

  6. With Aloe Vera? Does Aloe Vera gel work? Because my sister's been neglecting a lot of her beauty things and that includes the Aloe Vera gel that I showed you :P

  7. I wish aspirin is sold in bottles here! Aspirin+yoghurt sounds like a treat for my face~

    I should be getting neither right now. Am more partial towards the EH one as it's cheaper *cheapie alert!* I have shifted my priorities to EH's lipsticks&glosses... they look so decadent...

    I like Kate's mascara base! It is nice but I can't compare it with others as I've only used Kate's. EH has a good mascara base too, Lane's review was really convincing!

    Yay, I can't wait for your detailed tutorial! I'm skill-less with quick ones, not that I'm any better when it's detailed hahaha~

  8. I still have not tried asprin yet! I should get to it! thanks for sharing dee!

  9. Hey dear!! :)
    Thank you for such a nice coment! Really!
    I'll definitelly do a review on that cream :) I bought it a few days ago, so Ive been trying it now.
    I dunno why ppl love Carmex so much either, I think Blistex products are way better.
    And definitely try Bourjois, you shouldn't get disapointed :)

    I also would like to ask you for one more thing in our swap (sorry for that). It's Mint Julep Mask, I heard it's cheap and good. I'd love to try it out. And for that I'll include an extra item for you of course!

  10. Yeah that's the thing about being short eh?! Sigh oh well at least we are adorable and better selection of guys lol! I think being a make up artist would be neat! You're creating something instead of being instructed on where to stand and how to pose. Anyways I sent you an e mail about the necklace, thanks for the payment :) talk to you realll soon again sweetie!!

  11. - Kasia_B ;
    Yup, it works real well!

    - amynaree ;
    Yeah, its pretty good with oil control and I like how soft it makes my skin. Sometimes if I use honey, my skin doesn't feel as smooth.

    - Kym ;
    You should give it a try!

  12. - AtelierGal ;
    LOL. If I add Pearl to everything, I'll run out before the new year! HAHA.

    - Dina ;
    Thanks! I can't wait for your review. I hope the yogurt+aspirin works out for you. (:

    - anjalee ;
    Yeah it works. Just remember everyone is different. some might get a faster or slower result depending.

  13. - Blair ;
    Hah, I'd probably take EH anyway, I love their packaging! I agree, their lip items are super amazing! I might try the Dr Fixer too! Lane's lashes looked amazing with it! I plan to write to tut this weekend, so let's hope I won't be confusing! LOL.

    - nee ;
    You should! Your skin would be nice and smooth! But you already have nice skin so you shoudn't bother, lol.<3

    - Kasia_B ;
    Thanks! I can't wait to read it! I want to try Bourjois, but Sephora seems to not carry as much products as they use to. I hope they don't discontinue the line here. I'll get you Mint Julep!

    - Pop Champagne ;
    We're about the same height. I get shorter through out the day, so it sucks, lol. And yes! We have better selection of guys! LMAO! Yup, I kind of somewhat want to be in control too. Plus, I love creating something out of nothing! I read your email and thanks so much!<3

  14. hehe.. aspirin didn't do much for me but I know it does work wonders for lots of ppl! I like ur tip of mixing it with Aloe for ppl with sensitive skin

  15. That's Storm Riders. Storm Warriors is a new December 2009 release hahaa~

    Eeeep, you know me very well "Save your cash for something you might really want to get! Like a palette or something, lol"

    Yup, 10 cm is around 4 inches. That's way too high for me to totter around in!

  16. Thank you so much sweetie for getting me that mask. I'll definitely pick something extra for you ;)
    I like shimmer eyeshadows, but I have a lot of them. And not too many of matte ones. But I love both :)

    You should absolutely try to make tiramisu as it's super-easy and super-fast to make. Trust me, you will love it :)
    muuuuahh :*