Pieces of Me Nov 2010, Chilli's, Phở & EOTD


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This month

I like: That I have more time for school.
I don't like: That my car is falling apart.
I want you to know: I'm happy where I'm at right now.
I've planned: To achieve what others say I can't.
I want to say to someone special: Thank you for keeping me grounded.

For a more interesting post, here's an EOTD/FOTD from a few weeks back. I tried a somewhat "editorial-esque" look with the overdone liner, exaggerated wing and light shadow. I used MAC Blacktrack Fluidline & MAC Dame's Desire/Majolica BR751 (silver lilac/purple)

Phở! Wasn't as spicy as I wanted it, but still good!

A quick meal at Chilli's a few weeks back.
The Boyfriend's Country Fried Steak

Chicken Enchilada - I love this soup!

I forgot which salad this was, but the BBQ sauce adds nice flavor.


  1. That's a stunning look! you should do more of these editorial-esque looks :) i love chilis!!! my favourite's the honey-chipotle chicken crispers :D next time i shall try the enchiladas

  2. Great piece of you :)
    And I want to have your meals from Chilli's!


  3. That's a gorgeous and creative look! I love the eyeliner. The food looks yummy too.

  4. Ee Von :
    I don't think I have the patience, lol. But I'll try! I love those chicken crispers too!

    Kasia ;
    Thank you! haha, I think you would love the soup!

    Gio ;
    Thank you Gio!

  5. Your beauttiiifulll Deeee!!! Maybe when I fix up my blog we could exchange links! Until then I shall save your bloggy and stalk to :P

  6. OMG i want some pho especially with the weather lately!

  7. You have an amazing talent for creating really nice lined eyes, Dee!! Love the look and your pho looks really spicy (despite what you said lol)

  8. Xeni ;
    Omg, my beautiful host! Of course we can exchange links! <3 How can I not?! I can't wait to see your blog lovely!

    amynaree ;
    Pho is so good! I can eat it everyday!

  9. ilyana ;
    Thank you dear! Haha, it was one squirt. I usually drench the whole thing until the soup turns reddy, lol!

  10. The EOTD looks really cool!
    I'm drooling over your food now, yummmm~

  11. Spicy food is the best!! I used to not be able to handle too much chili but now I can thanks to my boyfriend. Hehe. That pho looks so yum and I'm drooling over the fried steak too.

    The EOTD is awesome!! You are so talented :D