EOTD - Gold & Burgundy

Yes the pictures aren't clear, but if you read my previous posts you'd know that my trusty camera broke down on me, so I'm using my laptop cam for this. The cam doesn't do the colors any justice, but its not that blurry right? For now all my EOTD/FOTD pictures will be taken by my webcam until I save up money for a new camera, lol. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good camera?

Any who, this is a simple gold and burgundy look. I hope you all like.

88 Ultra Shimmer Palette
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Jordana Eye Fixation in Champagne Craze
Maybelline Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara
ELF Treat and Tame in Dark
L'Oreal True Match in W7
Maybelline Eyebrow Definer in Dark Blonde
Nabi Black Eyeliner
Sonia Kashuk Long Lasting Gel Liner in Cocoa (Great Stuff!)


01. I applied UDPP then I applied the Jordana Eye Fixation (similar to MAC Shadestick) in Champagne Craze (Shimmery Golden Beige) as a base and softened the edges.

02. I applied color #1 (golden yellow color) on the inner 1/3 of my eye with a small e/s brush.

03. Next I grabbed color #2 (medium gold) and placed it on my middle of my eye leaving the outer 1/3 free of eyeshadow. I lightly blended color #1 and #2 together with a medium e/s brush.

04. After, I took a small rounded crease brush (a pencil brush is also fine) and I lightly deposit color #3 onto my outer 1/3 and slightly winging the color up.

05. I grabbed some more of that #3 color to darken it and slowly blending it with color #2.

06. I took a q-tip and lightly dabbed it in makeup remover to create the sharp line then applied my foundation to clean the line up.

07. Then I added color #4 lightly to my brown bone and blended downwards to blend out any harsh lines.

08. Applied shade #3 on my outer lower 1/3, then #2 in the 2/3 and finally #1 on my inner 1/3 and towards the tear duct.

09. Tightlined and lined my waterline with a soft black pencil.

10. Lined my eyes with a dark brown gel liner and added two coats of mascara then shaped and filled my brows.


Of course, you can always turn it up a notch and add some falsies, but I usually don't wear any. Talk to you all soon! ♥


  1. I like this look~ The shades that you used are so eye catching!

  2. Absolutely stunning! looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Gorgeous!! The color combo is really classy...love the gold shades!!

  4. I have that palette too!

    The webcam don't do justice to the pictures :(

  5. you got hypercurl cats eye in US too?
    the best so far from maybelline

  6. ur eyes look so big and pretty!88 ultra shimmer palette is amazing~!

  7. I think you did a great job on this. How I wish I could get ahold onto the 88 palette. Another award for you dear. http://voguefemme.xanga.com/711479376/three-awards-at-once-and-my-accident/

  8. Blair ;
    Thanks hun!

    nee ;
    Thank you! Will definitely try to do more (:

    Vonvon ;
    Thanks a ton! I'll try to be more creative with color combos.

    AtelierGal ;
    Yeah, the webcam doesn't do the images much justice, but its decent, haha. You should do this look dear!

    LyNn ;
    Haha nope, we don't have this mascara in the US. My friend purchased it for me in our swap. I totally agree with this mascara being their best. I haven't even tried their Pulse Perfection, but a few people are raving about it.

    Blovet Beauty ;
    88 Shimmer Palette is nice, though somewhat chalky sometimes. Thanks for the comment sweety! OMG, you go to Japan tomorrow!<3

    TraclynYeoh ;
    I'm sure you can find a way to get this palette somehow hun. Thanks so much for the award Traclyn! *hugs*

  9. You have the most amazing brows, Dee!!
    And the look is really sultry and pretty <3

  10. Hello:) Thanks for your lovely comments! I have this palette too but haven't used it yet! YOu have inspired me to do so:)

  11. another mascara from maybelline which i heard raving about is their full n soft.
    have you tried it?
    how does it compare to the cats eye?

    btw, here's an award for you :)

  12. funkiimonkee ; You should definitely try it. I bet you'd come up with such amazing looks sweety!

    LyNn ;
    Full N' Soft was the first ever mascara I've tried and I still love it, haha. Cat's eye gives a more dramatic look, while Full N' Soft is more subtle. Thanks for the award sweety!

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