Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt & BDay Wishlist!

I'm pretty relieved that I finished my exam for my Computer Science course yesterday, and don't you just hate it when you study for an exam and half the things you studied aren't on the test? I saw the exam questions and went "WHA?", ha! I hope I did ok since there were a few questions that got me stumbled so I had to guess on quite a few. But anywho, I've been trying out a new mascara since a few people had been talking about it and it was a good price (about $6USD) for it so I thought why not.

I've been trying Rimmel's Glam'eyes Lash Flirt Mascara for about 3 weeks now and I think I'm able to compare it to my current HG mascara, Maybelline's Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Mascara (Thanks Hanna!).

The packaging is gorgeous! Its a nice black and gold jeweled-like packaging. One of the prettiest packaging for mascaras that I've seen yet. The applicator has Rimmel's Crown Logo on it which is a nice touch.

What I like most about the mascara is the brush. It has two sides - a short side and a long side. You can use the shorter side to build the mascara and use the longer side to comb and separate your lashes. Picture is in black and white and was brightened to see the bristles better.

Now, what makes this interesting is the flexible brush this mascara has. Its a rubber bristled brush (Cat Eyes is a comb-type). Now, when I see "flexible" I think a brush that's not super flimsy, just something that bends slightly. This is the brush and me barely applying pressure onto the wand on my notebook. See how it bends like no tomorrow? Its sometimes even hard to get it back into the tube since the brush is so "flexible", so you have to be careful because you could seriously bend or break off the wand, haha.

The mascara in use (sorry for the blur!). A quick EOTD I did for a palette I'm reviewing later this week. As you can see, this mascara is pretty good for those who are looking for some good definition and nice length to their lashes. With Cat Eyes, you get good separation and a bit of volume. What Glam'eyes have over Cat Eyes is that it doesn't really stiffen my lashes, but then again - Cat Eyes is waterproof so...lol. But if you're like me and are a bit rough with your mascaras, I wouldn't recommend it cause you would seriously abuse the crap out of this. xD


So my birthday's next month and I usually don't celebrate it since it never goes as planned or something wrong happens. Its been about a good 5 years now since I've celebrated it. Usually I go to dinner with my BF or bestie and that's about it. So what do I do? I SHOWER MYSELF WITH STUFF, HA! So here's my top items I'm lemming. (:

Banila Co. De La Couture II Eyeshadow Palette

Dubbed the "Korean version of Benefit" and I must say, they're pretty similar, though I hate Benefit, since most of their stuff never works for me. I just ordered this recently, but Korea's on holiday (Happy Chuseok!) so I don't know when I'll receive this. I'm anxious to try this out cause Banila Co. rocks! I recommend their eyeshadow duos if you're thinking of trying them out. ♥

Castledew Dia Cut Eyes in #901 Planet Diamond

I was very interested in this palette when Lane was raving about this. She sent me an extra VoV eyeshadow and I'm so happy she did. The pigmentation is good as well! This palette is so wearable and it has super pretty pakaging.

Maquillage Eyes Creator 3D in #BR363

I know I talked about getting the Limited Summer Edition palettes (the silver/gold packagings), but when I found out that the eyeshadows were all cream, I decided not to get it. I was going to order the Alexander Wang palette, but couldn't find BR365, but this is just as beautiful!

What's on your wishlist? I'd love to hear what you beauties have been lemming on!


  1. DEE! i totally get wat u say about birthdays and not wanting to celebrate them.. I dun expect anything from anyone so its easier tat way for me.. my family and extended side always have alittle cake for me and I'm happy enough!! I wish u an early birthday since u are 2 days before me!! Wait for UR diacut K sweetie!! U'll love it :)

  2. Ahhh, fantastic wishlist you have got there!!! Please do review the Banila Co palette once you receive yours?

    My wishlist? Lunasol Star Shower Eyes 03 Dazzling Night and Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 04 Hot Cherry :)

  3. so i guess you still prefer maybelline cats eye? :)
    nice shadows.
    but i dont think they are available in malaysia.. right? :(

  4. hello fellow November baby! Your wishlist looks great! I've my eye on the Banila palette too. I'm expecting my virgin Banila haul via CP soon! so excited =)
    The Castledew palettes is great! I have that exact one, and I love it!! And I have mad love for MQ's eye creators. I've got 6 of them, including BR363, which is one of my faves! It's a really good choice. BR363 is warmer toned then BR365, so depends on which you prefer =)

  5. Blovet Beauty ;

    Same here, my family just throws me something small and get me a cake, I'm all good. Thanks! Happy early birthday to you too! Go Scorpios! Sorry for the net cutting me off so much while we were chatting don't know why it happened. I can't wait! Thanks so much for getting it for me~! *MUAHS*<333

  6. Blair ;

    Sure, I'll do a review for you sweety<3 Ohh, I was lemming on some of those Star Shower Eyes palettes as well. I want Start of Night and Close of Night.<3 Haven't tried Jill Stuart yet, but I hear you get a cute brush with the blush!

  7. LyNn ;

    Yup, I still prefer my HG mascara. I still haven't tried anything that's up to par yet. Maybe things might change when I try the MJ mascara, haha.

  8. Luna ;

    Go November babies! Thanks! I can't wait to read your Cp Banila Co. haul dear! I'm sure you love it! Thanks for letting me know. I think BR363 and BR365 are somewhat close to each other, I think BR364 is slightly warmer than the two. We'll see how it turns out! I can't wait to get my hands on the Dia Cuts!

  9. I cringe when you bend the mascara wand. My Guerlain mascara also have 2 brushes which is pretty. But it's way longer than my other mascaras that I have a hard time keeping it lol

  10. The packaging looks so classy and glamorous! :)
    I tried Glam Eyes mascara before, and it has similar wand too lol. Mine became curved after a while lol
    Big yay for november baby! I am too lol
    My wish list? hmm that'd be a long one :P But I still want Guerlain terracotta bronzer up to now >_<