Black Friday Disappointment & Meet My New Baby


So most of you know or heard of Black Friday. I believe its pretty similar to warehouse sales, stores open as early as 3AM and you can get a lot of items 30%-60% off. I was so ecstatic last year because I got a ton of stuff, but sadly, this year I hardly got anything. I wanted to get some clothes, but the items that were on sale were not....nice, haha. I was so disappointed that I even forgot to step into Sephora to get something for a swap, lol!

So, I didn't get anything make up related - sadly, I really wanted to get my hands on NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and the Book of Shadows II as I missed their F&F sale! But I'm actually eyeing 2 palettes from Beauties Factory - well, maybe 4 (ha!) so I can't wait to get those and review them for you lovelies!

The one thing that I was real happy to get was this - a Samsumg SL 202 from my ever so wonderful BF! He knew I've been wanting a new camera, so he spoiled me rotten and got me one on Black Friday! Initially, he was going to get the Nikon Coolpix, but it was sold out, then the Sony Cybershot - sold out, then the Olympus FE - again sold out (lol) so finally, he settled for the SL 202. Best Buy was so packed! Even at 10AM! The line was super long but well worth it. They only had one color, but I'm not complaining because I can finally do makeup looks and I don't have to deal with the webcam anymore. His cousin got a PS3 Slim exclusive package that came with two games, which included Little Big Planet (so cute!). Well, here's my new baby!

Anyway, are there any of you out there that have been to Mimi's Cafe? One of my besties came down to visit and she wanted to take me out for a belated birthday dinner and we decided to hit Mimi's. It was our first time there and sadly, it didn't meet our expectations much. The appetizer we ordered was definitely worth it, but our main dishes weren't. I almost always go for the pastas first as I'm an alfredo and fettuccine freak - so I'm real picky about it. If the pasta is good, I know I'll come back and try the other dishes, but the fettuccine I ordered was kind of blah. My friend ordered a wrap and she said hers was a bit dry, but we both agreed that the appetizer was delish. I ordered the Mimi's Trio, which included their famous Spinach & Artichoke dip, along with some chicken and fried zuccini, alognside three other dips - so yummy! I also ordered the Asian Trio (LOL) to go and it came with shrimp, pot stickers and cold slaw which was pretty good.

Mimi's portion sizes are what we should be eating and surprisingly, it really filled me up. Sorry I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my dish. I might go a second time with my BF since he wanted to see if he'll like it, but those who have been to Mimi's and like the restaurant, are there any dishes you'd recommend me to try?

I'll be back with some reviews and looks so keep a look out and thanks so much to those who have followed me in the beginning as well as my new followers. I have something coming up for you all so sit tight! Take care and have a great weekend! ♥


  1. The camera looks impressive. Do loads of test shots! I need to get one too, for clearer pix. Mobiles can't be trusted anymore LOL


  2. yea! new camera:) oh and I read u are getting some manly palettes??? super exciting babes cause they are so pigmented and gorgeous, hope u'll love them:)

  3. wow i really love the color of ur new camera..owhh ur bf is so wonderful & thoughtful ;)

  4. it's nice to have a good camera! i've been lemming for one..

  5. dissapointment oh no! I would loveee to spend thanksgiving down in US just for black friday one year. The camera looks great and the color is not bad! hehe I was goig to say good thing you didn't get the Olympus I had one before and it was sooooo slow... and thanks for your comment, yeah seems like everyone wants something out of a friendship these days eh. Have fun taking a bunch of pics!! :D

  6. Aww the camera looks really nice :)

  7. Your bf was so sweet. The new camera looks great, I love the color.

  8. - AtelierGal ;
    I know! Mobile phones can turn on you, lol. I've been taking some test shots and I'm trying figure out all the functions right now, lol.

    - Dina (XYYAN) ;
    They're definitely cheaper during the holidays. You should so get one!<3

    - ms.iu ;
    Thank you! He's such a sweetheart<3

  9. - Pop Champagne ;
    This year wasn't worth waking up early for the Black Friday, but last year def. was! I hope next year it gets better. If you ever get the chance, do go to one, you find some awesome deals! I got some banana rep. shirts for a fraction of the cost!<3 Yup, sometimes you can't figure out which guys are truly there for you as a "friend". Its so sad.

    - Blovet Beauty ;
    Yup! I'm going to try some. I hope I like them better than my 88 Palette. I hear the double stack one was nice too!

  10. - anjalee ;
    You must camwhore with me after class on Thursday, lmao. Sorry about today though, I was way too tired from dropping him off at work. I didn't get much sleep.

    - Gio ;
    Thanks! He's awesome and I can't wait to see how the colors come out when I do MU looks!

  11. A brand new camera, from a bf! Owh now im jealous! Your bf is so sweet and thoughtful, isnt he?

    I cant wait to see your beauty hauls, FOTDs after this. =D

  12. I love Mimi's Cafe! I used to be a waitress when I was still in college. It was a yummy little place! :)