Love Box

Hello my lovelies, just wanted to make a quick post about a recent package I've received from the wonderful AtelierGal - if you haven't checked out her site yet, you should! She's a smart and beautiful girl who does some really nice skin care reviews as well as beautiful EOTDs! So go check her out and follow her. (: She read that I was looking for a good primer and she wanted to send me Maybelline's Angelfit primer to try out. Of course being the sweetheart she is, she also added some real nice skin care products and yummy treats as well! ♥

Let me start talking about those yummy treats she gave me. Oh my goodness, I didn't know cheese rice crackers would taste so delish! LOL. I destroyed those in a quickness! She also gave me two packets of her favorite tea and her favorite instant coffee. I haven't tried those yet, and yes hun I do drink coffee occasionally. (: She also gave me a sample of her current HG light powder. I haven't tried that yet either, but I've touched it and its so soft and silky! I can't wait to use this on my face! Thanks for the sample hun! She also included a Lavera lip balm. Now, I've heard some good reviews about it and I've only tested it once. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, so I'll let you know how this balm holds up to my HG balm.

She's awesome to send me some skin care items! There's a soft mask + essence which contains pearl powder. I've tried it out already and it does a nice job on tightening and brightening the skin, I haven't used the essence yet so I'll keep you updated on that as well. So far so good though! AtelierGal was also a doll to send me one of her favorite masks from Bio Essence. She told me this was a little pricey, so I'm scared of trying it (its so tiny!) because I might just like it and I don't want to bother her to get me another, so I'll test this out later, lol. Then there's 2 samples of the Cure Aqua Gel, which apparently is a popular product right now? Its said to be good for blackheads and clogged pores, so we'll see if it does the job on my nose since that's my main trouble area.

I was ecstatic that she sent me her tub of Eyeko cream. I love the sample that Lane gave me and when she told me she would send me the full size tub, I was really happy. Thank you so much dear! You might have already read my comparison post about this (if you haven't click here!) and know that I like Eyeko cream a lot. If you're looking for a cream highlighter that's inexpensive, I'd say check Eyeko out since they offer free shipping worldwide. (:

Lastly, the star product, Maybelline's Angelfit Primer. Im going to use up my Body Shop Primer first before using this, but I did manage to quickly test this on the back of my hand. The texture is very light and doesn't have the slippery silicone feeling that most primers have. It almost feels like a moisturizer to me, like the Rimmel Fix & Perfect, but lighter. I tested a bit on my nose and it didn't leave me oily. So I'll write a full review once I've tested this for a week or so.

Also, I'd like to know what products all of you have on your wishlist? I haven't been interested in any new collections so maybe you all can help me look into something I don't know about yet?

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you all have a great week! ♥


  1. Glad you like the rice crackers, I'll send more in my soon-to-come package.

    Milo's on my lap so I can't think & type at the same time lol


  2. - AtelierGal ;
    You're too awesome<3 LOL. Milo's everywhere with you isn't he?

  3. cute gift items !! Atelier gal is really sweet!

    See, cant wait to see ur review of the angelfit primer.. :)

  4. aww she's so sweet to give you all that, and yummm i love rice cracker and I love cheese so cheese rice cracker sounds delish :D

    And sure e mail me when you're ready to order. I'm closing my store for winter holiday soon since I'm visiting my folks on the other side of Canada. so let me know!

  5. Aww I love rice crackers! It's nice of her to get em for you. But cheese favour? Gosh I hope my local supermarket have it!

    Hey we dont have that Maybelline primer in Malaysia. Well maybe not yet. I havent used any primer since my Benefit badgal ran out months ago, lol~ I'm looking forward to your review on that. ;)

  6. - Blovet ;
    Thanks! But I think I'll do the review into the new year, my skin's bad right now, lol.

    - Pop Champagne ;
    Ah okay, I won't bother you then. I'll email you into after New Years! You have a nice holiday! Yes, those rice crackers are so yummy!

  7. - Hanna ;
    That gal works for you? It brightened up my skin which I loved, but it didn't do that great as a primer for me, lol. I'll be sure to do an extensive review on it for you! You should check your local market! Its so good!