Does White Eyeliner Really Brighten Eyes?


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So its been said that lining your waterline makes your eyes larger and brighter. But does it really brighten? Honestly to me, white eyeliner on your waterline is well.....white eyeliner on your waterline, lol. I don't see any brightening or wide-eyed effects of using white eyeliner and quite frankly, I think it looks horrible - even if you can pull it off. It just looks too stark. I've always used flesh-toned-type eyeliners on my waterline because its more natural and doesn't look obvious. I've been using flesh-toned eyeliners since I've started watching ApropoMakeup on YT (an amazing MUA) last year. I haven't seen people use flesh-toned pencils until recently when Stila came out with their Topaz Kajal Eyeliner.

Now I'm not going to be writing about how to brighten your eyes since there's so many posts and videos our there. But I will be listing some of my favorite items. So let's start.

Paula Dorf Baby Eyes Enhancer $20USD

This is what started it all for me. When I saw ApropoMakeup using this, I was really intrigued. I purchased one and it was soft, creamy and glides on without tugging. Its a nice soft peach-pink color and brightens up the eye nicely. You can also use this on your cupids bow to accentuate the contours of your lips. One of my favorites!

Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil in Champagne 23L $17USD

This is a metallic pink champagne color, but the shimmer isn't noticeable - to me anyway. The color glides smoothly and doesn't tug as well.

Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz $18USD

This is a nice apricot shade, but I do find that this smudges a little for me. My eyes get watery a lot so maybe that's why. This Kajal liner is very soft and glides on nicely.

Jordana Color Xtend Eyeliner in 03 Just Pearly $.99-1.99USD

I haven't used this yet but I love Jordana eyeliners in general. Jordana eyeliners usually don't smudge on me. This pencil is a beige-pink color and looks similar to the MUFE eyeliners. Plus for the price, you can't beat that!

I also heard that Laura Mercier, Boujoir, Styli-Style and Ben Nye has some but I wasn't able to find them so I couldn't include them in this post. I hope you enjoyed this quick overview and I hope you all have a nice weekend! ♥


  1. I use white and flesh tones liners. I prefer the flesh tone during day time and I use white for night time.

    awesome post!

  2. I do like white eyeliner on my waterline! I agree with you, it definitely doesn't look natural, but I pretty much like the effect <3

  3. I love to watch ApropoMakeup and I've always paid attention more to her black liner which she uses for cutting crease and stuff.. I still like my white eyeliner esp MAC fascinating cause skin colored lines really don't open my eyes! maybe u need ti try stila kaja eye liner :)

  4. White liner is great for more extreme stand-out eyes. Pink or beige liner are great more natural look. I'm looking for one great beige one. As usual I'm looking for bargains =P

    An award for you as my token of appreciation.

  5. I thinking putting anything other than black on my waterline looks weird. I guess some eyes really can't pull the white eyeliner off. >_<

  6. Becky ;
    I use flesh-toned liners in the day and black during the night. I despise white liners period, lol.

    Thepunkcat ;
    I think white liner looks great for an editorial type shoot, but in public I cringe when I see people wear it, haha.

    Lane ;
    I shall look into that! Fascinating eye kohl is super white! My friend that works at Mac told me to try it and I looked super freaky, LOL.

    Traclyn ;
    Then Jordana should be a great choice! very affordable (: And thanks for the nom sweety!<3

    nee ;
    LOL. Nope they can't. I even find it hideous on people who are super pale as well. Black liner closes up the eye a bit.

  7. i've heard raves about jordana color xtend but its not available in malaysia!
    i heard that it's quite hard to even find them in the states!
    i want them badly!
    me wantss. hehehhe

  8. I like white eyeliner, i think for a daily look it look very soft.
    I agree with you that it doesn't bright your eyes. If you don't want to use white eyeliner a nude eye pencil look very natural.
    THX for sharing.