N 9 N E


You like the new header? I made it in Photoshop yesterday using an old collage. I'm not one to watch animated movies, but my BF wanted to watch 9, so I thought might as well. Surprisingly enough, it was pretty interesting. Its such a dark movie - which I love, and the storyline's pretty cool - not to mention there's a good amount of action, haha. I can't really say much without revealing the story, so I guess I can let the pictures do the job.

Oh, and I love 7 - she's super athletic, lol.
Sources: Hamaraphotos & Teaser Trailer

Any body seen a new movie and has a recommendation? Next on my list is definitely G.I Joe. I saw Wolverine and I didn't like it much. Also, I'm a bit inspiration-less these days - so if there's anything you want to see me write about, do let me know. Any suggestions would help a lot! Or does anyone need a new header, banner, or anything? I've been in a photoshopping mood lately.


  1. ooohh.. looks like a show with a dark side! i watched GI joe too but didn't find it tat great .. hahaha U wana help me photoshop a really cute header sweetie??

  2. I love the new header, it's gorgeous! You did a great job, well done!

    I haven't seen N9NE yet, but I plan to, it sounds great.

  3. - Blovet Beauty ;

    Really? Hmm, I wanted to watch because of the white ninja in there, hahahahahah. Of coruse I'll help you make a header!

  4. - Gio ;
    Thanks Gio! You should see when you have time. It really is a nice and such a breath of fresh air from all those cutesy animation movies, haha.

  5. Can't watch N9NE because someone I know is not interested. I'll watch with family if I have the time. LOL :P

    Can you photoshop me? Like, as in me ME? Turn me into model status please? lmao! :D

  6. Anjalee ;

    Make that nerd change his mind, lmao. Come to my house again and I'll make you over, hahahahahaha.