Lavshuca 2009 Autumn Collection

Hey everyone, I'm still sick (my throat is killing me), but everything else seems to be getting better. I'm just coughing like an ugly cow. But I was looking up Japanese cosmetics yesterday and I came across this. I know I'm slow, but what the hell right? (: So I hear that Lavshuca's been coming out with boring collections lately, and to me, this collection is far from being boring. The packaging is beautiful and the colors are really nice.

Lavshuca's new collection is jam packed with:

  • Lavshuca Light Mix Eyes (5 Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Grade Color Eyes (1 New Shade Selection)

  • Lavshuca Dual Prism Eyes (2 New Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Full Baloon Rouge (15 Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Rouge Star Classics (2 New Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Power Memory Eyebrow (2 Shade Selections)

  • Lavshuca Power Memory Eyeliner (1 Shade Selection)

  • Lavshuca Pore Concealer Base

I'm eyeing me some BR-1 and GN-1 palettes. What about you?

Check out the line at :


  1. i swear u have expanded my narrow knowledge of cosmetics babes... I can't wait myself to get a hold of these palettes for u and err me... hehehe. I am on a makeup ban now till 8th sept. will go nuts and crazy in Japan... :P

  2. BLovet ;
    You've expanded my knowledge in a lot of areas as well dear! Haha. I hope you a great time in Japan! Be sure to tell me how the food's like!

  3. I'm eying everything lol ;p Oooh, I can't help reading your comment to Lane. I'm not the one who's going to Japan but I'm pretty excited all the same haha!