Maybelline Eyestudio Color Plush

Hello everyone! So before the new year, I talked about the Eyestudio Marbleized eye shadows, and I liked them. Today, I'm featuring the Color Plush quads which are also part of Maybelline's spring collection.

This quad is about 8.49USD at target stores and 9.99USD at CVS. I haven't checked Wal-Mart and Walgreens, but the price should be around the same. I really like how the design resembles a Japenese brand palette (i.e KATE, VISEE, Canmake etc). It has a tiny eye chart showing you an example of how you can use the colors, which is nice for those who are starting out. I didn't take a picture of it because it was too small. The packaging is a slim, sleek design with a clear cover. Its very light and portable, so its easy to slip in your bag. Though I msut say, this is a small quad. It fits right in my palm and you're not getting much product - around 2 grams, more or less. I recently purchased the Expert Wear quads (currently on BOGO at Walgreens!) and with those you get around 4 grams, for around 5-6USD. So its a bit pricey considering the amount you get.

First off, let me say the packaging is pretty cheap. Its a light and thin plastic material and the cover can easily come off if you're a bit rough with it. In the picture, I barely tugged it and the cover popped out. Not good. For 8 bucks, I want something more sturdy. The eyeshadow applicator is too small for me but its workable.

Colors (All Shimmer): Beige, Golden Copper, Bright Aqua & Burgundy

Now with the shadows. The top layer is an overspray which makes them appear to be overly shimmery. As you get past the overspray, the shimmers are a bit more subtle - in this quad anyway. A lot of people have said that they're super pigmented, but that's not the case for this quad. Maybe the one I purchased is one of the more sheer ones? It packs on nicely with a sponge applicator - but with a brush, I had to layer a few times to get the intensity I wanted. You can use these shadows wet, but I'm not too keen on foiling. The one shade I'm most disappointed with is the highlight - way too sheer.

This semi cut-crease look is an example showing how intense you can get the colors to be. Not bad but not amazing either. If you're planning to buy this quad, you should use a good base or primer.

A subtle everyday look. You can see the aqua color isn't too bright and barely shows under my lower lashine while the burgundy isn't as dark as it looks.
If you're wondering, the necklace I am wearing is called the Autumn Necklace from Glam, Sparkle & Pop.

Would I recommend this? Yes and No. Yes, because this is great for people who want to try out colors, but don't want it to be too intense and rather build up the intesity to their comfort level. No, for those who love highly pigmented looks and don't like building the color. I personally wouldn't buy another since I can find better quads (like Jordana) for less and with better color pay off. If you want to try out this range, I'd recommend getting their Color Pearls Marbleized shadows as they have much better color pay off.

Dear FTC: I purchased this with my own money. I'm in no way affiliated with the companies mentioned nor am I being paid to endorse this product. This is an honest, un-biased review. Please see disclaimer for more details.


  1. What a beautiful eye make-up!! The colors match the color of your eyes very well!

  2. I wouldn't give this quad a try. Too many people seem disappointed with it. Yes it looks pretty, but why is the largest color the lightest one? It's the one I use the less (personnally). And the quad is sooooo small... -_-

  3. I have seen these quads around but was hesitant to pick them up, thanks for the review!! I did get the baked one that you recommended and love it.

  4. It looks like a cheap Fasio packaging. I think we have a similar range here, but haven't seen this quad or maybe I didn't look clearly. not my type of color.

    Love your smile girl. Confidence!!

  5. Well that sucks about the packaging. Should have been sturdier indeed considering the price.

  6. my sister has one and i've tried it and like what you said, with a brush it takes a lot of work! and it's just too shimmery and frosty to my liking. i also personally like something with better colour pay off so i'll listen to you, when the color pearls marbleized shadows are released here i'm gonna grab those :)

  7. Dee you look absolutely stunning!
    It's a pity the quad isn't very pigmented because I belong in the group of people who don't like building on/foiling color. The colors in the quad are a lovely combo though, maybe I'd consider it if it was on sale.

  8. I feel the same way! I remember seeing this at Walmart and playing with the blue palette. It was pretty but when I looked at the price, I nearly had a heartattack. Considering how drugstore products are now inflated, add onto that Canada's tax. For such a little product, I might as well buy from a higher end brand. :x

    (Yes I did find it during a trip to the States! I settled for the mineral concealer though. I'm liking it so far. Exceeded my expectations.)

    Oh Dee! Just a thought... have you tried using your milk cleanser as a brush cleanser? I'm thinking of buying it as both a face AND brush cleanser like what I did to my DHC cleansing oil... :3

  9. Thanks for the review. I've seen these quads around but I haven't tried them cos I was afraid the colors would be too sheer. I'm gonna skip this since I prefer very pigmented shades. I love the look you did with it, it's so pretty!

  10. heeeey I like how you pair the turquoise with the bronze, that looks really neat and different! btw do you narually have curly hair? I do love your curls :D

  11. they look so pretty in the store, but I wouldn't want to buy it if the pigmentation isn't all that great. why clutter my space. They just look so pretty to me, i dunno if I can help myself! I'll be checking out the color pearls! thanks for the great review!

  12. - Kasia;
    Thank you so much!

    - Gaby;
    Yea, I basically got it from reading the reviews and some youtube vids. Then when I bought I started coming across the negative reviews. LOL. That quad is definitely way too tiny!

    - Diane;
    Thank you!

    - amynaree;
    Glad you liked the baked one! I'd def. go for that one more. Don't get this quad hun, save your money. I'd rather buy Wet N' Wild or Jordana, lol.

    - AtelierGal;
    I've never seen Fasio packaging. Yeah its the exact same thing, just under a different name. Asia had this before Canada and the US. Aww, thanks J!

  13. - Fifi;
    Definitely. When I opened it and it popped out, I was like, WTF?

    - Ee Von;
    Yes! I was so happy when I swatched it with my fingers, then when it came to using a brush, I became sad, haha. I'd rather buy MJ or KATE.

    - ilyana;
    Thank you! I bought this quad because I thought it would be a nice Urban Decay Baked Palette dupe! Sad the colors aren't that pigmented. I hate foiling, it accentuates my fine lines on my eyes. LOL

    - Iris;
    LOL. Yes! I bought the quad alone and it was about the same cost as a MAC shadow. I should've jsut skipped it and went to MAC or Benefit, lol. The Mineral concealer is good, but it creased on me, so I went for a drier formula. You should try Revlon's Beyond Natural concealer/highlighter. Its nice! No, I didn't. Its too creamy and moisturising. My brushes would so absorb all of it, lol.

  14. - Gio;
    Thank you! Yup, you can skip these. I think the Sleek palette is a much better product - and its cheaper.

    - Pop Champagne;
    Thanks! Yup, I have naturally curly hair. But depending on how I style them, the curls can be tight or curly. =D

    - Stephanie;
    You're welcome, thanks for commenting! Def. check the color pearls out!

  15. Eyestudio Color Plush??? What it is about Maybelline that love to rename their same products for diff market? If im not mistaken, this quad is rather known as Maybelline Eye Studio Quad, or something like that. LOL as if COLOSSAL > MAGNUM isn't funny enough!

    This product was already out in Malaysia since early 2009, but I'm never interested to get a palette since;
    a) It's kinda expensive for its size (which is about the same with what u're paying in the States, apparently)

    b) I've read few bad reviews that are enough to make up my decision.

    Thanks Dee for this review. So this post makes up for a c)

  16. Hanna:
    Haha, I bought just to see what the hype was about (actually my BF got it for me cause we had a deal, LOL!) and I'm okay with, but the that the price and packaging bothers me because I'm afraid to touch it. It just seems too fragile. You wouldn't like it, lol.

  17. thank you so much for this review^^ i wanted to buy it but i wasn't sure, now i'll :)
    have a nice day!
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