Scans: Vivi, Maquia & Mina

Just some old scans I've collected and they have some nice makeup techniques. I thought maybe someone could find some use with these. I wish I could translate these, but I'm still a noob with Japanese, lol. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I got these scans from a livejournal community, but the credit says Hudie, so I guess credit goes to that site.

Click thumbnail to view in full. Opens in new window. Enjoy!

My favorite magazine for makeup is Maquia and Vivi - my favorites for tips and fashion. Does anyone have a favorite Japanese or Taiwanese magazine? I know Voce is pretty good, but haven't really gotten into them yet. I don't reall read Mina much, but they have some nice hair tutorials. Maybe I should post some of my favorite hair scans next.


  1. My fav is definitely Maquia :)

  2. love that makeup in the very first scan! cute!!

  3. Blair ;

    I think Maquia is the best mag for makeup. (:

  4. Blovet Beauty ;
    I definitely agree. I love how they shaped her eyebrows!

  5. I don't understand it but they look sooo awesome! *thumbs up* :D

  6. thank you very much for all these scans :) it's so helpful^^

  7. I confess to buying magazines mainly for the freebies.. lol..

    But I do love Maquia for the tutorials though I have trouble deciphering most of the instructions.. lol..

  8. Angelle ;

    LMAO. I hope it helps you!

  9. - audrey ;
    No prob hun! Enjoy the scans!

    - Luna ;
    I have issues figuring it out too, lol. I'm so glad there are pictures! xD

  10. great scans dee! i try to do my eyes like those fair skinned asian girls but no matter, they never turn out the same way due too my eye shape and skin color.. i dunnooo

    anyhoo, thanks for sharing girl :D

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I find the Coffret CM eyes pretty good quality and quite affordable too.. when compared to Maquillage or Lunasol.. =)