Spring of Purple

Spring is [some what] here! LOL. Hello everyone! I had some free time today and I did this look. I didn't do anything with my eye brows, because I was going to trim them after wards so they look a little bare. This is an updated version of my V-DAY EOTD, because I felt the other one looked some what flat to me. So I'll be posting up the how-to later this week. Yes, I am addicted to purple.

88 Matte Palette
Maybelline Expert Wear in Time For Wine
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara in Soft Black
MAC Lily White Pigment
MAC Fresco Rose Paint Pot
MAC Pinked Mauve Pigment
Wet N' Wild Liquid Liner in Black

I hope everyone is having a nice week and I'm hoping to catch up on everyone's blog when I can. Talk to you all soon. ♥


  1. looks really pretty! can't wait for your tutorial :)

  2. Wait, wait, wait. You asked me to make a purple eye tutorial when you yourself rock the purple? Unfair! :P

    But I do love this look! The first purple EOTD I've seen that (I think) you can wear during the daytime! ♥

  3. Purple fits you so well. It matches your skin tone beautifully! I think you'll be happy with the Inglot eyeshadows I got you. I hope so... ;)

  4. Oh I forgot... you asked me about mymakeup brushes. I have brushes from Sephora, Ingot, ForYourBeauty (German brand), and a few others. My favorite ones are by Inglot. If I can, I will get you some to try it out. ;)

  5. Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog! I say GO FOR IT and get the Gaga Lipstick lol I think its such a fab color!

    Also, you have NICE eyes! I love the liner! Its perfect!

  6. I like this better, less peachy. Not in the mood for spring colors nor anything else *sob*

  7. This is beautiful! Purples look fab on you! Love the eyeliner too.

  8. Gio, AtelierGal & Dina: Thank you three! LOL I'm not in the mood for spring color right now either. Its still gloomy here, haha.

    Kasia: Thank you dear! Ohh, I can't wait to see what those colors are! Oh no, please don't! You've gotten me so much already! My package to you is definitely going to be smaller than what you're sending me. I feel bad. :(

    Miy0ung: It deos look great on you! I'm def. going to check it out thanks!

  9. This looks fantastic, u rock in deep purples, Dee! ;P

    This weekends are busy weekends for me, ouch! Hope u have a great weekend dear.

  10. very pretty! looks great on your skintone!

    i wanna try this look