Awards + Tag + Olive Green EOTD

School's been a bit slow. My teacher cancelled class for a week already, how odd is that? LOL. I'm just happy that I'm finally feeling better! The flu has left for good! Anywho, Traclyn was so sweet to give me another award! Or more like awards? Haha.

I'm supposed to nominate 15 people, so here it goes.
01. Blovet Beauty
02. HannaHullabaloo
03. AtelierGal
04. Blair
05. Beautiful With Brains
06. Kitty Loves Makeup
07. Suzit86
08. The Punk Cat
09. Everyday Makeup With Becky
10. A Biology Nerd's Beauty Blog
12. Tunalicious
13. Vonvon's Interests
14. SwtSmillez
15. Cat@lina

Also, I was tagged by Funkiimonkee to share 7 facts/personality traits about myself. So here they are. (:
01. I'm OCD when it comes to being neat and organized.
02. I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times.
03. Gorgeous Korean boys make me weak in the knees, lol.
04. Can be really competitive.
05. Food is my best friend. <3
06. Love to dance - though I stink at it, hah! XD
07. I'm a clutz, but then again, who isn't? LOL.
People who I would like to know better....
101 Compiled Beauty
Kitty Loves Makeup

I'm going to tag 4 people for now since everyone I know has already done something like this? LOL

Last but not least, here's a quick EOTD. I was bored and started to play around with makeup. I hope you all enjoy!

I used the 88 Matte Palette, but you can use the Shimmer Palette if you have that.

01. You can use any neutral sticky base.
02. Apply #1 on the inner 1/3 of your eye.
03. Apply MAC's Cocomotion pigment in the 2/3.
04. Use #2 lightly on to your crease to blend out and harsh lines and do some slight shading. (optional)
05. Use #3 in the outer 1/3 of your eye and blending it upwards and apply some of the color in your bottom outer 1/3.
06. Use #4 (or any matte black color) to deepen the crease and add some depth. Slightly blend the color inwards.
07. Apply #5 on your brow bone as a soft highlight.
08. Apply Cocomotion pigment on the mid part of your bottom lashes and use color #1 near your tear duct.
09. Apply your favorite mascara, eyeliner and your finished!

A diagram of where I applied the shadows.


  1. The colors look odd to me. Maybe its the lighting, but the blending looks kinda muddy.

    You should try purple sometimes :)

  2. AtelierGal ;
    I guess because the colors are matte. As much as I want to try purple, I can't get purple to work for me.

  3. Awww thank you so much sweetheart <3 As soon as I have a spare minute I will make an entry at TPC to post the award.
    Hugs! :3

  4. hey girl.
    i also awarded you the same "awards" :P

  5. Thanks for the award hun, I'm honoured!

    The eye makeup is very pretty!

  6. Thepunkcat ;
    No prob dear, you deserve it!<3

    LyNn ;
    Haha, thanks hun!

  7. Gio ;
    Thanks Gio! And you totally deserve the award!

  8. thanks for the award sweetie... I was having a real hard time getting used to the fact that my vacation in Japan was over... thanks for making my day!! U're amazing Dee!