EOTD - Monochromatic

I was so bored last night I decided to do two different looks on each eye, haha. I did a monochrome cut crease on one eye and an extreme cat eye on the other. All the pictures are in black and white because it'll be more clear that way. Plus, it goes with the theme yea? (:

The cut crease look. I had some Self-Adhesive falsies from N.Y.C, but they weren't sticky enough to stay on. ): Look was done using the pencil technique and a black and white eyeshadow.

The extreme cat eye. Look was done using Jordana's Color XTend Eyeliner and NYX's Felt Tip Liner (will review).

My eye is wierd - my left eye is slightly more rounded than my right. I have a fold, but when you go towards the inner corner, the fold is gone and its like a mono lid. Do you get me? HAHAHAHA.

I'm currently going back into my Thai Lakorn modes, lmao. I'm currently watching Jai Rao (Broken/Shattered Heart) starring (Theeradej Wongpuapan) and Aff (Taksaorn Paksukcharoen). This lakorn has some some similarities of Jung Ryeo Won and Hyun Bin's characters in Kim Sam Soon, but the storyline is of course different. Aff's acting has improved a bit since Jum Leuy Ruk (Defendent of Love). Though I have to say, Aff's weak character and her crying so much in this lakorn bugs the crap out of me, and her acting isn't up to par yet. Drama's a bit draggy, but which Thai drama out there isn't? LOL. Aren't they a bit cute together? (:

I also watched it because Vicky (Sunisa Jett - blue dress) was in this drama as well, hah! Vicky's probably one of the only thai actresses out there that has decent curves, lol. All their dresses are really pretty.

I'm thinking of watching Namtan Mai (Burnt Sugar) which also stars Aff and Aum. Any who, enough of my randomness. I have some reviews coming up and I hope you all like the EOTDs! Talk to you all soon. ♥


  1. Ohhh you did a good job with your eyes! really looks deepset and natural.

    my goodness, i hated jai rao... why doesn't she just tell him about her heart condition and why she left?... such a draggy lakorn eeeek i didn't even finish it! my fav is still sawan biang hehehhhh ken is sooo cute when he gets mad >_<

  2. thks to u, I now have Thai shows to check out!! Ur cat eye is really sharp and looks super sleek! Those are killer eyes..

  3. I like the cat eye look, very sultry~ As I scroll down the page, I almost thought it was you & your boyfriend lol It was 8 in the morning, so don't mind me.

    Speaking of which, you do look Thai.

  4. Hi Dee!
    Love your extreme cat eye! It looks very elegant, and seductive hehe~

  5. nee ;

    Thanks! LOL. I agree. Jai Rao is pretty draggy, but a lot of Thai dramas are. Lakorns aren't like what they use to be like back in the old days. I sound old huh? LMAO. I love Sawan Bieng too! Ken plays the distressed messed up roles real well. I'm glad that Ken and Ann are going to be in another lakorn together! Haha.

  6. Blovet Beauty ;

    Thanks! LOL. You're so sweet! I'm trying to do the 6 Fact tag right now, but I'm a bit stuck, haha. If you check out Thai lakorns, you have to check out Sawan Bieng! The remake is nice, but the original is more cruel, lol.

  7. Lovely look! I don't think your eye is weird at all. Things like that make us unique!
    hugs :3

  8. Thepunkcat ;
    Aww, thanks Eru babe!

  9. AtelierGal ;
    Haha! If only he was my BF, I'd be dying from happiness. Do I? I get that a lot.

    Shuu ;
    Thanks, I've missed you! You've been gone for so long hun!

  10. I love both looks, they are beautiful! You did a great job!

  11. I usually do the extreme cat eye bcs it it easier for me. But I am surely going to try that cut crease look, bcs it looks stunning!

  12. Namtahn mai is my fav lakorn at the moment! Aff is so pretty, I also loved her with Ken as well ^ ^

  13. hey nice look n cool blog :) following u now :)