S'pore Is Where To Be

So I was interested in some skin care items Lane was selling on her blog. When she told me I had to wait 6-10 weeks for them to arrive since they were liquids, I was bummed. But they arrived on Saturday along with a birthday love package from the amazing Blovet Beauty! I was ecstatic! Singapore post is pretty quick! ♥

The skin care items I purchased from Lane: Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Cucumber Cleasing Lotion. I'll try these items starting today, and I'll be back to write a review towards the end of next month. Now on to my birthday items! I wanted to take a picture of me holding the package, but I was so excited it arrived early, I ripped everything apart like my life depended on it, ha!

My birthday is this Sunday, and I'm not sure if I'm going to celebrate this year so getting packages like this really makes me smile. Thank you Lane!

Above is an Everyday Minerals Blush in Soft Touch. It is a matte baby pink color. Though its really pretty, it doesn't show up on my skin very well - however if I layer it on, it looks chalky. I think its because I'm a bit tan, haha. But this blush works wonderfully as a blending color. I use it to blend harsh lines and to "quiet" a loud color.

She also got me the Castledew Dia Cut Eyes in #901 Planet Diamond. This is an amazing palette. I actually expected it to be heavier, but its super light. I absolutely love the colors. All of them compliment each other so well and you can create an array of different looks. They're also very pigmented! I am not disappointed! I hear the #902 palette is more pigmented so I might just grab it and compare the two. Sad that the top middle and last color came chipped a little, but all is good. I was amazed of how hard these baked shadows were. I would think baked shadows are soft (like MAC MSF shadows).

She was kind enough to send me some Korean brand falsies. I'm no pro at applying these, but these falsies make it pretty easy and gives you that natural full lash effect. If you trim them, they make amazing corner lashes!

I told Lane I was interested in these hair rollers when she talked about them in a post, and she was awesome to get me some! These work so well - especially when I want to give my hair more volume!

Yay for extra freebies! The little blue capped tub is a highlighter (I think). It had a real nice pink pearly glow to it - very pretty. Lane knows I'm into brightening and whitening skin care, so she sent me samples of Bio Essence Tanaka White. She also sent me two samples of Palmer's Fade Cream and a Vita C masksheet from TheFaceShop. I can't wait to try these out!

To me, this item is the KING of all the gifts. Lane offered to give me her MAC 187 brush since she rarely uses it. I've been lemming on this brush for a while now and I wasn't not sure whether to get it since the price tag on this brush is pretty hefty. Lane was so kind to give this to me. Everything people said about this brush is true. Out of all my duo-fibre brushes, the 187 is the softest. Thank you tons for adding this to my brush collection dear!

I really love and adore everything you gave me sweety!
You've definitely spoiled me on this one!
Thank you so much again Lane!

The items I got for you are nothing compared to what you got for me, but I really hope you like everything (plus the little extras) when it arrives in S'pore! I hope you have an awesome birthday as well and I wish you nothing but happiness and more in the years to come!
♥ ♥ ♥

And another note, Lane is having a 100TH FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY jam-packed with awesome stuff! Lane is an amazing blogger who is super sweet and very helpful. Within three months she's hit over 100 followers and I'm so happy for her! A talented and unique girl indeed. If you haven't checked out Lane's blog yet, please do so because you're missing out! She's awesome I tell you!


  1. Those look so cute! ♥

    The hair rollers never worked for me. I don't know why. Either my hair is just stubborn or I did it wrong. LOL :D

  2. wow! nice stuffs. Happy birthday in advanced, Dee!
    the castledew palette looks great!

  3. Hahaha... Dee.. i wana kick myself now! I sent u a few emails asking if u had received my gift!! I hadn't checked out this blog entry first!! Damn!! I'm so happy U liked the stuff I sent u! Honestly, i was a little worried that it wouldn't be substantial enough as a gift and I was like " castledew cracked!!!** also, that pink highlighter thingy was the 3 in1 eyeko cream :) Its great for eyes, cheeks, sometimes i use it on my lips too.. hehe.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! glad everything reached u so so soon!

  4. - anjalee ;
    Maybe you're doing it wrong, LOL!

    - Ateliergal ;
    Thank you dear!

  5. - Dina (XYYan);
    Thanks Dina!<3

    - Blovet Beauty ;
    Ohh, I've been wanting to try that highlighter cream! It works pretty nice. I think when I run out, I'm going to order from Eyeko. Thank you so much once again! I really do love everything! *HUGS*

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a great day! :)

  7. Everything looks so pretty!

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a fantastic day!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!! Laney is such a sweetheart!!!

  9. hey, thanks for your comment! the blossom necklace is 16 inches :)