New Found Love, Sephora F&F Code & Where U At?

New found love? No, I don't have a new BF (LOL). But I have found something that is superior to my current holy grail mascara - the Maybelline Hypercurl Cat Eyes. After trying different local mascaras - Rimmel Glam Eyes, Cover Girl Lash Exact, L'Oreal Voluminous, etc. - there is now a winner. *drum roll*

And the winner is......

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus!

And the reason why I adore this mascara so much? Its all in the brush.

This is a comb-type fiber mascara that has two sides. The straight end is help deposit the mascara onto your lash line to give an "eyeliner" effect while the curved end is to define and lengthen your lashes giving it a "fan" effect. There have been so many raves about this mascara is all true. This is probably one of the best mascaras I've tried (Thanks so much Lane!).

When I first opened the mascara to see the applicator, it was loaded with tons of fiber. I would post up an image, but my camera didn't catch the fibers well, so you're going to have to trust me. I had to remove a bit of the product of the applicator though since my lashes a fairly long and even if I applied mascara carefully, I'd get some spots here and there. I know that people have said this mascara is a pain to remove, but for me, removing the mascara wasn't an issue. I had to use a tad more eye makeup remover than usual, but it wasn't bad. This mascara holds a curl really well and doesn't weigh my lashes down. It did not flake or irritate my eyes - a great plus! It didn't leave my lashes super stiff either. It does a great job on lengthening and separating the lashes. Totally recommend this to anyone!

These pictures were cropped using MS Paint since my photoshop went wonkers on me and I couldn't sharpen the pictures - so everything is saved in PNG so the pictures would be of decent quality. I apologize if it loads slow on your computer. I'm seriously like lost cause without my photoshop, lol. ):

This is all one coat of the mascara to show you how awesome the fibers are. This mascara is definitely buildable to give a more dense look to the lashes.

Ladies, Big Bang's Taeyang is back! This time he showcases his producing skills (along side Teddy) in his latest hit "Where U At?". I prefer Taeyang's vocals compared to GD. I've been a Big Bang lover since they've debuted and I adore that GD's innovative and all, but his vocals aren't that up to par in my opinion and his solo debut didn't really catch my eye to be honest. Plus, it seems that Taeyang is often shadowed by his fellow colleague. I'm really anticipating his second track/MV called "Wedding Dress" that's said to be out in November, so I can't wait! Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo (the dancers in this video) did a great job on the choreo. Love these two choreographers! I'm definitely going to buy this album when it releases and I'm sure I'm going to love it as much as I did with his first single! ♥

Any one eyeing anything for Sephora's Friends & Family event? It starts tomorrow! I'm still contemplating whether or not I should purchase anything since the items that I wanted are already sold out on this site - BOO! I'm lemming some Illamasqua, Stila and Urban Decay items, but not sure if I should put off on it and save it for Black Friday instead, haha. For those who don't know, Sephora.Com is giving a 20% discount off your entire order from October 19th till November 2nd. Just use promo code "FF2009" at checkout!


  1. i think taeyang's dancing is really fantastic! better than GD sometimes too.. but in terms of style, GD is still my fav! unfortunately, have u seen GD blond curly mop of hair lately. It's totally silly.hahaha.. ur lashes look really lovely, curled and long!

  2. I'm surprised that Maybelline's mascaras are good, better than Guerlain which keeps clumping when applied a 2nd coat. Fasio's arent' too bad either.

  3. Ahhh, I want me some MJ too :)

  4. That wands looks scary lol. But I'm glad the mascara works so well for you, your lashes look amazing!

  5. ooh Sephora is having an event?! I'm going to go check that out right now :D

  6. Blovet Beauty ;
    GD has a mop top again and now its curly? Gosh, the straight version was bad enough, hahahah. I definitely prefer Taeyang, but I do agree that GD's the man when it comes to trying out new fashion, lol.

  7. AtelierGal ;
    I haven't tried Fasio mascaras, but I hear that they're quite good too.

    Blair ;
    I want more MJ myself<3

  8. Gio ;
    Haha, I totally agree with. When I first got this I was confused to how it would work, lol.

    Pop Champagne ;
    Do post about it if you do get something hun!

  9. do you prefer this to maybelline's cats eye?

  10. - LyNn ;
    They're both about the same. While MJ gives more length, Maybelline's give more volume for me.