N.Y.C Custom Compact in Union Square

I apologize for not updating as much as I did before. If you follow my TWITTER, you know what I've been doing. Do you remember the look that I did in this post back in September? By reading the title above - I used this very inexpensive palette to create this look!

BRAND: N.Y.C (New York Color)
PRODUCT: Individual Eyes Custom Compact in Union Square (for brown eyes)
PRICE: 3.99 or 4.99USD (I forgot, sorry T_T)
PROS: Varying textures, Pigmentation, Price
CONS Packaging, Some hard to work with

I've tried N.Y.C products in the past - from the highly raved liquid liner (which I didn't like), to lip products, pencil liners and most of their shadows, I think this would be one of my better purchases to date. There are 3 palettes in this range (I think) - one for brown, one for green and one for blue eyes. Of course, I had to purchase the one made for brown eyes because I was drawn to the purple in this palette (as usual!).

Kudos to drugstore brands continuing to bring in matte shadows. There's so much more variety now then back in the day! This palette contains four eye shadows, an eye shadow base and an illuminator. The eye shadow doesn't compare to the ones I have, but it is decent. I would say if you have extremely oily lids, then it probably wouldn't be much use for you. The base would probably be more suitable for normal to dry lids. The illuminator is probably the worst out of the palette. You would think that it would be creamy and smooth but its the complete opposite. Its pretty dry and although it is pigmented, I find it difficult to work with and blend out.

There are two matte shades (highlighter & all over lid), a soft metallic (bronze) and a satin (purple/aubergine/eggplant) with slight iridescent silver-green particles. All are nicely pigmented and my least favorite is the highlight shade. Its a bit on the chalky side, so you have to blend it well so it won't look blotchy. The rest of the shades are pretty smooth, they apply and blend well. The purple requires a little work (as most mattes/satins are), but nothing too bad. I like how these colors blend together and love how the purple looks when you layer it on. The all over lid shade doesn't do much for me since its practically the same shade as my skin, so I just use it to blend harsh edges.

Everything is applied on its own without a base. A nice palette, but probably not something I would recommend off the bat. Try it if you're curious.

I'm posting the long awaited announcement next week! I'm extremely sorry to all of you who have been waiting for the results. Once I gather everything to take a pic, I will announce the winner of my giveaway. (:

DEAR FTC: I purchased this item with my own funds.


  1. Looks great!


  2. i like the packaging of this...great eotd

  3. Wow, even without a base this palette looks quite pigmented! Love your EOTD :)

  4. Kasia, Blovet Beauty & Dina
    Thanks for commenting ladies(: This palette isn't half bad. If only I loved everything!

  5. The shades look lovely and I love what you did with them. The EOTD looks beautiful!

  6. Some drugstore brands do carry really good products. Unfortunately this brand isn't available over here. I love the bronzer you sent me :)

    I'm still in my neutrals phase and this one looks good! And they even throw in a highlighter and base. Cool!

    The pigments look awesome too. *Drools*