A Piece of Me...In January

So a lot of people are involved in this and I decided to join as well. This game was started by Shirley of Notes From The Toothfairy, and it's kind of like a "get to know me" type thing. It is the new year and I know that I only occasionally post about myself & my life, so I figured this may help some of you get to know me a bit better - if you want to that is. (; Don't forget to check out Shirley's blog if you haven't!

This month....
I like: that I'm still on holiday!

I don't like: that I'm going back to school after two weeks.

I want you to know: I can be just a wee bit silly. XD

I've planned: to be more responsible, and not be the Queen of procrastination because that's what I'm known for, lol.

I want to say to someone special: I love how you always manage to make me feel special in the smallest way possible.


Kasia also tagged me with the "Once Upon A Time" tag so here it is! Thanks for tagging me dear! Go check out her blog everyone!

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

I think I was about 5 in this picture. I'm pretty sure I was trying to belt out either a Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston song with my lovely marker mic. I reckon I did a good job though. I mean, just look at the focus and concentration! LOL

Amy Naree
and everyone who wants to do this tag!

I also did an EOTD. I re-discovered my MAC Fresh Cut Palette (from Graphic Garden Collection) and I had to do a look as I adore this palette. But when I finished I realized it looked similar to my "Soft Holiday Eyes" look I did because the pink didn't show up in the photo. Plus, the dark bronze and burgundy color showed up as almost a green hue, ha. How odd.

On My Eyes
MAC Cocomotion Pigment
MAC Fresh Cut Palette (Poppy Noir, Fresh Cut & Floral Inc.)
Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara
Korean Brand Falsies
N.Y.C Eye/Brow Pencil in Black

//EDIT: As much as I like it, I think I'm over the Maybelline SuperStay foundation. It gives me a white cast in pictures! Hence the reason why I only put up a pic of my eye.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. your eyes are pretty!

    thanks for joining my little game!
    I'm jealous of you being still on a holdiay... enjoy girl!
    and I love being silly and all people silly so you can just go ahead...

    queen of procrastination hahaha... well, I'm with you on that one!


  2. - Toothfairy ;
    I'm trying to enjoy it! Sadly, I have the next 2 weeks to enjoy. The bf is going back to work! Boo. Being silly is better than being a tree stump right? HAHA. Procrastination isn't easy to change!<33

  3. I want to say to someone special: I love how you always manage to make me feel special in the smallest way possible.

    Aww.. words that make me melt even though they weren't for me. I'm happy for you two.

  4. I love Cocomotion!! It's one of my fave. neutral pigments, had a sample of it once and loved it so much that there was a point in time when I wore it out everyday lol...needless to say, the sample is long gone D:

    It's a another good look on you hun, I love how you lined your eyes with green!

  5. Oh my gosh! Your eyeshadow is soo pretty! OMG I have to scan an old BABY picture of mine...oh my gosh you were sooo CUTE and now you're sooo pretty! :)

  6. LOL your baby pic is sooooo funny! thanks for tagging me! Im so bad with tag games because I keep forgetting about them! i'll get around to this one very soon! hehe too cute!

    Dee, your eye makeup is sooo goood! your eyes are always undeniably stunning! I'm still anticipating the day when you're going to do live makeup tutorials! ^_^

  7. Your EOTD is so pretty and I love ur childhood picture^^

  8. we're both planning to change the procrastinating things! :D thanks for the tag Dee!
    ryc: i'll graduate soon if i finish my thesis! that's the hardest part to do~

  9. Awww that's a really cute pic of you!! And thanks for tagging me :)
    I like the cocomotion look. The lashes look awesome too :D

  10. your eyes are really beautiful! And awww such a cute picture of you as a kid :D but you're even cuter now hehe I'm also sad that I have to go back to work after 3 weeks of vaca sighhh till next year!

  11. - AtelierGal ;
    Thank you sweety, but you know, you make me feel special too<3

    - ilyana ;
    Haha, you should've gotten the full-size! I'm so happy I got it, but sadly I hear MAC is going to reduce the size of their pigments. :(

    - April ;
    Aww, thank you hun! I'm sure you were a much cuter baby<3

  12. - nee ;
    Better not forget! I wanna see cute baby nee, lol. Haha, I'm still trying to figure out how to cut vids to make them shorter when I ramble too much, haha! I hope to do one soon!

    - Zoe ;
    Thank you so much!

    - Dina ;
    I know, which is why I hate doing a thesis! Why can't school be more simple? LOL

  13. - Fifi ;
    Thank you! I can't wait to see yoru post<3

    - Pop Champagne ;
    Thank you Julie! Aww, back to work already? I'd be so tired and maybe miss the first day going back, lol.

  14. Aww that's such a cute pic of you as a kid!

    And the EOTD is very beautiful too, I love the green on the lower lashline.

  15. that picture of you is so cute and silly! hehe

    your eotd is gorgeous, i love mac cocomotion pigment!

  16. HAHAHAHAHA Your baby picture... :D

    And thanks for the comment! I still have ways to go :P

  17. I LOVED this post! :) Great way to get to know you more. And that baby picture is awesome. Seriously! haha

  18. yeah today's first day back to work. Sooo jet legged. I just napped at my desk for an hour and half. HAHA shhhh! and eeee I just found a baby pic of me perhaps I'll post it one day :D

  19. Hey dear!! You need a c-box, so I can leave you some of my silly notes lol
    You're welcome! Thank you for paticipating :) Thanks to the featuring, you got some new followers! Yaay!

  20. - Gio :
    Thank you!

    - Amy ;
    Cocomotion is beautiful! I can't believe I didn't get it sooner!

    - anjalee :
    Hey, I have ways to go. I'm so out of designing right now, lol.

    - Kasia ;
    Haha, yeah I was thinking of putting in a cbox, maybe I might use my old one since I don't use it on my site anymore, lmao.

    - Pop Champagne ;
    Post! I know it'll look super cute! LOL. I'd nap at my work place too if I was jet legged, haha.

  21. Haha, it's not Pose. It's called SimPose (a retarded version of any 3d modeling, but it's an okay way to practice) LOL xD And you SERIOUSLY need PS if you want to work on textures!!! o.o;;;

    Have you heard of the game The Sims? That's basically where I got the mesh model from. All I did was work with textures and make them as realistic as possible.

    Here are the programs I used in order:

    1. The Sims 2 Bodyshop (Where all the things you need to get started: models, makeup, skin textures, clothing textures, hair textures, etc.)
    2. Adobe Photoshop (After extracting what I need in BodyShop, I work on the textures here)
    3. Sims2 Clean Pack Installer (Installs the model you picked and convert them in a file)
    4. SimPE (extracting your work and converting them into a .6li, xml, gmdc, etc.)
    5. SimPose 2 (Putting everything together)

    The most time spent will probably be on Photoshop and SimPose 2. So you seriously need your PS. If not use a similar program! XD

    It gets really REALLY confusing at first so I might type out instructions for you.... unless you like doing them yourself, which you probably will :D

    I haven't found the link to download Bodyshop (but I found the rest) so I'm looking for that at the moment...

  22. First up, wow what a huge change u've done to your now minimalistic blog! I gotta I'm liking the old layout more (even if it took a lil longer to upload, hehee)

    Secondly, LMAO at that baby pic!!! Oh my goodness it's so hilarious, and adorable at the same time! ^o^ Thank God u're not one of those people who inspires to be a singer 'coz I've been singing ever since i was 5.'

    You rock the makeup blog scene way better, at least in my humble opinion. =)