Milky Clean!


Hello! Long time no post everyone(not really, but yeah...). So, I wanted to start writing about what I've been doing for my skin as I promised a while back. The picture above is a round up of all the products I am currently using at the moment - minus one item because my mom returned it to her dermatologist. Boo! Yes, I am currently a Boots fanatic! Initially, I wasn't looking for a cleansing milk of any sort, but I've always wanted try out Boots products and when I saw this, I immediately wanted to try it out. Today, I'm featuring Boots Cleansing Milk from their Geranium Line.

Boots products can be found at Target in the makeup section or you can find Boots online at This cleansing milk retails for 7.99USD and you get around 150ml. First off, the packaging is love. Its a glass container reminiscent of an old school milk bottle. It has a screw cap, which is okay with me, but I would prefer a pump so I could control the amount I want. It has a fresh smell to it, which isn't strong and doesn't bother me at all, but some of you may not like it. The texture is between light-medium thickness. A little does go a long way, and I don't recommend using a lot at a time - especially around your eye area. I do find that if you apply a lot in one area, it starts to tingle slightly. Nothing like a burning or stinging sensation, just a light tingle. Those with extremely sensitive skin may not be too fond of this either.

I use this mainly for eye makeup only because I'm anal and always wash my face right after removing my makeup anyway. What I love best about this is that, it removes waterproof makeup (yes, even Majolica Majorca's infamous Lash Expander Frame Plus!) and removes falsies with ease. Everything wipes off in pretty much one swipe, and I really like how soft and smooth it makes my skin feel afterwards. I recommend using your fingertips to lightly massage in the product to emulsify it and gently wipe away with a soft cotton pad.

I'd definitely purchase this again and would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive cleansing milk. I would not recommend this to people with extremely sensitive skin due to the tingling sensation this product can give off.

This did not give me any irritations, blemishes or bumps. I also didn't experience any drying or flaking with continued use either. But if you would like to know the ingredients and research them, here they are.

Totally random, but oh my goodness! It's been pretty long since I've had these and I forgot how delicious they were! I spotted these at Costco (2 for 5USD!) and I was hooked. Oh how this brings back my childhood memories. ♥ I hope this review was helpful to some of you and have a great weekend!

Dear FTC: I purchased this with my own money. I'm in no way affiliated with the companies mentioned nor am I being paid to endorse this product. This is an honest, un-biased review. Please see disclaimer for more details.


  1. i love stuff from Boot's too but haven't tried the cleansing milk! Definitely want to give it a try since it removes MM mascara.

  2. wow!
    thats really milky clean!
    :) great find!

  3. Thanks for the review, I agree with Amy will give it a try someday.

  4. I wish we have Boots here. I'll like to try some of their stuff.

    Btw, liking your new layout. The older one was difficult to read cos of the small fonts and dark background.

  5. I like the eye makeup you spotted!

    I love Boots, can't wait to go to the UK to stock up on more Boots stuff!

  6. It looks like a bottle of fresh milk. It cleans up pretty well, I have a whitening CM from SaSa though I rarely use it.

    We don't have that snack over here, but there's one that I like a lot. Guess I'll go buy some and show you later :)

  7. i dont think we have this in canada. boo.

  8. Wow, it removed make up really well :)
    Interesting entry!

  9. - Amy ;
    I love Boots right now too. I don't know why some people don't like it much. Let me know what you think when you try it.<3

    - Lynn ;
    Yup, I'm loving it! =D

    - Zoe ;
    Welcome, I hope it works out for you dear.

    - Sesame ;
    Maybe you can find someone to swap with? You can order it though, its at a decent price. (: Thank you for the comment about the layout!

  10. - Vonvon ;
    Thank you! Don't forget to post about what you hauled!

    - AtelierGal ;
    There's such a thing as a whitening cleansing milk? I had no idea, lol. Ohh, is the one you're talking about sweet? Mine is sweet and just slightly salty.

    - Lelo ;
    Maybe it can be found at Superdrug? =\

    - Kasia ;
    Thank you dear! This product has definitely made me start liking cleansing milk.

  11. Well, its the whitening range lol And no, its not sweets. Sweets with cuttlefish flavor is weird XD

  12. oh my goodness, i haven't had those in FOREVER! totally reminds me of my childhood too... now i'm gonna have to go look for some! ;) have a great week dee!

  13. Ah darn we don't have Boots here. I'm amazed at how easily the cleansing milk actually removes the MM mascara (which I believe is probably made of tar since it's so fricking hard to remove)

    I love the packaging too, it's so cute and the label design is old-school which is great! Thank you for the review Dee!

  14. The cleansing milk has a cute packaging!

  15. Thanks for the review. It looks like it removes makeup very well and the bottle is so pretty! I wish we had Boots here.

  16. omg the junk food totally reminds me of my childhood! and yea I always wash my face after removing make up... it feels more fresh that way

  17. - AtelierGal ;
    Well, I never heard of it, lol. Hey mine is sweet and I must say, it tastes pretty good, haha!

    - Kym ;
    They're so good and I can go through the bag like nothing, lol. YOu have a great week too dear!<3

    - ilyana ;
    Haha! It definitely is hard to remove. I didn't believe anyone until I had it. I was so mad when my regular remover had trouble, lol.

    - Blair ;
    Doesn't it? =D

  18. - Gio ;
    Maybe next time you go to the UK you can visit the Boots store!

    - Pop Champagne ;
    Definitely. I feel much more clean and refreshed when I wash off my makeup too.

  19. looks great... you!

    I was like woow, nice eye make up... WOW nice without the eye make up as well! your eyes are so biggie!


  20. - Toothfiary ;
    Thank you dear! *hugs*