A Sleek Safari + Lash Mantra Challenge WK02

Hi all, yes I know I change layouts too often. But I'm trying to find a layout that is simple, loads quickly and easy on the eyes and I think I've finally found it. So besides maybe adding a header, this layout will stay for a while, lol. So a few posts back, I wrote about finally grabbing these Sleek palettes and now found the time to mess around with the colors. I'm on spring break right now and I really wanted to post more during this week but so much has come up. Now that I have time, here's a quick EOTD using the Sleek Safari Palette.

A simple subdued green, teal & brown look for everyday wear.

Sleek Safari Palette
Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Long Wearing Gel Liner in Brown
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara in Black
88 Palette (A taupe color for my eyebrows - tail)
E.L.F Treat & Tame Eyebrow in Dark (To color the front)

Shame you don't see the teal much in the pics, but in person you do. Next time, I'll be sure to take the picture without a flash, lol.

To Achieve This Look:
1) Apply the light green to the inner 1/2 of the eye.

2) Apply the green-teal color to the outer 1/2 of the eye.

3) Apply the orange above the crease and slightly blending
out the edges of the green and teal colors.

4) Apply the deep brown into the crease to add a bit of definition.

5) Grab some of that frosty white and apply it to your brow bone & inner corners. Repeat the process on your lower lash line.

6) Next apply your favorite liner. I added a slight wing.

7) Add mascara, lashes, anything else you want and you're finished!

And has anyone seen the new Sleek Bohemian palette? It looks beautiful and they're matte shades!


Also, I forgot to update on my Lash Mantra eyelash enhancing serum. So here's the results for week two!

The length has stayed the same and there's a slight fullness to my lashes. Length wise, they've stayed the same as last weeks', but I don't care for length much as my lashes are already fairly long anyway. Also, I have noticed that my lashes aren't falling out as much as it used to. So that's a good sign that my lashes are getting stronger. Again, results are a bit slow, but that's okay, because I love how this doesn't irritate my eyes in any way. If you see the stubble in front of my brows, its the result of applying the serum there as well. I'm trying to grow out my brows as I over plucked. ): Lastly! I've noticed that my eye area has gotten quite softer due to apply this serum. My concealer doesn't ball up up around my eyes anymore and blends much better (as you can kind of see below). SCORE!

DEAR FTC: The Sleek palette was purchased with my own money while Lash Mantra was sent to me for review consideration. These are my opinions and my reviews are 100% honest and un-biased. I am in no way affiliated with the brands mentioned nor am I being paid to write a review.


  1. That's pretty. Subtle but I love the olive punch to it. :)

    Dee, why do you need the last serum? You already have gorgeous lashes. >P

  2. Iris: Thank you dear. You know, I just realzied this looks similar to one of my other looks due to the flash, haha!

    The reason why I need a lash serum because my lashes break and fall easily due to excessive mascara and lash curler abuse, lol.

  3. Oh I have to order a Sleek palette. I'm kinda broke nowadays lol
    Beautiful look, as always! :)

  4. Kasia: LOL. Sleek is super cheap! Its only £4.99 = around 8USD for 12 colors. You can't beat that. And thanks! (:

  5. I love your SLEEK palette!! i've been lemming for them for the longest time!! I wish they were more easily available.. =(