Sponge Tip Applicators Rock!

So I just finished reading my chapter for tomorrow and I have some free time so why not post tomorrow's post early. And yes, as the title says, I love Japanese sponge tip applicators. They're dense, soft and feels so nice! Much better than the crap we have here. I wish I could get a pack from Daiso or something because I haven't used brushes since I've got these palettes. Crazy huh? They make life so easy. (:
See how bad they make our sponge tip applicators look? LOL.

Okay so I'm not here to talk about the sponge tip applicators, I'm going to review one of the two Majolica Majorca palettes Lane sent me. I'm usually not a fan of green and blue eye shadows (they don't work for me), but for some reason this palette works. Compared to Lavshuca, MJ's packaging is much more sturdy, which is a definite plus.

Majolica Majorca Trick On in GR750 includes a pink beige, olive green, deep blue and a gold. All the colors have smooth textures and give off a metallic sheen - nothing glittery at all. These eye shadows are such great quality for a drugstore brand and I can't believe I didn't discover these sooner. The swatches are on its own without a base. The picture below really doesn't do this palette any justice.

I'm really fond of that deep blue color (its so pretty!) which is so odd since I absolutely hate blue eyeshadow - but this palette is an exception! When I first saw this palette I thought I wasn't going to like it much, but after applying the shadows a few times, it started to grow on me. For me, I'm more into soft colors and neutral colors because of my lifestyle since I can't really wear anything too "loud". But this palette gives me color without looking like a clown. The eye shadows have medium pigmentation and can be layered if you want the colors to be more vibrant. Kind of sucks that the camera couldn't catch the colors better.

I'm wearing the colors as it explains on the box. Using the green on the lid, the pink-beige as a highlight and around the tear duct, the blue as an accent color and the gold on the inner 1/3. These colors are definitely versatile and you can go from a day to night look. I really recommend this palette to anyone who hasn't tried any of Majolica's line.


  1. I hate those applicators that come with es. After a while, despite not using them prior, the sponge turned powdery & waste off when you decide to use them as a last resort.

  2. Hey Dee! Yeah, I didn't really like the colours in this palette at first but now it's growing on me! :)

  3. i'll see if there are any decent looking sponge applicator for daiso :)
    but i cant be sure if they are good or not cause daiso products are close packaged :(
    meaning you cant open them and feel it with your fingers :(

  4. I love MJ and Kate palettes! I think I swatched this palette before, and I love the green color. I'm a sucker for greens :P

  5. Isn't that the one that you accidentally chipped today? Lol :D

    Btw. I finally added a comment link because you wanted it oh-so much :P

  6. AtelierGal ;
    I beg to differ since the quality of the ones here aren't up to par as the Japanese ones, but we all have our preferences.

    Blair ;
    Haha, I was so lost of how to use the colors together and if they would match, but they work well!

  7. LyNn ;
    Its quite okay dear! I don't need these since I really need to use my brushes, lol. But thank you so much for your offer!<3

  8. Shuu ;
    Haha, greens are some what starting to grow on me because of this palette, lol. I haven't tried Kate yet, but I think I might soon!

    Angelle ;
    No, it was the other one, but since its so soft and smooth, I fixed it and you can't tell anymore, ha! Its about time! I want to spam you. xD