Rave: Maybelline Angelfit Pore Zero Base


You already know how I feel about Bare Escentuals Prime Time and The Body Skin Primer Matte It. Though I still like The Body Shop, it still doesn't satisfy my need for oil control as much as I would like. Then comes AtelierGal to the rescue: she sends me Maybelline's Angelfit Primer - it was love at first use.

I don't know how much this costs as it was given to me through a swap. I don't know if there are other shades, but the shade that this was in was shade 01. Its a nice squeeze tube and contains 30ML of product. This primer also has an SPF 25 PA++. This primer is said to be specially formulated to suit Asian skin but any one can use it really. Those who have trouble with large pores and oily skin should really look into this. This mattifies the skin much better than The Body Shop's Skin Primer Matte It and does an amazing job with minimizing the look of pores. Its said to give the skin a radiant look but I can't say that it does or doesn't since I only use it on my t-zone and on my inner cheeks where my pores are more noticeable.

A little goes a pretty long way. That's all I use and its enough to cover my inner cheeks and t-zone. The texture is very light, spreads easily and feels like a moisturiser. Those who hate the feeling of silicone and like the texture of the Korres primer or Rimmel Primer, would like this. I've been using this primer for more than a month and I still have a ton of product left. It hasn't given me any skin irritations nor blemishes and it smooths my skin for an even application. Definitely my favorite product of this month.

Of course, the most sucky part about it is that it's not readily available in the states or Canada - only in Asia. Boo. So I either have to ask my friend to send me more or look hard on Ebay. If you all can get a chance to try this out either through a swap or something, definitely give this primer a try.

I officially start my new semester next week. Wish me luck! Hope you all have a great weekend. ♥

Dear FTC: This was given to me from a friend and I am not affiliated with the company mentioned and am not being paid to endorse this product. All opinions are 100% honest and un-biased. See disclaimer for more details.


  1. great review, I have an oily t-zone as well

    too bad the angelfit line is not avail in the US

  2. lucky you!
    i already started my semester :(
    i dont think i recall seeing this in malaysia
    have to check it out.

  3. Awww Atelier Girl is such a sweetie! I tried this primer on my hands when I was in SG but I totally forgot to purchase it. I was too busy with other things haha~

  4. Ooo! This is officially going on my buy-list when I go to Asia. Thanks for the mini review!

    Hm... I never noticed whether PSCS4 stalls... I never had CS3/CS2 installed to do a comparison (I always upgrade and leave it at that, haha). But you can try? I'll send it to you anyway. And yes, I have tumblr; ditched my old blog (and had it deleted). I might start off new with this tumblr account, actually so we'll see.

    I'll be emailing you in a bit... :)

  5. Love at first sight? Really? XD

    For those interested:
    - it cost $19.90
    - there's only 1 shade
    - contains pearl ingredient for radiance

    the oil control last me up to 7 hours. crap, I need to post up my own review lol

  6. AtelierGal: Yes, love at first use, lol. Its 20 bucks? Not bad, I thought it was more.

    Lynn: Haha, I officially have two more days, and off I go back to school, lol. Its not bad. I don't have to wake up super early. I picked the late classes, lol.

    Blair & Amy: You both have to try it if you can get it! I think you girls will like it. (:

    Iris: LOL. I opened the program and it stalled, but right now its pretty quick. On certain PSD files, it loads slow, but either than that, its working nicely. I'm just not used to the set up. CS2 & CS3 have the same set up, so it was easy for me to adapt. CS4 is like, what happened? LOL. You deleted it already? Aww. Okay, once you make things official on your tumblr, let me know so I can link you!<3

  7. Oh that! Does it happen everytime you start the program? Because I heard that the initial and very first startup is the longest. Then it speeds up. Weird, indeed...

    Dee! Guess what! I managed to buy the 120 palette today -- again, after months of deliberating! LOL. I was going to get the 88 palette that you own but I ended up scoring a $14.xx one on ebay so yayayay! Can't wait to play around with the colorsss and be a pro like you! :D

    (& Of course, I'll let you know when my tumblr is official. I'm planning to make a layout + buy a domain for it first. :x)

  8. ugh I got an oily t zone too, thank goodness blotting tissues were invented! I wish some of these were available in North America, particularly canada, I always find asian lines work better on my skin, maybe it's psychological but *shrugs*!

  9. i've always wanted to try this since i heard it's really popular in Asia. too bad it's not available in Canada :( thanks for the review tho! xx

  10. Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to try this for ages, it's a shame it's available in Asia only.

  11. Aah I love this too! I don't own a tube tho but I would love to and I really should get one before I move or else I would regret it lol! The primer actually appears pinkish on me but I don't really mind because I loveee how it makes my skin feels.

  12. oh you have curly hair?! I envy you! I always think curly hair is hot. haha I guess curly hair ppl like to straighten their hair and straight hair people like them curly eh?!

  13. (and yeeess if you're ever in Canada we should shoot together! You can even stay at my place :D )

  14. Iris: No just the start up. There was one time when it stalled just a bit when I was loading a psd, but then after that it was fast. Haha, I wanted to 120 palette too! But I'm pretty happy with my 88 palette for now. When I use up some of the colors, I'm going after the 120 next! Nah, I'm no pro, I'm still learning!<333 Let me know! I bet your new layout is gonna be hot!<3

    Anita: I think you can get it Sasa or maybe Ebay, though I'm not sure if Ebay has it. I didn't see it last time I checked.


    Gio: Aww, I know! Maybe I can send you a sample.

    ilyana: Whenever you go to Singapore, pick yourself one! It doesn't appear pink on me, it spreads clear. (:

    Pop Champagne: Yup! Curly hair. Its looks better long in 1 length, but if its short, I have to layer it so it won't look so flat at my crown. Too much maintenance at times, which is why I wished I had straight hair. Wash and go, lol. Ok! Its a deal! LOL.

  15. Omg! This is exactly what i need! great stuff and nice review!