Banila Co. De La Couture II Palette + Awards

Somewhat overdue. This was requested by Blair a few posts back. Sorry I took a little long to do this review for you hun! I only purchased the eyeshadow palette since I'm really trying to restrain myself from purchasing items I don't need, ha! Plus, holiday season is coming up and I'm saving all I can for Black Friday, hahaha. Now on to the review. Dubbed the Korean version of Benefit, Banila Co. is a very sleek and chic brand with a nice range of products.

I really like the design on this. Its a bronze metal type (very sturdy) palette with flower and lace designs on it. The picture may look like its a pretty big palette - its not. Its about the size of my palm. Its very convenient since you can put this in your purse or makeup bag as it doesn't take up much space.

There are five colors and one cream base. Four of the eye shadows are pearly while the last color (dark brown) is almost matte. The eye shadows are soft, easy to blend, and are pigmented. I'd say this palette is better for those who are fair, light or light-medium skin. If you're a little more on the tan side like myself, the colors actually blend into your skin, haha. But the colors do show up quite nicely over a white base, dark base or a deeply colored base (ex. MAC's Artifact Paintpot). This is currently my everyday neutral palette.

The colors in this palette include a soft lilac, a pale pink, a light coral, a cool mid-tone brown and a dark brown. The cream base is yellow-beige color. The cream is pigmented and smooth. You don't have to apply much force to get the product onto your finger and it glides on nicely. Its just tacky enough so that the eye shadows can adhere to it. It also does a nice job intensifying the colors. Swatches below.

If you've never tried a Korean brand before, I'd definitely recommend to get something from Banila Co. Its a little pricier than most brands in some areas, but its well worth it.
Applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion

Applied on its own

As you can see, two of the colors blend into my skin a bit.
UDPP does add intensity, but changes the pigmentation slightly.
It looks more pearly than it really is.
I really hope this review was of some use for you Blair! ♥

Lane and Blair are such sweethearts to award me with the Awesome Girl and Over The Top Award! Thank you girls so much!
With this award, I'm suppose to state 10 facts about myself.
So here goes.

01. I LOVE to eat and trying out new dishes.

02. My preferred style of fashion is asian fashion.

03. I can't stop myself from watching old Jackie Chan movies. Why?!

04. I like my food to be a bit on the spicy side.

05. My favorite colors are red, black, grey and turquoise.

06. I once took ceramic classes and I love jewelry making! (though I suck, ha!)

07. I had bad allergies and asthma when I was about 10 years old.

08. Even though I'm quite talkative, I can be pretty shy at times.

09. I'm more of a chapstick and lip gloss kind of girl.

10. I LOVE foreign movies and anime.
(Ergo Proxy is my current fave thanks to Lane!<3) With the Over The Top Award, I have to answer these questions and tag other bloggers.

Where's your cell phone: Desk

Your hair: Curly

Your mother: Hard Working

Your father: Genius

Favorite Food: Rice

Dream last night: Nothing

Favorite drink: Green Tea

What room are you in: Kitchen

Hobby: They change from time to time LOL XD One that stuck with me the most is Photoshopping.

Fear: Heights

Where were you last night: Out

Something that you aren't: Sneaky

Muffins: Chocolate!

Wish list item: A Maquillage palette

Where did you grow up: California

What are you wearing: T-Shirt & Basketball Shorts

Your pets: None


Something you're not wearing: Ring

Favorite store: None

Favorite color: RED

Last time you laughed: Yesterday

Your best friend: I have three - my middle school friend, my god-bro's ex-GF and my BF

Place you go to over and over: BF's House (the food's delish! XD)

Person who emails you regularly: Friends

Favorite place to eat: Home

Julie (Pop Champagne)
Eru (The Punk Cat)

Random. A kitten was spying on me while I was doing swatches near my window, haha.


  1. I actually like the colors! And I can't believe you tagged me! Who am I going to tag now? Lmao!

    Speaking of staring animals:

    Copy/paste that link and watch it :D

  2. The colors look lovely, I've been wanting to get their pink e/s, been seeing that pop up on Korean tutorials.

    You know, after watching Ghost, I wanted to take ceramic classes too, but the ones @ my school kinda shut down since no one was interested lol

  3. U like anime? Oh yeah Ergo Proxy is somewhat cool, though it;s not really my fave. My fave will always be Ruruoni Kenshin, both the manga & anime!

    LOL the Korean 'Benefit' does look similar to Benefit's packaging

  4. you got some beautiful colors in those palettes.
    when you're done with your current swaps (and still would like to swpa with me) get at me :)

    btw, i've never noticed this before but i have exactly the same skin type as you ;) just wanted to let you know lol

    muah :*

  5. I just got the same Banila palette too!! I agree its a very good everyday neutral palette =)

  6. - Anjalee ;
    I dunno. Maybe just do the tag? LOL. You and random youtube vids!

    - AtelierGal ;
    LOL You should definitely give ceramics a shot if you can. It can be very relaxing at times.

  7. - Hanna ;
    LOL. I just started watching it. I like how dark it is. I love Kenshin too! I use to be obsessed when I was in high school, hahahaha.

    - Kasia_B ;
    Same skin type? Awesome! LOL<3 Thank you and I will definitely let you know!

  8. - Luna ;
    Do some looks with them when you have time! I'd love to see how the colors look on you hun!<3

  9. weee~
    thanks for the nomination :)

  10. Hi sweetie! what a cute post. I seem to be reading about ME, when I read through facts about U! hehehe.. I'm scared of heights, I had asthma, oh wow... !! How i wish Banila would come to singapore soon and I'm hoping u'll like ur birthday parcel!! it's a little something for u:) Happy early birthday sweetie!

  11. That's a beautiful palette, the colors look lovely.

    Thank you for the tag hun :)

  12. - Blovet ;
    Haha, I guess fellows Scorpios have much more in common than we thought! LOL. My asthma was bad though. I could barely run, even doing a brisk walk for maybe 10 mins. would tire me out fast. Maybe you should check! Banila couls be there!<3

    - Gio ;
    You totally deserve it! Thanks dear<3

  13. Thanks for the tag!!! I love food that is a bit on teh spicy side as well. Except some korean dishes where it's just spicy and nothing but spicy.. that kind of sucks. It needs to be sweet and spicy, or sour and spicy... you know. haha. Asian fashion is also great, what they sell on the streets there are so much more interesting than regular clothes you find at malls here :D I will do your tag sometimes next week! <3

  14. Hi Dee!! I tagged you!


  15. Thank you so much for reviewing this palette, Dee! It looks fab!