STUPID P.O! + Current Favorites Vol. 01

So, I came back home and I saw a box near my computer. Turns out my Banila Co. order came yesterday. My mom told me that the stupid P.O guy knocked the door then just left my package out in the rain. WTF MAN, I know there was a storm yesterday, but couldn't he just wait a minute or two? It wasn't that bad really, just winds at 30MPH (maybe a little higher?) speeds, hahahaha. But luckily everything was in tact and wasn't damaged so I'm good. BOO to that lazy P.O though! But any way, I think I did something similar to this on my old blog, so I wanted to bring it back. But instead of writing about things I dislike, I'm listing my current favorites.

Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer

I loved this when I first purchased it and I still love it now. I recently bought the Olay Complete moisturizer and I still find myself reaching this. This is my all-time favorite moisturizer. Its light, and once you apply cream on your face it starts to liquify and absorbs into your skin super quick. This is great for me since I'm usually late for class and I can't afford to waste time waiting for my moisturizer to sink in my skin. This keeps my oily t-zone at bay.

TheFaceShop Quick & Clean Oil-Free Suncream SPF35 PA++

Probably one of the best sunscreens I've used to date. Before I used a Neutrogena one, and it didn't work for me. Neutrogena made my skin dry and flake no like no tomorrow. Honestly, I don't like Neutrogena products in general. They've never worked for me. TheFaceShop sun cream does its job - it doesn't leave my skin oily, it doesn't clog my pores, didn't give me any irritations and it absorbs well.

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Refined

I'm so happy I changed my mind and purchased this before it was gone from the MAC site. Compared to the other MSFs, this is so finely milled and leaves the skin with a soft golden-peach sheen. One of the best that MAC has made.

Majolica Majorca Majolook Trick On in BR751

I love this so much I made a dent as you can see (actually, it was an accident lol). A great everyday palette. Soft textures, nicely pigmented, fine shimmer and not overly glimmery. This is quite a versatile palette as well. I didn't review this since this and the GR750 are from the same range. Swatches.

Studio Tools Duo Fibre Skunk Brush

Sorry its dirty, I just finished using it! Comparable to the MAC 187, the size is between the 187 and the 188. Very dense and full, gives a soft effect. I've only used this once for liquid foundation and I was surprised of how well it did. Way better than my Sonia Kashuk Duo Fibre brush - because it doesn't bald, haha. Plus, for 7USD, what more could you ask for?


Just for cuteness sake - I tried to get some shots of her sleeping,
but I guess she felt my presence and woke up, lol.
Or maybe she heard my BF saying, "What are you doing?", HAHAHA.

And sorry about the different watermarks. All the pictures were edited at diffferent times so I kept forgetting which watermark I used, hahaha.


  1. I've been trying to get the Merlot moisturizer but the damn site refuse to ship overseas.

    Neutrogena products in general don't do much, imo.

    You should post more pix of your cute~

  2. LOL oh my gosh that P.O. guy's an idiot :P

    And the puppy looks sooo peaceful... when it's actually not. lmao :D

  3. Oooh, I want to try more of MM's Trick on Powder range... I like the texture a lot :)

  4. I agree too! Neutrogena doesnt work on my skin at all. it leaves me with reddness, zits and nothing nice. the face shop sunscreen sounds pretty good!! btw, ur dog is adorable, how old is she?

  5. Awww your pup is SOOO CUTE :D I can't believe the mailman left your package outside. it could have gotten stolen. some people just don't think!

    And yes I still have 2 of the autumn necklaces left. Email if you're still interested ;)

  6. the Merlot moisturizer sounds great! sadly not available in SG.. =(

    I'm also loving Refined and MM's Trick on in BR751!! It was my first MM palette and still my Fave!! =)

  7. That moisturizer sounds amazing. Too bad is not available here.

    Your puppy is soo cute!

  8. - AtelierGal ;
    Aww, sorry it doesn't ship internationally dear. Maybe one of these days I can send you a travel size of it to try out!

    - Anjalee ;
    Hey, she can be peaceful at times. You've just seen her on her "hyper" days, LOL.

  9. - Blair ;
    I love MJ's textures too! Even their applicators are superior, HAHAHA.

    - Blovet Beauty ;
    The dog is about a year old. She's growing so fast though! Yeah, Neutrogena products just don't work at all. Its probably one of the worst lines out there.

  10. - Pop Champagne ;
    I know, I was so pissed off when my mother told me that. That P.O. should get fired! And definitely! I'll write you an email real soon! Thanks for letting me know hun!

  11. - Luna ;
    BR751 has probably the best neutral palette out there for me so far, haha. Ahh, maybe when I finally get my giveaway together, I'll throw in the Merlot just so other people can try it out.

    - Gio ;
    Thanks! Sucks its not available internationally. *_*