MAC Burmese Beauty Quad

Super late, I know. :D But I purchased this when MAC's Fabulous Felines came out last month (?) and I picked up this quad along with a pigment that I'll mention in another post. What attracted me most about this quad was the unique red-based brown with the teal/green overtone. All the colors seemed like they would compliment each other nicely. To be honest, I find this quad to be slightly disappointing.

At first, I didn't think I would like these magnetic quads since I hated the original, but these are much more sturdy. They're just slightly bigger and has just a bit of weight to it. These quads are nice for travel. There are four textures; matte, satin, frost and lustre.

The colors from left to right; Prized (satin), Burmese Beauty (lustre), Skintone 2 (frost) and Showstopper (matte).

Prized is a light beige and I use this as a highlight a lot. This is a satin and gives a nice natural look. Burmese Beauty is a beautiful red-brown with a teal/green overtone. I thought I would love this so much but sadly, it came up short. If you use it alone, you see more of the brown, but over a primer the teal-green shows up better - even more over a dark base. You also have to layer the shadow for it to be solid. What I do like about Burmese Beauty is that the texture isn't crumbly like most lustre shadows, its pretty smooth and there's not much fall out. Skintone 2 is a lovely neutral gold that would suit pretty much all skin tones. Even though this is labeled as a frost, its not frosty at all. Applies well and has good pigmentation. This is my favorite shadow out of the whole quad. Showstopper is a cool matte brown and is probably one of the more difficult shadows to work with. Its soft to the touch, but when applied with a brush, it doesn't show up very well. I don't use this much.

Left - On its own ; Right - Over Etude House Proof 10 Primer
Dupe Alert!
Yes ladies, I found another dupe! If you have Maybelline's Stylish Smokes Quad in Natural Smokes, pull it out because the outer corner looks so similar to Showstopper! I had to do a double take and swatched it immediately.

Left - Swatched Alone ; Right - Over Etude House Proof 10 Primer
When swatched alone, Showstopper looks different, but that's just because it doesn't swatch as smooth as the Maybelline shadow, but if you see them in person, they look identical - like when swatched over the base.

All the colors are pretty much dupable with drugstore shadows - expect Burmese Beauty. Only thing similar to Burmese Beauty is Club by MAC. Overall, a nice quad to have but not a must.


  1. The maybelline Quad looks so close to the mac colors.. Now all I have to do is wait for these pretty quads to come into Singapore

  2. Beautiful colors!
    I have one more question for you dear! If you haven't sent me the pack yet, could you get me Satin Taupe by MAC... Cuz I remember I asked you for it a some time ago. I'm sorry, if it's too much then obviously don't do it. Cuz I dont want you to struggle with spending a lot. I just asked for it, cuz here MAC is extremly expensive :(
    Well, anyways. Did you get Inglot eyeshadows? I was trying to pick pretty colors. :)

  3. The showstopper's dupe look really similar to it!

  4. Ohhh...My fav is also Skintone 2 ^_^

    Thank goodness I got it in my Notoriety quad coz I don't like the other in the Burmese Beauty :(

  5. You know me, I hardly pay attention to MAC and didn't know about this quad. The 3 shades are easy to dupe

  6. better late than never!

    i skipped this quad cos i already have club and showstopper. strange... my showstopper (got it from a collection aeons ago) is pigmented and dark as hell i always have to be super careful when i use it.

    great review as always :) can't wait to see which pigment you got!

  7. Blovet Beauty;
    This palette can be easily duped with other colors. I find that my dupes are slightly more pigmented(:

    Kasia ;
    Yup, I can get you Satin Taupe(: Yup I got them, they're beautiful! You have wonderful taste!

    Dina (XYYAN);
    It does! Almost identical!

    Sue Lynn ;
    Burmese Beauty is less pigmented than in the Notoriety quad. Makes me regret not getting that palette, lol. But its still a nice color.

    AtelierGal ;
    I think I'm starting to get out of the MAC shadow phase. I don't find them to be that much of an amazing quality as most people make them out to be. I do love some of the shadows I've purchased from them, but they're not that special.

    Ee Von ;
    Really? Maybe the formulation was changed. But that's alright because I have the dupe, lol.

    LJ ;
    It is (:

  8. Lovely color combination. I love this quad and I'm hopping to buy new shades soon when a MAC store will open in my country. :) I'm looking forward the Cham Pale collection. :)

  9. I am even later, Dee! I have this palette too, just swatched them but haven't posted anything on it. Actually haven't even played with it. ;)

    I am very attracted to Burmese Beauty and Skinetone 2 shades.

  10. Tavia ;
    I can't wait for the ChamPale collection as well. I'm eying their paint pots (:

    VonVon ;
    I love Burmese Beauty, I just wished the green/teal color showed up more with out having to use a base. You should do an EOTD!

  11. I almost buy this because of the Burmese Beauty alone. So gorgeous! But then I realized I would end up neglecting the other 3 shadows, so I passed. Lol.