Having a hard time achieving that natural, glowy tan look? Do you end up looking like an oompa loompa? Look no further! Estee lauder's Day Wear Plus with Sheer Tint Release might just be the answer for you!

BRAND: Estee Lauder
PRODUCT: DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer SPF15 Sheer Tint Release (Mouth-full isn't it?)
PROS: Hydrates, Coverage, Contains SPF, Evens Out Skin Tone
CONS: Can Fade, May Be Dark For Most, Perhaps Discontinued
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Okay, so I promised a "bright" make-up demo on my twitter (My twitter is hanidee_ NOT hanidee. I don't know who the other hanidee is, lol.), but when I checked my eye shadow collection, I realized I don't own any "super bright" shades, ha! And since I'm on a small make-up ban, this is as bright as its going to get lovelies, lol.

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Yaby Midnight Blue
Pixi Bright Eyes Palette (Medium Metallic Green)
Bed Head Eyeshadow Palette (Metallic Navy & Lime Green)
Jordana Color XTend Eyeliner in Black Out
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in Blackest Black

I've been wearing this look a lot. Its very simple, quick and you can change the colors to create a whole new look. Using mostly ELF single pan shadows! Great for a fast prom look or for ladies who don't usually wear make-up. Great for beginners too, as these shadows blend easily. Enhances brown eyes as well! Enjoy(:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
ELF Essentials Custom Eyes - Golden Glow
ELF Essentials Custom Eyes - Moondust
ELF Essentials Custom Eyes - Sage
ELF Essentials Custom Eyes - Ivory
Wet N Wild Color Icon Singles - Envy
Sonia Kashuk Gel Liner - Cocoa
Maybelline Falsies Mascara - Blackest Black
ELF Studio Blush & Contour Duo
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream NO31

My good friend Hanna (of Hanna Hullabaloo) sent me some items last year. Among the goodies was this nose mud mask by Yubiki. I was a bit hesitant to try this at first but after testing a few times, I grew to like it. Not sure where you can get this but if I find a link, I'll put it up for who are interested. Yes, I've used Biore Pore Strips before and I don't like them. Its harsh on my skin, its hard to take off (it hurts!) and it makes my pores larger with continued use - BOO! This is a more gentle and effective for me.

A request! Took me for FOREVER to post this. If I'm late dear, I'm really sorry! I really tried; if only we talked sooner, I would've definitely gotten this post up much earlier. I hope you enjoyed your prom night. This is the exact same color placement, just slightly intensified.
Urban Decay Primer Potion
88 Matte Palette (Transition Shade)
Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette (Right Side - 2nd, 3rd & 4th Shades)
Sonia Kashuk Gel Liner in Cocoa (Any brown liner will do; or even black)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Rimmel Kohl Liner in Jungle Green
MAC Gorgeous Gold
Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Dark Blonde & Dark Brown