MAC Liberty of London - Disappoint Much?


Hey all! No, I didn't shell out much for this collection. I saw the swatches on Temptalia and I was a bit bummed. I decided to give it a chance and go to my local MAC counter. Seeing this in person was still a bummer, but I picked up two items as I was looking for something similar. You've probably seen this all over the blogsphere already, but one more wouldn't hurt right?

Honestly speaking, aside from the beautiful packaging, this collection is nothing special. The other shadows were boring to me, the blushes were okay, plus I'm picky about glosses and lipsticks so the only thing that appealed to me were the beauty powders.

The eye shadow I picked up an eyeshadow in Dame's Desire. This eye shadow is a re-promote from the Dame Edna collection. This is a frost shadow, but when applied, the frost isn't overpowering at all. In fact, the shadow has a satin/shimmer type feel to it unlike other frost shadows by MAC - to me anyway. Nicely pigmented, smooth and blends nicely. Its too bright for me to wear for everyday considering I'm in front of the computer most of the time in school, but layering this over a nice golden bronze shadow gives a soft multi-dimesional look I quite like.

Next up is Shell Pearl Beauty Powder. I have to give a big thanks to my friend Janoah! This was sold out at my local MAC counter, and was currently sold out on the site, so while my friend was out of town, I asked him to go to the MAC store and pick one up for me. The awesome friend he was, he picked it up even though I knew he felt awkward doing so, ha ha. This is a nice pinky-peach highlighter. This gives a nice soft glow to the skin. Very natural looking and I might just go back to pick up the Summer Rose one as I heard its much more pigmented than the one that came in the Rose Romance Collection.

Swatches (:

On a side note, I went to the Clinique counter to get something for my mom and there was an awesome GWP (gift-with-purchase) going on. There are two sets - warms and pinks. The set I got was the pink set.

Cosmetics Bag
Mini Bag
Dramatically Moisturizing Lotion
Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20
Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo
High Lengths Mascara
Different Lipstick

Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon. ♥

DEAR FTC: All products mentioned I purchased with my own money. I'm not affiliated with the companies mentioned and all reviews are 100% honest and un-biased.


  1. Lovely haul! I was tempted to get the beauty powders as well but they are even more costly given the fact that I live in Indonesia >.<
    sigh. I should really steer away from MAC's website, lol.

  2. the packaging is so pretty, so are the e/s and beauty powder shades that you got :)

  3. Nice haul! The eyeshadow is very pretty. I feel the same about this collection. The packaging is beautiful but the colors are just boring and dull, not special at all, so I didn't bother getting anything.

  4. I dont fell ANY of the Liberty of London piece, at all. I'm sorry but the packaging itself is enough to make me steer clear from MAC counter. But seems like ur at least enjoying your LoL (that's Liberty of London,of course!) mini haul. =)

  5. Lovely haul! I especially like Shell Pearl beauty powered. The color of it is gorgeous.
    That Clinique set looks great too.

  6. The Shell Pearl Beauty Powder swatches are gorgeous! Me want!!

  7. nice haul! I'm lemming for those beauty powders too =) Recently Mac has been putting out too many blushers and beauty powders.. urg.. gotta resist them =P

  8. Fifi: Yeah the beauty powders are a bit costly, but i think Shell Pearl is one of those powders that is worth getting if you're into the whole highlight/glow deal.

    Dina: Thank you dear!

    Gio: Yup! Totally felt that they could've done better with the shades and all that, but with MAC collections they're a hit or miss.

    Hanna: LOL. You're good. You're not wasting your money on items you might not even need.

  9. Kasia & AtelierGal: Thanks babes<3

    Luna: I know. Honestly speaking I only have their LE powders/blushers. I have yet found time to buy any of the permanent items when they so many collections out. My poor wallet ):

  10. That's coz im wasting my money on stuffs I really want, and somehow need. ;p

    If I was really good at makeup like u, then shelling out a lot of money on this collection may be justified. But just for the same of the packaging, which I dont even really like? No thanks.

    I cant wait to see your new EOTD using these products. =)