Marcelle VOLUME PRECISION Mascara in Noir


Image Courtesy of Marcelle Cosmetics
I received this mascara as one of my prizes from a giveaway on Lelo Artistry <- check her out, she's a lovely make-up artist! Marcelle is a Canadian brand, and I'm not sure if you could get it in the states, but you can check out their page here.

BRAND: Marcelle
PRODUCT: Volume Precision
AVAILABILITY: Canada & MarcelleCosmetics.Com
PROS: Defines, Separates, Volumizes & Creates a "Fan-Out" Effect
CONS: Uncomfortable Applicator

Marcelle is a Canadian brand - with affordable prices and sleek packaging. I'm usually very picky when it comes to mascara and was pleasantly surprised of how well this mascara worked on my lashes. Here is what the site had to say:
"VOLUME PRECISION, the longwearing mascara by Marcelle ensures buildable volume and definition like you’ve never experienced before.

Its ultra-flexible polymer brush with microchambers seizes lashes one by one, without clumps. The bristles come in variable lengths and are cleverly aligned to ensure clean, precise definition.

Enriched with oil olive and rice brand wax, the revitalizing lightweight gel formula provides maximal volume without any heavy feeling.

Hypo-allergenic and perfume free."
The formulation is somewhat wet, so it takes a just a bit for it to dry. I do like that I can apply 2 or so coats and lashes don't clump up. This mascara holds up a curl pretty well, but I do find my lashes to droop after about 5 hours of wear (if I just do one coat, it lasts all day - so I guess it depends). If I wait for each coat to dry, I do find that this mascara flakes off just a tiny bit. Through out the day, I don't find this to smear or smudge in any way regardless of it not being waterproof. Definitely a plus if you have oily lids. The pigment is also very black. Below are the effects you can achieve with this mascara.

The applicator does a nice job on separating and "fanning out" my lashes but its feels very uncomfortable. It tends to be scratchy and I sometimes poke my eye even when I'm careful. So what I do is place the applicator on to my lashes and blink (LOL). So if I had the chance to buy this mascara, I might not purchase due to the fact that the applicator irritates my eye. If Marcelle does ever change the applicator (i.e. making it more comfortable for application), I would purchase. If you have sparse, light and short lashes, I would recommend this mascara. But if you find that your lashes tend to droop, I wouldn't recommend this unless you can find a waterproof version.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to me as a prize. My thoughts on this are based on my personal experiences with this product. For more, please see disclaimer.


  1. Thanks for the review. The mascara looks amazing on your lashes but it's a shame about the applicator. I hope they change it soon.

  2. Too bad the applicator is uncomfortable, it looks really great on your lashes though!

  3. You have a beautiful eye makeup in these pictures!
    Those fox tails I got, I'm gonna stick them to my purses :)


  4. uncomfortable applicator, lol what a huge turn off! thanks for letting us know :)

  5. Gio
    I hope they change it too, but has a really nice formulation.

    Thanks dear!

  6. Kasia
    Thanks love! Ahh, I see. I've seen people wear it as an accent with their phones or hook it to their pants, which is why I was curious w/how you're going use it, haha.

    Pop Champagne
    Gladly! I'd hate to hear about others poking their eyes out too, lol.

  7. Glad you like it.. too bad about the applicator.. will be sending you more goodies soon. :)

  8. leloartistry ;
    I still use it regardless cause I love the effect it gives. I just use it with a disposable spoolie now, haha.

  9. Thank you for a full review (packaging, formula, aplicator, pigment, etc.!). I guess the brush is a "like it or hate it" thing because many other Canadian beauty bloggers love it. Lol. It can certainly take some getting used to but what is usually the convincing point is those seperated, lengthened lashes ;o) Thanks again for a great review.

  10. Isabel ;
    I think so too. Its uncomfortable, but its not painful. Its definitely a wonderful mascara and I would love to try out your other mascaras if & when I have the chance. I may just ask my friend to send me on, haha. Thank you for your comment!