Product Focus: 88 Palette - Yay or Nay?

Boredom kills when you've finished all your homework and projects. Any who, I'm sure all of you know what I'm talking about when I say the words, "88 Palette" or even the "120 Palette". It was such a big hit when it first came out and I didn't jump on the bandwagon until way later, like months later. You can find this anywhere - on EBay, StarsMakeupHaven, Coastal Scents, Beauties Factory, etc. At first I was really skeptical, but when the products arrived, I was pretty happy with some of the payoff.

I purchased these shadows at Stars Makeup Haven and spent around $50USD for both palettes. Though, you can get it much cheaper on eBay.

Now, the packaging is a bit flimsy. You can easily break off the cover if you handled it too rough. The eye shadows itself are loosely "pressed", so you get quite some fall out - especially with the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette. With the ultra shimmer palette, I find that some of the eye shadows are too powdery and some of them can't be layered over a cream base - it tends to look patchy. The regular 88 palette on the other hand works great over a cream base and the colors are super vibrant. Though, it is hard to blend the colors at times. Some swatches.

To make the colors stand out a bit more, I applied the shadows about 4 times. I think that most people are better off getting the 88 regular palette since the color payoff is better and you don't get as much fall out and flakiness that some colors in the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette gives off. But if you're not a fan of matte colors - because they are hard to blend and pull off, I'd say go ahead and get the 88 shimmer palette if you're more of a frost/shimmer shadow fanatic.

I'd personally just go for the regular 88 palette since I can find better shimmer-type shadows elsewhere and I actually like the color payoff in the regular 88 palette as well. Plus, its good that you don't have all shimmer shadows since sometimes it isn't pretty when your lids look all greasy and shiny. This is a good buy if you're a neutral kind of person and would like to try out come colors for a change. Its all in your preference. Those of you who have purchased the 88 palettes or maybe the 120 palettes, what do you all think of them?


  1. i want to get the 88 palette that connie has.
    but i dont know where to get it as some look the same but are from china
    and are not pigmented plus they are powdery and dont blend well.
    in malaysia some are selling aroun RM 35 - 45 i think but its the quality that im not sure about :(

  2. I like the matte palette... I think i bought it right off coastal scents website and it was much cheaper! I have seen lots of people do really awesome looks with this palette and the trick is basically using an eye base (shadow insurance) to make the colors pop more!

  3. I've never tried any of these palettes, but I can see why girls like them! Even if the quality is not outstanding, you get a ton of colours for a very affordable price.

  4. I have shimmery & matte palettes, and I use the latter more often. Me too, I have to apply couple of times to get the exact pigments desired.

    What I like about these are that they are lasting, with or without primer.

  5. These palettes look good, but shipping is a hassle since they are so flimsy and powdery!

    It's hard to say how many lines I do to get a real black line because the tip is really fine and I do tend to prefer thicker lines on my eyes. Maybe two or three layers would be sufficient :)

  6. I haven't bought any of those palettes but was tempted to when I saw so many youtube tutorials using them. Thanks for sharing that the regular 88 palette is better/less fall out than the shimmer one!

  7. LyNn ;
    They're all the same hun. They're all pigmented, even more so when you have the right base. RM35 is too expensive. You can buy it off EBay for 10bucks.

    Blovet Beauty ;
    I use an eyeshadow base too (UDPP), but I think that UDPP can be too drying at times. I haven't tried TFSI yet, so I might look into that.

  8. Thepunkcat ;
    Yup, that's why I purchased them in the first place. I get to try out a bunch of colors without really wasting money if I don't like the result.

    AtelierGal ;
    I think your lids aren't as oily as mine. I need a good base in order for the colors to show or else they crease.

  9. Blair ;
    Yup, its too flimsy. I've seen some people talk about how some shadows in the palette got shattered. So when I ordered mines I asked for extra bubble wrap, lol.

    Karen ;
    No problem! Glad I could be of some help. The palette's great when you just want to try out different colors. (: