Can You Guess What I'm Wearing?

Hey everyone! If you follow me on twitter, then you know I've been busy with work & school. I was called last minute to go out of town to do inventory at a warehouse and that really got me beat because I didn't get any sleep, lol. It's been a bit since my last make-up post and I was wondering if anyone could guess which brand of eye shadows I'm wearing? I'm curious to see what you all think.

I'm only wearing one brand (excluding the other products I used!) and I haven't reviewed this product yet, so you won't be able to go through my posts to check, lol. I am using a fairly new palette from this brand & it can be found at many places like Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart. Very inexpensive yet pigmented and versatile. Here I show how soft and how intense these shadows can be.

**Pardon the brows, I'm trying to grow/re-shape them again. It's a weekly/monthly thing for me, lol.

First Look - A Soft Day Look

Second Look - More Intense, Club-esque Look

So here's what I wore...
NYX Nude Pearl Pigment (second look, right below the brow bone)
NYX White Shadow Base (second look)
MAC Motif (Just barely on brow bone in first look)
Beautique Black Liner (Sally's)
Marcelle Volume Precision Mascara

A quick view at some items my dear friend Hanna sent me for our swap! Do stay tuned for future reviews! (:


  1. Cute swap dee! and thats a really intense eye look! anyways, my hubby sent out ur parcel 2 days ago and i hope u love ur items :-)

  2. I tried to cheat by looking at your twitter... LOL

    Anyway, you were asking for dupes for Guerlain Meteorites, try Skin79 Star Glow Ball Powder

  3. Ooo is it the Wet N Wild palette in Lust? The purple one? If not, ignore. xD But wowowow, I loveee the looks. I especially love the day look. I'd wear day/night. :)

    And I can't wait for your future reviews, Dee! I spot a Kose product! ♥

  4. I think maybe Revlon? I have one of their palette and I love it :D.

  5. I have no idea what eyeshadows you used lol, but I love what you did with them!

  6. Blovet Beauty
    Thanks for letting me know, I can't wait till it arrives!

    Haha, I told you, you can't cheat, lol! Thanks! I'll for that when I start shopping.

    Nope, but its a close dupe for the purple in that palette! Now that you mention it, it does look like a Kose item, but its not, lol.

  7. Dina
    I haven't tried Revlon shadows yet, haha.

    Thanks hon!

  8. I'm loving the first look, you always have amazing EOTD's!