Lavshuca Light Mix Eyes in GN-1


Okay, I've finally got the chance to review these awesome palettes I've received from the beautiful Lane of Blovet Beauty. This palette is from Lavshuca's recent fall collection and the color Lane got me was GN-1 - which is a green based palette.

I like the packaging. Its a nice purple princess-like type of packaging. People often call Lavshuca the "cute, princess version of Kate". Though I have to say, the packaging for this palette is slightly flimsy. I have't tried any of their other palettes, so I can can't say they're all like this. But if I were to compare this to Majolica Majorca's packaging, Lavshuca's isn't as sturdy as Majolica.

All the colors are shimmery, nothing chunky, just fine shimmer. The top left color is the mixing highlight that you use first before applying the rest of the color to giving a nice "highlight" effect, while the bottom right color is a nice shimmery gold, which gives a dimension and a nice sheen to the lid. It goes in this order.

How it would look like applied.

Here are some swatches. Everything was swatched with out a base. There's an off-white, olive green, deep brown with green undertone/shimmer and a nice gold color. The deep brown accent color is the most pigmented out of the bunch. Sadly, my cam washed out the colors a bit, sorry.

I did find the gold highlight powder to have a little fall out if used on its own without a base. Either than that everything else is fine. The texture is super soft and smooth. The colors have medium-high pigmentation and glides on nicely. I love how this palette can be versatile. It can give a nice natural look or give a nice soft smokey effect as well. Defintely a nice palette for going out.


  1. I agree with you on the packaging part! I don't own any e/s palettes from Kate so I can't compare it with a fellow Kanebo brand but imo, Lavshuca's packaging is the worst among all the drugstore brands :[

  2. Hmm I don't have any Lavshuca palette, but I used to own Kate palette and it was quite sturdy and looked classy :P
    The deep brown color looks gorgeous with all the shimmers :D I like Kanebo products in general, due to pigmentation and the finish. Yet sometimes I still find the highlight is way too shimmery haha so I tend to use other e/s as my highlight. It'd look great on nightout though

  3. the colors are very cute, I want to try some now :)

  4. Guess who this is?! :D
    I'm following you.
    Lol ♥

  5. U took a really great shot of this palette and ur swatches look way better than mine on pic:) Frankly, L colors are really wearable and I like how the shimmers are obvious but they don't overpower the entire eye...They have a really nice color combination for their palettes too...

  6. Hi there! You've got a nice blog =) I've been lemming for Lavshuca's new palettes and your swatches look great!

  7. whoa.
    now don't that look pretty.
    the packaging is so adorable

  8. if your es falls out easily, apply primer first either on that spot or entire eyelid

  9. Blair ;
    LOL, yup. Everything else is pretty good, but their packaging needs to upped a notch.

    Shuu ;
    LOL. Defnitely agree with you. The highlight is a bit too shimmery compared to everything else. I just use super teeny amounts, haha. Nice to know that Kate is sturdy!

    amynaree ;
    Very cute indeed, can't wait to hear about it if you do try it out!

  10. Angelle ;
    Yay! I finally get to view your profile, lol. Dude, I love your damn template! LOL. I'll follow my lover too, ha!<3

    Blovet Beauty ;
    Defnitely are wearable, I think the shimmers on this palette are less obvious than MJ - compared to the ones you got me anyway, haha. I love their color combos too<3

    Luna ;
    Thank you sweety! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do when you get them!

  11. LyNn ;
    I do too<3

    Ateliergal ;
    I always wear a primer because I have slightly oily lids. I'm informing those who don't wear or don't like to wear any type of primer or base that it has fall out. (:

  12. The colors are very pretty and I love the packaging, it's so cute!