DIY Beauty: Acne Scar Treatment

Even though I don't do many posts on skin care, but I'm obsessed with achieving the "flawless skin". After all, flawless makeup requires a nice clean base right? Since acne hit me in 2005, I've been researching on ingredients that works best for my skin and being cautious of what I put on my skin. If you have read my "How I Cleared My Acne and Acne Scars" post, then you have read about me using nutmeg and honey as an acne scar treatment. It may sound a little odd for most people, but this recipe indeed really works. Again, all thanks to Sesame and Leon.

A little overview of what nutmeg and honey can do for the skin:
- Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties. It was said to be used in ancient times for varying skin diseases.
- Honey is the best known natural acne-fighting ingredient. Honey can improve your complexion, make your skin glow and maintain oil balance.
- Read my older posts about nutmeg scar treatment and other recipes using honey.

Now, the amount of honey and nutmeg is up to you since we all have our own preferences. If you want the treatment to be more dry, just add more nutmeg. If you want your treatment to be more moisturizing - simple add more honey. I usually stay in the middle with 1/2 a teaspoon for each one.

I usually do this before I take a shower, so if you see my dark circles, I apologize for the ugliness, ha! I leave the treatment on for about 15-20 minutes. ONLY APPLY THIS ONTO SCARS! Using this treatment on your entire face could irritate your skin.

I recommend using unprocessed honey (raw honey), because it'll work faster than using regular honey. But if you're unable to find raw, unprocessed honey, go ahead and use regular honey. I used Encore Gourmet Ground Nutmeg - but any type of ground nutmeg you can find is fine.

Mix the two ingredients into a nice paste like so.

Now apply onto your acne scars. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes.

Wash off with luke warm water and continue with your daily routine!
Results will vary depending on how many times you use it for how long, and your skin type. My results took about a month or so - and with any DIY type of skincare usually take a little longer to get results. Of course results aren't immediate. Just be patient with it.

Have existing acne? Add cinnamon to the mix or just use cinnamon and honey toegther and apply them to your pimples. The cinnamon should combat redness and swelling.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask.
I'll do my best to answer all your questions. (:


  1. I use a honey mask once a week to set acne at bay. Just ordinary pure honey from the supermarket.

  2. Dee does this nutmeg and honey mix heal the acne or reduce scars? ur skin is looking mighty clear already! eheheh I'm going to buy some nutmeg later and apply it to those stubborn marks!!
    oh does this mixture darken the skin, the way pure aloe vera does?

  3. Dee, how many times per week can I use this treatment?

  4. wow gud DIY tips! i shud try this! =D

  5. Thanks for a great tip. Im definitely gonna try it out. :)
    Great blog! Im a new follower.

  6. Atelier gal ;
    I can't use regular honey on my face. it doesn't have any kind of effect for my skin, so I use raw honey.

  7. Blovet Beauty ;
    I only used it for scars, but I hear it can help with acne, like with redness and swelling. You can always add a little cinnamon if you have acne. And nope, this mixture doesn't darken your skin at all. (:

    Blair ;
    You can use it as many times as you want. But I'd recommend you to use this 3x a week at night first and see how that goes for you.

  8. Vonvon ;
    Thank you Von dear!<3

    ms.iu ;
    Thanks! I hope it works out for you!

    Kasia B ;
    I hope it works out for you. Thanks for following me! <3

  9. Hey Dee, I have more questions for you haha!

    About the nutmeg+honey mixture, if I made too much, can I keep it in the fridge and use it the next day or must I make a fresh batch everytime?

    And thanks so much for replying in my blog! =D

  10. Blair ;
    Yup, sometimes I save extra paste overnight. But I never exceed 2 days since there's no preservatives in it for shelf life, lol.

  11. Great tips Dee :)
    I have recommended my friend who have acne scars to try this out :D
    Your cinnamon tips to combat acne works great on her, and me too when I have breakout xD

  12. Great tips Dee :)
    I have recommended my friend who have acne scars to try this out :D
    Your cinnamon tips to combat acne works great on her, and me too when I have breakout xD

  13. Nice tips Dee..

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