why....oh why?


Image taken from Lipsticks & Lightsabers and re-edited in Paint.

The news are old and probably have already taken effect, but I didn't really pay much attention to it until I read this post at Lipsticks & Lightsabers a few days ago (catching up on blogs, okay?(:). I'm not a big MAC fanatic and I really only have one pigment (which happens to be Cocomotion and maybe 3 samples, lol) but I just wanted to talk a bit about the packaging and how I feel about this change.

Anastasia did a comparison when it came to the pricing and sizing of the pigments. I totally recommend you all to check if you haven't yet since its pretty detailed. Most of you that own the older MAC pigments jars know that most can be filled right to the brim, and the jar lasts a pretty long time. So is there really a difference in the amount you get? Christine did a post comparing the amount you get. In this post, she mentions that the new packaging is made to "reflect the packaging of MAC’s entire line, particularly their nail lacquers and foundations". It didn't seem like we're losing too much pigment, but at the same Temptalia has mentioned that the plastic is a little thinner than the old jar. So does that mean it can easily break or crack? That's what I'm most concerned about. I don't want to spend 20USD on something that can probably break on me at any given time. It'll definitely be a pain in the ass to clean it up.

I'll be honest, I don't like how the jar looks, even if it looks dead on like the foundation and nail varnishes. I prefer the logo to be in the center as it looks more balanced that way. The opening looks too narrow to dip your brush in. Looks odd and seems like I can just squeeze the jar and break it in half. It looks cheap. Can we say retarded packaging alert?

Would I still purchase MAC pigments? I won't lie - yes, considering the fact that I still haven't gotten my hands on Melon yet, which has been on my to-get list for ages. I should go check my local MAC counter and see if they still carry the old jars - crosses my fingers! I'll more likely get samples and press them since its smarter that way (for me). I feel the pain for Europeans, Australians and Canadians as they pay more than we do - 24CAD (around 22-23USD), 23Euro (around 33USD) and 39AUD (35USD) - not to mention Asia! They're paying more for less product. Oi. Mineral shadows for the win!

How do you all feel? Do you purchase MAC? Still pissed? Don't care anymore? Like the new packaging? Talk to me.


  1. Thank the gods I'm not interested in their pigments, the 40% increase in price is just too much!

    MAC is seriously overpriced over here too. Sorceress costs US$ 36 in the US and US$ 52 here. Terrible ain't it?

  2. - Blair ;
    I know it can be very pricey overseas, whch makes me wonder why they did that. Even if it is a business/corporate move or whatever, I feel that they shouldn't reduce the size that drastically. Maybe a bit at a time? The only time I would pay 52 bucks for a palette is if it's Lunasol or Maquillage, ha! When I get Melon, I don't think I'll be buying more full-sized pigments anyway, LOL.

  3. i don't like the new packaging at all!! but i would still purchase mac pigments because i heart them :) plus doesn't seem like i would ever be able to finish a full jar in this lifetime, so i guess i don't mind it too much!

    i got a sample of melon and love it!!

  4. Oh yeah, I saw these new jars already.
    And heck yeah! MAC here is super expensive!
    I wanna get "Melon" too!! And "Naked" :) I have smaples of those 2 and I love them.

  5. I don't own MC pigments. I like looking at them... but to me, unless you have a shade that is universal to work with, owning the other colors is a waste (unless of course you have money to spend/building a collection with the new jars). The price increase + product decrease? Um, I'd rather use my money on dupes. :x

    Dee, thank you for the concealer, foundation & powder recommendation btw! I went out and bought them (after a month of intense reading reviews and internal debates, HAHA!). They're awesome; you're awesome! ♥

  6. The price should had went down along with that size. smh! Makes no sense aat all.

  7. Their products are expensive enough and now this?! Thank the heavens I'm not interested in MAC and I don't own a single one *blush*

  8. I think I like the old packaging better too. This new one looks... cheap.

    I don't have any of their pigments in full size. I got samples and even that way I don't know how to use 'em up.

  9. - amynaree ;
    LMAO. I've been using Cocomotion everyday since I've got it, and I still haven't made a dent. I'm just OCD on how its not the same size and everything won't be uniform, lol. I should've bought Melon a long time ago! I don't know why I put it off for so long long. =\

    - Kasia
    If you seen them in Poland, then I doubt I'll find the old jars here. But then again, my town is kind of slow, lol. I wanted to try naked. Seems nicer than Vanilla.

  10. - Iris:
    Definitely! I'd rather purchase a 5 gram jar from a mineral company for about 5 bucks in a similar color, than pay 20 for 4.5 grams. The only reason I purchased my pigment in the first place was because I thought a 7.5gr jar at 20 was a pretty good deal coming from MAC. HAHA! I'm glad you like the products! So I'm guessing you found the superstay in US? LOL ♥

    - Rai:
    I totally agree. At least go down a few bucks, lol.

    - AtelierGal:
    The only thing I would personally buy from MAC, are their blushes, most MSFs and most shadows. Not all of MACs products are nice. In fact, I hate my Triple Fusion MSF. The first row of color is so chunky. It doesn't even make a decent shadow or highlight color!

    - Fifi:
    Yup, I'm pretty much going to use just Cocomotion and Melon mostly, so I'm definitely going to get samples and press them if I wqanted to try out more colors. Plus, most of the colors I wanted were LE and I can't find them anymore. Yes! It looks so cheap!

  11. I'm a bit meh by the news but that won't stop me from buying pigments from MAC. I rarely buy pigments which is a good thing. I only buy maybe one a year and I'm extremely picky with them - I only buy colors which are very unique ;)

  12. Thanks for this post Dee. Well u know how much I care about MAC these days. (read:don't give a damn at all)

    Though im not into pigments (coz im always techically-challenged I stick to powders & creams) I honestly think this face lift is absurd. Or as u said, retarded? Call me shallow, but why would I waste RM65++ for a product that screams cheap??? =p