Wet N Wild Color Icon Singles

Wet N' Wild Color Icon palettes have been receiving a ton of love through beauty blogs everywhere. These singles came out about the same time the quads did and I finally picked a few up during a BOGO sale and I must say, these shadows are lovely for the price you pay.

BRAND: Wet N' Wild
PRODUCT: Color Icon Eye Shadow Singles
PRICE: 1.99USD (cheaper when on BOGO!)
PROS: Pigmented, Price, Texture
CONS: Packaging, Limited Color Range

I purchased four shades; Nutty, Lagoon, Envy and Kitten. Packaging wise, I'm on the fence about this. Reason is some of them open with ease while others (Kitten & Nutty) require a bit more force to open. It might not bug some but for me, I'm always afraid that if I use too much force, I might nick the shadow. There are only seven shades; with two mattes and the rest metallic/frosty, so I'm hoping this changes and more shade will be available in the future. The texture of these are the same as the palettes of the same range - very soft and silky, it feels almost creamy. Like the palettes, since they are soft in texture they tend to crumble and have fall out just a bit.

Nutty is a cool frosted brown (or taupe) that would compliment pretty much all skin tones. I really like using this as a wash on the lid with a warmer brown in the crease as an everyday eye look. I think a few people compared this to MAC's Satin Taupe, but I think Satin taupe might be a tad deeper. I recommend this shade, especially to neutral lovers.

Envy is a lovely deep metallic green that is reminiscent to MAC's Humid. The color looks beautiful on top of a dark base. Although I do like the color, I don't find myself reaching for this that often. Maybe because I'm still learning how to work with greens.

Kitten is a medium purple with golden shimmers running through. You can't see the golden shimmers in the pan until you swatch the color. At first glance, I would say its similar to MAC's Beautiful Iris, but Beautiful Iris is more of a silvery lilac. I absolutely love pairing this color with gold and bronze shades.

Lagoon probably my favorite color out of the bunch. Shocker right? Since I'm usually drawn to purples, haha. This is such a beautiful metallic sapphire shade! I always use this on my lower lash line or with some mixing medium to use as a liquid eyeliner for a shot of color. This is one of the very few blues I'm able to work with and I love it to bits.

These shadows are quite true to color. You can see they're amazingly pigmented, even on their own. Alone, I would say they wear well and do not fade or crease until after 5-6 hours (my lids are slightly oily). But if you have really oily lids, definitely use a base or primer underneath. I recommend anyone to check these singles out if you have Wet N' Wild available in your area. Pigmented, awesome quality shadows that don't break the bank.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased these with my own funds and opinions are based on my personal experiences with a product. For more, see FTC Disclaimer.


  1. Dee, are the textures for the singles and palettes exactly the same? How would you compare them to Japanese eyeshadows?

  2. Sad that we don't have Wet&Wild over here :(((( they are stunning even without a base! and the price, oh gosh. thank you for the swatch+review anyways!

  3. I'm loving WnW single e/s as well! I only own 2 so far but want to collect them all. I think I like them more than the palettes because not all the colors in their palettes are all great.

  4. The green and blue ones look gorgeous! And so pigmented! Can't wait for them to be available here as well.

    Love the new layout too!

  5. They're really pigmented even without base!

  6. OMG they look awesome!!! I like all 4 actually!! Thanks for the swatches! ;)

  7. I haven't tried wet in wild for a while since my bad experience with them like 10 years ago lol! but they are quite nicely priced. so when are you getting your torch? :D

  8. Dee, these eyeshadows are gorgeous. I saw them in Target and other pharmacies but somehow didn't get them. Well, next time. They are pigmented even without a base. Awesome!

    My favorites...I think I like all of them.:D

  9. Hey Dee! Have you gotten the pack from me yet? It's weird that it is so slow... :/
    I dont have anything from you either...
    Please let me know dear.
    Take care!


  10. Blair
    These textures are a bit more superior to the palettes. Very soft, and creamy in feel. Love it!

    Ee Von
    If you ever get the chance to try these through a swap, do get them!

    I agree, I would definitely buy only the singles if there were more colors!

    Yup! They're lovely <3

  11. Dina
    It surprised how pigmented they were too!

    I'm hoping to get the Torch when my next upgrade comes around, lol. I def. recommend these. Much better than most drugstore! Even Maybelline and L'oreal(:

    I never saw them at Target, lol. If you get a chance, do try them, wonderful colors. =D

    I'll email you about the problem.